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All the components of the bee sting and wasp sting first aid kit are safe to take abroad, although as the kit includes tweezers and contains gel and sachets, we advise that when flying, the kit is packed into your main suitcase and not taken in hand luggage. For the majority of people, bee, wasp and hornet stings are painful but harmless, only affecting a localized area.
Bees and wasps sting humans as a means of defence, usually because we are trying to shoo them away from our food and drink.
If you've got a wasp control or bee sting and wasp sting question, click here and we will answer you within 2 hours (Mon - Fri, 9am - 4pm) if you send your question after 4pm we will get back to you first thing the next day.
Yesterday, I had taken my five year old niece to a near-by garden  where she got a bee stung. Before you use any of these cures, ensure that the black stinger is no more present at the wound. After you have got rid of the stinger, first wash the affected area thoroughly with soap and water. We would not have even thought in the wildest of our dreams that our morning friend, which combats bad breath and protects our teeth, could also guard us from bee sting. While ice and tooth-paste are the easiest to find remedies, baking soda is one of the most effective one in bee sting. Basil leaves (tulsi) apart from being the holy plant, also has several medicinal properties. Apart from these remedies, there are certain precautions which need to be taken while going out in greener areas.
Simple, yet effective first aid tips for common animal bites like dogs, snake, bees and wasps. Dogs are considered to be man’s best friend but can also be our worst enemy because their bite can kill us.
All of which I had forgotten until this past Fourth of July, when I was stung on the back of my arm. The Stings I visited Jon Quinn, the beekeeper who runs North Forty Apiaries, in Woodbury, Conn. I kept a running log of my symptoms—pain, swelling, and itching—quantifying the severity on a scale from 0 (asymptomatic) to 10 (severe). Some of the remedies I came across were supposed to "cure" the sting, either by breaking down the toxins in the venom or suppressing the release of pain- and itch-causing agents in the blood.
I broke down the remedies into two groups: pharmaceutical remedies and home remedies (with their endorsers in parentheses). Get a print subscription to Reader's Digest and instantly enjoy free digital access on any device.
We will use your email address to send you the newsletter each week, and we may also send you occasional special offers from Reader's Digest. Some people like to travel by train because ?it combines the slowness of a car with the cramped public exposure of ?an airplane.
The antiseptic wipes are alcohol free and the wasp bite gel and wasp bite patch contain natural plant extracts such as camomile which can be used on babies and children. However, a rare allergic reaction, such as anaphylactic shock, affects around 3 in 100 people. It can treat the sting of any bee such as honey bee or bumblebee and any wasp sting including the larger hornet.
The best way to avoid stings is to cover up, wear long sleeves and trousers; however this is not always practical especially in the summer. And being the ignorant lad, I was not left with any option, but to rush to the nearest doctor. If you discover that it is still lying there in the bitten area, carefully pull it off with the fingers.
Now, once you are done with cleaning the affected area, try any of these instant and handy home remedies. The zero degree temperature of ice squeezes the blood vessels, thereby reducing the flow of venom in the body. Yes, they might be the culprit of making you suffer from their bites, but honey – their own preparation helps in getting relief from stings. Honey has anti-microbial property which helps in preventing the infection from spreading further. Onion disrupts the chemicals in the venom which are responsible for causing pain and inflammation.
Avoid wearing bright-colored, shiny clothes and using perfumes or any kinds of fragrances, since these attract bees.
Surprised by the sudden pain, I slapped the bee off my arm, dug the stinger out, and went inside to ask for treatment advice. I consulted mainstream medical manuals (signified, below, by "med") published by Merck, Johns Hopkins, Harvard Medical School, the American Medical Association, and the Mayo Clinic.

Quinn held a bee with tweezers, shook it a little to anger it, and placed it over the area where I wanted to get stung.
This was endorsed by two pediatricians, though neither would speculate why it supposedly works and, say, Right Guard Sports Stick doesn't. Antihistamines are supposed to work by suppressing the symptom-producing agents, called histamines, that are released in the body during an allergic response. Calamine lotion with an analgesic, this pain- and itch-killer calmed my symptoms with a soothing tingle. This was my own home remedy, and it seemed like an obvious one, since honey is a folkloric favorite for anything and everything. But teach them a few basic first aid skills, and they’ll be empowered to help themselves in the meantime.
Call 911.” When children are old enough to know their numbers, they’re old enough to call 911. Start CPR.” Usually a child is 10 or older before they have enough strength and weight to press a chest down for effective CPR. Swipe it off.” A bee stinger has a barb that may stay stuck in the skin after the bee flies away. Hubbard’s newest book, The Survival Doctor’s Complete Handbook—and share it with your tween and teenage children! We were sitting on the runway, and he said, “OK, folks, we’re gonna be taking off in a just few—whoa! We do advise that when treating babies and small children it is done under adult supervision.
People with this allergy can experience anything from large swelling which can last for several days to more severe symptoms which can be fatal.
If you are planning on spending time outdoors, the application of an insect repellent, such as Wasp and Bee Repellent Spray, is highly recommended. Within few minutes, the alkaline nature of baking soda will act on the bee sting and alleviate you from the swelling and pain. With their astringent properties, garlic helps in lessening the uncomfortable symptoms of bee sting. This allowed me to look back at the arc of relief each remedy provided (or failed to provide). I was interested in symptom relief, especially since the effects of a bee sting usually last only a few days and don't pose any long-term problems. These remedies come in compact tubes that would be perfect to pack for fishing or camping trips. After ice, Benadryl cream was the most-suggested remedy (though several of my sources—including a pediatrician—insisted that it was useless).
The cream dried visibly white on the skin but reduced the symptoms from 8 to 5 for the first hour and kept them sub-7 for three more hours, at which point they bounced back to 8.
I applied it while my symptoms were raging at 9, and, within 45 minutes, they had sunk to 2.
I thought maybe I'd stumble upon a great curative miracle—that a bee's sting can be healed by its honey. This not only made it seem medicated, it felt like I was actually scratching the itch, which was both psychologically and physically satisfying. The worst home remedies were worse than the worst pharmaceuticals, and the best home remedies better than the best pharmaceuticals. After all, if they can master your smartphone better than you, they can learn to stop a boo-boo from turning into an uh-oh. You can also program 911 into a speed-dial button on every home phone and paint that button red with nail polish.
A wadded-up cloth pressed down with the base of the hand is preferable, but the bare hand works also. If you experience any pain, swelling and itching anywhere else on your body other than the stung area, seek medical attention immediately. Try to keep food and drink covered especially sweet things and never wave your arms about to try to bat the wasps or bees away.
I polled local beekeepers ("bee"), a few pediatricians ("doc"), a gaggle of pharmacists ("rex"), an entomologist in northwestern Massachusetts ("bug"), and my own family ("mom"). I left the remedies on the sting areas for 25 minutes to 45 minutes (depending on suggested use), then (as gently as possible) cleaned the sting area.
I judged the remedies on how well and for how long they relieved the swelling, pain, and itching. Instead of soothing the itch, the Ban displaced it: A small circle around the sting was calmed, while the surrounding area surged to Level 8. Four hours later, the symptoms suddenly flared up to 10, but I found that I preferred this dramatic seesawing to the gradual return of symptoms I experienced after using other remedies.

And of all the home remedies, it seemed the most likely to be available at outdoor parties and barbecues, where bee stings often happen (and where smokers are used to doling out cigarettes to moochers).
No luck, but the cool and soothing honey did alleviate the symptoms (from 9 to 5) for 30 minutes, which was at least as good as several other remedies. An hour later, the symptoms had gone down to Level 2, and they stayed that way for several hours.
One doctor I spoke to suggested that the glycerin found in most toothpastes dries out the venom concentrated under the sting area. Teach your kids to tell the operator they need help and to say where emergency personnel should come. If your child is helping another person, finding some plastic to put on their hands can protect them from that blood.
If you have trouble breathing, headaches, sickness, feel faint and your heart races you need emergency treatment. In all cases bites, watch for signs of allergic reactions and if they do appear, seek professional medical attention without delay.
To track down more obscure home remedies, I poked around gardening and health Web sites ("web").
A week later, I still had several remedies to test, so I went to another beekeeper (Quinn was out of town) and got another on my right hand.
On average, I tested two remedies per day on each of the stings, spacing the applications at least five hours apart (a frequency based on the maximum number of times—three or four—you're supposed to use an antihistamine or anti-itch cream in one 24-hour period). I also considered their appearance, aroma, ease of preparation, and price—though honestly, when it comes to bee sting remedies, all that really matters is what stops the itch. Benadryl also gets points for being nearly odorless and for drying invisibly, with no flaking.
But both times I had similar deleterious results, and I was left trailing a pungent stink in my wake. I tried dampened tobacco from cigarettes as well as a few pinches of dip, and alas, neither affected the symptoms, which remained at 9 for the duration of my treatment. Chalk one up for the meat tenderizer, which contains papain, an enzyme found in papaya that supposedly breaks down the toxins in bee (and other) venom. But several others I asked said the tingle was a result of the alkaline toothpaste neutralizing the acid in the bee's venom. A 20-minute application knocked out the symptoms almost immediately and kept them subdued for half the day. Keep your address next to all the landlines, or put it into your cellphone and show your children how to find it. I decided to stay away from herbal soups that called for, say, a dram of lavender oil and a tablespoon of bentonite clay. However, I used the remedies on an as-needed basis: If a remedy worked so well that the symptoms went away for longer than five hours, then I waited that long to apply the next remedy. After one hour, though, my symptoms shot back up to 8, where they hovered until I used the next remedy.
Either way, the toothpaste knocked Level 10 symptoms down to 0 in 15 minutes and held them below 7 for more than five hours, one of the only two remedies I tried that did so. Ice reduces swelling by constricting vessels and slowing down the flow of venom-tainted blood. Yet why bother with either of those when you already use, on a daily basis, the two best bee sting remedies? I set my symptom score threshold at 7, the point at which symptoms became so severe that I had trouble concentrating on anything else. In these emergency situations the bee sting and wasp sting first aid kit should not be used.
So if it had been at least five hours since I'd used the last remedy and my symptom score had returned to 7 or higher, then I knew it was time to apply the next remedy.
Its flaw, of course, is its temperature; it can become uncomfortable without some kind of buffer wrapped around it (which, you know, is simple to do).
I tried a handful but did so in such a haphazard way—sometimes applying two remedies at once—that I gave none of the remedies an opportunity to be effective.
Once a sting's symptom score no longer returned to at least 7, I quit testing on that sting area. The symptoms finally died down after four and a half days, but the experience left me wondering: How exactly are you supposed to treat a bee sting?

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