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Stop the bleeding immediately by applying direct pressure above or on the wound, a tourniquet or leg rope may be tied tightly above the wound to block blood flow if bleeding cannot be controlled by a pressure bandage.
Send for an ambulance and medical personnel (if possible do not move the patient if badly injured.
The faster you can treat your wounds, and manage them effectively, the more time you will have to enjoy the waves on your trip! Wash the wound with fresh water and ensure any pieces of debris (coral, rock, fibreglass, etc.) are removed from inside the wound using tweezers or the urchin picker found in your kit. Apply antiseptic to the wound (Die Da Yao Gin Chinese Antiseptic which is available from our online store is perhaps the most effective antiseptic for coral and reef cuts in tropical climates. Keep the wound free of dirt and covered as much as possible using Fixomull and Melolite items available in all Naturalfooted kits and through our online store.
It is important that all wounds, no matter how small, are treated immediately, and monitored for signs of infection. Try to keep wounds covered where possible, but also check them regularly for signs of infection. Doing this will ensure that your wounds heal quickly and effectively, leaving more time for you to enjoy the waves!
Purple or black markings in the skin that appear immediately after a sea urchin encounter do not necessarily indicate the presence of a retained spine fragment. If there are still black markings after 48 to 72 hours, then a spine fragment is likely present. Filed under Chest Compressions, CPR, CPR Compressions, How to Perform CPR, new cpr guidelines, Steps of CPR. Please complete this quick enquiry form and we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your requirements.

Training from our head office located in Burnley or from our satellite venues in Bolton and Chorley or on your site across the UKa€¦a€¦. ABC provide a very wide range of first aid training courses and are very well known for our First Aid Training. You may be surprised to learn that we can offer your organisation training for most business requirements.
We now run all our East Lancashire courses from the new Burnley Dedicated Training venue which provides free parking and easy motorway access. Whilst we have a strong emphasis on health and safety related courses we dona€™t stop there, we have training courses to improve your business performance, enable your staff to develop and bring about improvement and also contribute more to your organisation.
Businesses now have more flexibility in how they manage their provision of first aid in the workplace following a change in health and safety regulations.
Expanding our training capability once more sees ABC North West now offering First Aid TrainingA courses from the Runshaw business centre in Chorley. Fill out the Naturalfooted Contact Form with your question and we'll endeavour to answer it. Don't be afraid to scrub the wound using gauze dipped in antiseptic as this helps to remove any foreign bacteria. A sea urchin picker like that found in the a Naturalfooted Surfer's First Aid Kit can be effective in removing spines. Such discolouration is more likely dye leached from the surface of a spine, commonly from a black urchin. But we thought we'd let the experts do the talking - The UK Travel Doctor website has some priceless information that you should read up on before embarking on your planned trip. The new cpr guidelines put a preference on compressions first over the traditional ABC’s or Airway, Breathing, and Circulation.

Our courses are designed to ensure that you have an adequately trained workforce to meet the legal requirements of any legislation.
So whether it is a fire marshal or a first aider, manual handling or conflict resolution we have a training course available. Here at ABC Northwest we offer various emergency first aid courses including paediatric first aid.
It is of benefit to all surfers to familiarise themselves with the injuries and ailments experienced as a surfer, and more importantly how to treat and manage these injuries. The antiseptic may sting but it is extremely important that any foreign bacteria is killed before they have time to invade cells within the wound. Do not dig around in the skin to fish them out - this risks crushing the spines and making them more difficult to remove. Matt is an Emergency Medical Technician and nationally recognized EMS Educator & CPR Instructor.
This practise is designed for people who care caring for children, in any sort of environment (schools, homes, hospitals, and much more). He has extensive public safety experience and has trained and certified thousands of individuals in the topics of CPR, First Aid, and Emergency Medical Services working across the United States.

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