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To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. It comes as our old adversaries from across the Channel battle it out in a title-deciding crunch rugby match for the Six Nations Cup. A fifth of today's consumers (21 percent, up from 16 percent in 2012) say that beverages play a very important role in deciding which restaurants to visit for meals.
This billion-dollar industry is full of potential for Saudis who are eager to learn and looking for jobs, he says, adding there is a demand for training them. Since his arrival in Saudi Arabia in 2013, Chef Gary actively took up several posts in the food business, including serving as food advisor to the British Embassy in Riyadh, hosting a cooking show on Saudi TV Channel 2, participating in a panel of experts at Caterer Magazine Middle East and, most recently, running his new restaurant in Riyadh. Chef Gary shared his insight on Saudi food, cooking and the restaurant business in the Kingdom. As many Saudis travel abroad and eat at Western restaurants such as burger joints, the same global franchises and chains are eventually introduced in the Kingdom.

However, this is developing into a serious issue in Saudi Arabia, he says, where diabetes is alarmingly the highest-ranking disease in the Middle East.
Recently, while many Saudis have become more health conscious, many face difficulties in finding the right knowledge.
When asked about rising Saudi chefs and the challenges they encounter, he said that Saudis sometimes face language barriers and professional training. Now is the time for innovation in Saudi food, says the English native who trained under the leadership of Michelin stars and renowned chefs starting at the young age of fourteen. During his stay in Riyadh and familiarizing himself with Saudi cuisine, he says, “I intended to adapt the European-looking dishes to the Middle Eastern taste buds. With over 100,000 followers on Twitter today, Chef Gary created a big name for himself in the world of cooking as well as in the Saudi community.
This increase is primarily driven by consumers aged 18–44, who tend to use beverages for a wide variety of occasions, including snacks and social visits.

It means they’re skilled in communication and have knowledge of the product they’re serving”, he further says. Chef Gary not only promotes healthy eating in his restaurant menu, but also in his cooking shows and events in Saudi Arabia. It tricks the mind into thinking there’s something familiar about this dish even though it looks Western”. Chef Gary suggested using fresh ingredients and local food to adapt to modern-style dishes.  “Instead of buying read-made food, make your own homemade lamb-minced burger, for example.
I go out to the desert and meet really old families with tribal traditions and try to bring them back to life in a modern way.

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