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Summary: With 14 per cent of parents paying for their adult children to holiday with them, how can you prevent the trip from descending into a nightmare? As much as you all love each other, holidays that involve parents and their adult children can be challenging. New research from car hire firm Auto Europe found that 14 per cent of parents still pay for their kids to holiday with them even when they’re over the age of 18. It’s great that so many families feel they can enjoy a week away together, but spending so much time together in close proximity with nowhere to escape to means that arguments can be just a heartbeat away. If it does seem like a disagreement is about to arise, then it’s important to take control of the situation to prevent the day from being ruined. Make sure you stay calm, don’t raise your voice and suggest the people involved in the argument spend a few minutes on their own or go for a brief walk to calm down and diffuse the situation. Arrange an activity for you all to do together afterwards to help you forget about the debate and turn the day around so that the holiday is only remembered in a positive light. Then, you could all meet up in the evenings to enjoy the local cuisine and a few drinks together to catch up about what you’ve been up to, and perhaps pass on ideas for where the other party might like to go the following day. You might only have a few more opportunities to holiday together, so why not revisit the past and spend some time enjoying the activities you did together when they were younger? Get out the games you used to play together to amuse you during the evenings or if the weather turns bad, and revisit old favourite attractions.
Original Outdoors in Wales have dedicated the entire month of November to navigation training and coaching courses, from Basic and Intermediate Navigation to GPS training, Night and Natural Navigation courses.

Our luxury yurts wrapped in the Surrey Hills are a slice of indulgence in the wild and create the luxury holiday in the UK. Spend the day making a handmade walking stick for yourself, you will be under the guidance of a professional stickmaker. Spend a half fulfilled fun day in the wild, learn how our ancestors made fire using flint steels and a firebow. Spend a halfday the wilderness way – follow in the footsteps of Bear Grylls and Ray Mears and learn how to build a shelter and make a fire using a flint steel. The two day Hill Farming event offers you the opportunity to meet and interact with local farmers where you will witness how life is for them today and how it was in times gone by. Zingy, vibrant and spicy all at once, just like its fabulous food, Asia boasts a stunning collection of ancient civilisations, spectacular wildlife and an astounding range of cultures. Sri Lanka is world-renowned for the warmth of the welcome it gives every visitor to its shores. We realise that every destination is also someone else’s home and that we should leave places as we found them. Auto Europe’s research showed that parents give their adult children an average of ?165 spending money per trip, so you could use this as a guide for what to leave yours with. Join us on a walk to a remote summit or learn to live in the woods or forage for your dinner! You will learn the basics of firestarting using a basic firebow, hand drill and fire steel.

You’re never far from the swirl of incense or a clash of colours that will leave your senses tingling on our Asia holidays! When we asked our team to pick their favourite memories of their Asia holidays, the answers painted a picture of a continent so diverse that no two trips could ever be the same.
So, from wildlife to waterfalls, temples to beaches, here are the best bits of Asia… 1) BEST WILDLIFE – Orangutans Orangutan “My favourite Disney film is The Jungle Book, and my first sighting of an orangutan was just like King Louie! But we know it’s not so, the onset of adolescence can’t entirely extinguish the desire to take on new challenges. Children can enjoy supervised den making, cooking on fire, minibeast hunting, and woodland crafts.
We had them completely to ourselves as we climbed over vines and ducked through ancient alleyways long forgotten by the modern world. We felt like intrepid explorers and continued into the night by head torch!” Megan Devenish – Product Manager For families: South East Asia Adventure View all Angkor Wat holidays If our Asia experts have awakened your wanderlust, check out all of our Asia holidays for even more inspiration!

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