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The pet food market in terms of pet type has been segmented into dog food, cat food and others. The Asia Pacific pet food market is further segmented by country into China, India, Japan, Australia, South Korea and rest of Asia Pacific.
Transparency Market Research (TMR) is a global market intelligence company, providing global business information reports and services. Our data repository is continuously updated and revised by a team of research experts, so that it always reflects the latest trends and information. The demand for jewelry is mainly dependent on the disposable income of consumers and the price of gold and silver. Freight trucking is an extremely important activity in the supply chain market and transportation business. Eyewear consists of products used to aid in vision correction, cosmetic enhancement and protection of the eyes.Corrective eyewear can be used to correct and alleviate refractive errors. Mackle Petfoods consists of one production facility and one packing facility producing a wide range of wet cat and dog foods in cans and plastic trays. In 2012, we opened our purpose built plastic tray facility and we have plans to increase our capacity by installing an additional canning line. Branded and own label products are supplied to wholesale, retail, discounter and pet specialist markets in a variety of formats; single 400g cans or 400g can multipacks, 1200g cans and single serve 85g, 150g and 400g trays and multipacks.
We strive to achieve ever increasing growth and strength for the company and staff, through a close understanding of pets and by providing for the real needs of the pet owners. Brandy Complete is a nourishing dried food made from 100% natural ingredients with no artificial colours or flavours.
Cat Club in chunks in jelly and gravy is made from top quality ingredients and has all the nourishment and essential vitamins and minerals to ensure all round good health and lively energy. The Jessie range of cat and dog food with chunks in jelly delivers affordable high quality pet food to a demanding volume market. Champion Professional is a range of complete petfood formulated to meet the needs of working and sporting dogs.
A?10,000 Start-up Support from Husse - the global leader in Pet Food home delivery service. Husse is delighted to announce A?10,000 (Platinum Franchise Package) or A?6,000 (Gold Franchise Package) start-up support and full training included in all start-up franchises.
Exclusive territory containing at least 90,000 (Platinum), 70,000 (Gold) or 35,000 (Silver) households.
In-house experts - vet advice for customers and nutrition knowledge, business development manager to support business activity, digital marketer, graphic designer and franchise manager. Unique product range – Husse manufactures and sells third-generation dog and cat food. Taste guarantee - Pets love the taste of our unique recipe which gives us the confidence to offer a money-back taste guarantee covered by HQ - our franchisees have an excellent selling tool to encourage the customer to try Husse. From the day a franchisee starts with Husse and every day after, they will always have the reliance of 29 years' industry experience and success. Ongoing support includes online marketing, an in-house graphic designer, in-house vet to assist you or your customers, continuous training and mentoring.
Why not get started by browsing our New Franchise Opportunities or Low Cost Franchise Directory? Because of the problems associated with processed commercial kibble food, many dog owners are now feeding a raw food diet. Raw food diets have been around long enough now that “we have been able to see the harm they are doing to many dogs”.

Ann is joined by many canine nutritionists, including myself, who now urge dog owners to be VERY CAREFUL about feeding raw meat to their dogs. Commercial meat has been processed and exposed to many factors that make feeding it to our companion pets potentially harmful. Meat that is processed and sold through retailers may have been exposed to a number of chemical agents. When this is done, there is no vomiting, the cholesterol level is normal, the risk of infection by microorganisms and parasites diminish.”  Any diet that gets a dog eating foods that are not filled with preservatives and other chemicals is considered by most canine nutritionists as a step in the right direction.
Most companies selling their raw meat diets are promoting this type of diet with the claim that all domesticated dogs descended from the wolf. The issue of feeding raw meat as part of a domestic dog’s diet, has caused quite a stir in the veterinary community and dog industry. Some people see what they perceive to be immediate results from the BARF diet … a shiny coat, or some type of condition has cleared up. Vondi's Holistic Pet Nutrition, Vondi's Natural Pet Remedies and Vondi's Natural Pet Treats is one of the fastest growing brands in South Africa. Vondis Holistic Pet Nutrition is a registered, scientific,complete and balanced diet that is natural, wholesome and free of preservatives. Paul Jacobson is a Pet Food Nutritionist, qualified chef and owner of Vondis Holistic Pet Nutrition. Their product range is promoted and stocked by a wide spectrum of vets, homeopaths, health stores and pet shops. Increasing demand for companionship and awareness about pet health are some of the major factors fueling the demand for pet food in India. Our exclusive blend of quantitative forecasting and trends analysis provides forward-looking insight for thousands of decision makers. With a broad research and analysis capability, Transparency Market Research employs rigorous primary and secondary research techniques in developing distinctive data sets and research material for business reports.
Effective working of freight trucks ensures proper communication between different business processes and brings them together.
Jessie is available as a 400g single serve can and delivers affordable, high quality pet food to a demanding volume market.
Champion Professional is available in two 12 pack offerings, Champion 12 Pack and Breederpack 12 Pack. Husse produces and sells a wide range of affordable premium pet food, accessories, health and hygiene products for cats and dogs, and care supplements for horses.
Our packaging is catchy and generic and our 100% sincere label policy provides our customers with complete confidence and reassurance. Whatever your circumstances are, a minimal or no-overhead cost allows our franchisees to launch and develop a business suited to their needs. Initial training will cover intranet, nutrition, products, business strategy, marketing and sales. It has chapters on the “Dangers of Commercial Pet Foods and ” “Raw Meat Diet Controversy,”  I urge all pet owners who are thinking of feeding their companion pets with a raw food diet to read the chapter “Raw Meat Diet Controversy” in Ann Martin’s new book.
The meat that we can buy at the store (the same meat you and I buy and cook before eating) is NOT the same as the meat that a wild carnivore eats from a natural kill. If we could provide the same fresh raw meat that the ancestors of today’s dog had access to 600,000 years ago, including the hot fresh guts – what wild carnivores still go for first in a kill, then it may be ok to feed them with that food source. Belfield states, “As a veterinary practitioner for thirty-seven years and a veterinary meat inspector for seven years, I , in good conscience, cannot recommend raw meat diets to my clients.
We know from their carcasses that they die of splintered fowl bones and have very bad dental problems.

Raw meat has a high fat content that will sometimes give a dog a shiny coat (at least initially). The results of the analyses of diets have indicated that there are clearly nutritional and health risks associated with feeding raw food diets. Their stance on correct natural feeding, using REAL meat, RAW veggies, olive oil and FRESHLY picked herbs, has found much popularity, and it is economically priced. Increasing disposable income and rising trend for nuclear family are some of the major factors fueling the demand for dog food in Asia Pacific.
Ease of handling and lower prices of dry food as compared to other food types is one of the major factors fueling the demand for dry food in Asia Pacific. Increasing trend for nuclear family and demand for small pets is one of the major factors fueling the demand for pet food in Japan.
In addition, China is having huge potential for pet food owing to increasing number of pets. Our commitment and expertise are just some of the ingredients we pack into our best selling products. Husse is the fastest growing pet food franchise in the UK and the only one with international success. A direct link showing the wolf to be the sole forefather of today’s domesticated dog has never been proven. Here is what the Director of NAWA (North American Wolf Association) has to say about this: “As for the statement that raw meat is a biologically correct food, humans have survived healthfully on cooked foods for thousands of years. History (and current statistics) has shown us those both wild and domestic dogs that eat raw meat and bones can and do become very ill for a number of reasons.
Oftentimes it’s simply the absence of one or more ingredient (s) in the kibble they were feeding. They are proudly South African, completely transparent and aspire to a code of good business ethics, which includes supporting animal welfare organisations and animal rights campaigns.
However, the others segment including fish food, reptile food, bird food and other small animals is one of the fastest growing segments in Asia Pacific. However, with smaller dwelling places the pet food market in Japan is expected to experience stable growth throughout the forecast period.
However, the local players are still trying to enter these markets due to brand loyalty of the consumers. Husse operates in over 50 countries, is ISO 9001 regulated, and is believed to be the first to be granted a DA licence to import into the United States.
We deliver Husse products to over 300,000 clients at no extra cost to the customer’s door.
Veterinarians across the United States have seen a significant increase in a variety of illnesses due to a raw meat diet. Increasing awareness about pet health is one of the major factors fueling the demand for nutritious food. Pet food is in year-round demand and our franchisees benefit from high margins across our 350-product range. Some dogs become ill right away and others have severe pancreatic, kidney, heart and brain illnesses due to a long- term raw meat diet. Most dogs that die from a raw meat bones diet do not show signs of illness until a few days before it kills them.

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