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Entry level Paramedic Course which can start you on a pathway to a new career in pre-hospital care. I jinxed myself when I said to the Trainer "I hope I never have to use the knowledge I gained today". Training Aid Australia provides quality first aid training across a range of industries for the public and the corporate sector. When I got home (early for a change) my three year old son stood up on a stool behind me apparently so he could get on my back.

These courses are vital to many industries and careers, and are important skills to learn for day-to-day life. Before I could tell him to get down I saw his legs fly up in the air and he came down on the wooden floor on his head.
I grabbed a dirty tea towel (no they did not tell me to do this in the course but it was handy) and applied pressure to the back of his head. We went to the doctor a few doors down and he said he needed a stitch so we spent most of the rest of the evening in emergency at the Children's Hospital.

The best thing was that although worried I was quite calm as it was covered in the training and I knew exactly what to do about it.

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