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This new Kit is fantasticIt's early summer here in Utah but we are preparing for next winter.
For security purposes, we ask that you enter the security code that is shown in the graphic. Step 2: Fire Is ImportantWhen I made survival kits in the Army I had 5 different ways to make fire. Step 3: Organize The KitYou'll want to place large items and items you wont need ready access to at the bottom of your kit.
Step 4: Communication Can Save A LifeNot many people know that "out-of-service" cell phones can still dial 911. Step 6: Make It Easy To SeeIf you are forgoing the reflective triangles you should at least get the $2 roll of reflective tape. In the wake of James Kim's death and what happened to his family I decided that I would make emergency kits for both of the vehicles in my family.
If one had one of those compact Brita filter pitchers (~$11), they could produce easily enough fresh water from yuck water. Obviously have some water at hand as well in case you get stranded no where near any is a tip. Great instructable tho!Sugars and salt would be great, but in survival, protein and water is what you need to live. A suggestion about batteries: get battery-operated devices that all use the same size, store them without batteries, and just keep a big package of batteries in the kit .
I have created these free printables in hopes that they will help you stay on task and structure your day to day planning, cleaning and organizing, as they have me. I like to place these printables in clear plastic protector pockets that are hung on the inside of my kitchen cupboards. Weekly Menu Plan: Set aside one day each week to plan the weeks menu, including your shopping list! Monthly Cleaning Chart: A place to list things that need to be done on a monthly basis, if they are not written down on our chart, I forget to do them. Next week we will have children’s chore charts (with a giveaway) and an extensive list of age appropriate chores for kids.
A Faithful Mom Planner is very well made, sturdy and small enough to fit in a purse, they are very well detailed and best of all LOCAL! I picked up a little basket at a dollar store and stuffed one of those reusable grocery bags in the front.
I usually have a bunch of things, like permission forms for clubs and camps, that I need to deal with. Okay, I know, sometimes I think of things as emergencies when really, they happen every single time I leave the house.
We’re out, either running errands or at the park, and I’ve forgotten that children need to eat. March 20, 2014 by Tiany Davis Leave a Comment The fresh start of spring, the warm whether, new blooms and singing birds naturally get us in the mood to clean, right?
In North America and northern Europe, the custom found an especially practical value due to those regions’ continental and wet climates. After the winter we have had, many of us are more than ready to bust open the windows, let in the fresh air and let the dust out. The hardest part of spring cleaning is starting and the best way to start is with an action plan. If you need a little and direction to get the big job done, you will find the below useful.
March 18, 2014 by Baton Rouge Moms 35 Comments Today’s giveaway and post is sponsored by Marcella’s Chic Thirty-One Boutigue. Moms often spend a good amount of time in the car, between shuttling kids around, eating on the run, shopping, running errands or commuting to work, our cars become a portable household filled with everything we need while on the go. With a few handy tools and a regular cleaning routine, our cars can be organized and clutter free, making for less stressful travel. If your children take part in many different sports or outdoor activities, keep different activity equipment grouped together. Keep a few zip-lock bags or  clear plastic bags inside your vehicle to easily house soiled or wet garments or to have readily available for a sick kiddo.
Food and Water – keep a few water bottles, granola bars or other non perishable items in the car just in case you get stranded. Thirty-One has the very best in car organizational items, including this Hang-Up Activity Organizer and Flip-Top Organizing Bin to keep you organized on the go!
The Hang-Up Organizer is great for the car, this creative organizer keeps a tablet in its PVC window and water bottles, diapers, toys, wipes, coloring books, pens, pencils, snacks and more in its many pockets. A perfect backseat buddy, the Flip-Top Organizer can be buckled in and filled with clothes, snacks or toys while traveling.
Through March 22nd (or while supplies last!), Thirty-One Gifts is hosting an Outlet Sale where you can save up to 50% on select Classic Prints!
In an effort to get more organized, yesterday the Universe definitely put something right in my face that directed my attention to this problem. This handy-dandy tool I’m so excited about is called The Daily Action Planner and I ordered it today.
Filed Under: Moms, Organizing Tagged With: Baton Rouge Moms, Organization, organizing, planners, planningI love my routine! January 25, 2014 by Baton Rouge Moms 1 Comment As a young woman, I always saw myself as being very outgoing and spontaneous.
What’s your biggest concern about surviving life after an EMP attack destroys our grid? If you haven’t done it already, building an emergency car kit should be on your list of things to do in the next week or so. A car kit is different from a Bug Out Bag in that it is meant to stay in your vehicle at all times. If your regular commute requires you to drive more than an hour from home, I would definitely recommend that you add get-home gear to the list I’ll be sharing. Calories are super important to maintain in an emergency situation, so be sure to allow enough calories for each person you plan on feeding. If you are a breastfeeding mama, you absolutely want to make sure you have more than enough calories to keep your milk supply maintained. The great thing about a car kit is that you aren’t planning on having to carry it on your back, so you can include heavier things like cans of soup that can be reheated over a safe heat source. I do not recommend that you store typical bottled water, as the chemicals in the plastic can leach out under extreme heat.
Staying warm in your vehicle, especially during cold winter months, is crucial to your survival. Don’t forget to include any prescription meds you or a loved one needs to take on a regular basis. You might also want to include a small, fold-up shovel to dig a hole with if you are able to relieve yourself outside of your vehicle. Again, if you have a baby in tow, remember to pack everything they would need for an overnight stay.
Having a means of being able to communicate your position and situation is your key to a speedy rescue. A hand-crank emergency radio would also be handy to have (some also have the ability to charge a cell phone manually). You might also consider including a survival manual for reading material, a Bible, games and toys to keep the kids entertained. If you still want more ideas, please check out a printable spreadsheet I created with all of this information, plus a lot more. I'm a homeschooling, homesteading mama of four, doing everything I can to help my family live more self-sufficiently on our one country acre here in the Bible Belt South. When it comes to food, I personally prefer not to go with anything dehydrated, simply because I don’t want to have to use water from my supply for it (or to have to carry more water just for the food). It’s also important that people rotate their food out on a somewhat regular basis, to ensure nothing comes close to going out of date.

The other point is food and medical items in the summer time in this suggested kit most likely will not last more than a month or two either in the back of a mini van and especially in the trunk of anyone’s car where temperatures can often cook raw meat in a matter of an hour. My daughter commutes with her 2 autistic boys about 45 minutes to their school every day, a lot of it is on country roads with houses few and far between and sometimes limited cell service.
A small Emergency Survival kit put in an easy to reach place known to all family members can prove invaluable in a major emergency. Obtaining an Emergency Survival Kit for your home is an essential part of keeping you and your family safe in case of an emergency.
Following a catastrophic disaster in your area, you could find yourself without many of the modern day luxuries you likely take for granted everyday.
Keeping an Emergency Survival Kit in your car is an essential part of keeping you and your family safe in case of an emergency. It also has full guides for first aid and survival situations, which may be vital in the event of a disaster.
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The kits for sale in stores were filled with poor quality items that I couldn't trust in a serious situation, so I made my own. Every 6 months, just take out the old package and put in a fresh one -- use the old ones in the house or other non-critical location. Showing them how to be organized and get the most out of each day will be a lesson they will keep with them for the rest of their lives. We can easily cross off tasks with a dry erase marker as they are completed and wipe clean at the end of the day or week. It’s handy to see all of the meals that I make on a regular basis as well as new meals that become keepers.
I place this weekly schedule in our cupboard and use the dry eraser to mark things off and reuse the same chart weekly.
Be sure to subscribe to Baton Rouge Moms to receive updates, news and giveaway info right in your inbox! Two Baton Rouge moms have done all the work for us, they created a complete planner that allows moms to live a full and organized life, a planner that will truly help us keep track of every aspect of our lives in a simple, creative and intimate way… A Faithful Mom Day Planner! Enter to win via the Rafflcopter below and for extra chances to win, hop on over to our Facebook & Instagram! Opinions expressed herein are that of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of the sponsor. Partly because I really like to stay home, and partly because I find leaving the house a challenge.
Now when we need to return books, they’re all in one place, with a bag to carry them. In addition, I have a whole crate of deliberately unhealthy single serve treats like Cheetos and chips in my trunk. I’m still working on my leaving the house skills, and on organizing house work and laundry and meals and school work.
During the 19th century in America, prior to the advent of the vacuum cleaner, March was often the best time for dusting because it was getting warm enough to open windows and doors (but not warm enough for insects to be a problem), and the high winds could carry the dust out of the house. You may want to walk through your home, room by room and write down what needs to be done and assign projects to each member of the family. Thirty-One Gifts offers functional totes, storage, purses, thermals and other organizational items for every day life! Below you will find a few of our favorite tips for a clutter free car and a fabulous car organization giveaway! Even for big kids a t-short and shorts come in handy if someone has an accident or gets sick.
The only mandatory entry to enter to win is to leave a comment sharing your favorite car organization tip. My husband drives a lot, so I have adapted his emergency car kit to be something that he could also load up on his back for a hike home. You can go with bare bones basics, or you can choose to add some comfort items in there as well.
If you’re single, but sometimes you carpool with another individual, you might as well pack enough supplies for two. It wouldn’t hurt to include some baby formula and a couple of bottles in your kit for emergencies. Sure, you can survive on granola bars alone, but if you have the room I would highly recommend that you plan on having a few heat-and-eat meals in your kit. Pack a wash cloth and biodegradable camp soap {affiliate link} to lightly wash dishes after each meal. If you have dried soup mixes that require rehydration, make sure you allot for that on top of your daily water ration. Once you run out of fuel to heat your car, you’re going to need an alternative heat source.
Although you may not be able to reach out with it, you would at least be alert to any bad weather moving your way. How often have we heard stories on the news of families lost or trapped in the snow for days? Although my husband and I grew up as city kids, in 2008 we started feeling the urge to begin pulling ourselves out of the "system" and learning how to provide for our most basic needs.
Having personal experience and talking with many people especially moms anything this size would be all to often pulled out of the vehicle and left in the garage to make room for groceries, other shopping trips, soccer balls, the dog, etc. It is hard to find food that actually will last longer in a summer and especially in the southern USA. I hear from mountaineers that it can make a lot of red snow, so that if you need to erect the international distress sign: three piles of red snow (or anything) in an equilateral triangle, you can do so with minimal effort. 5 Star Emergency Medical Supplies encourages communities to use the  CERT program to train people to be better prepared to respond to emergency situations in their communities.
To best prepare for a disaster, your home and car should have emergency preparedness supplies. Many people do not realize that store-bought items such as canned food and bottled water do not store safely for longer than 6 months. The container stores safely anywhere inside or outside your home and can be used for emergency sanitation purposes. I bought my book off Amazon, but wrote him to ask if I could also get a free RADSticker anyway. If you review the different posts discuss your points and recommends products the prepare for disasters. Seems to me that something with more sugar would be good as it provides more energy and is easier.
I’m hoping this will be the year that we get our home organized and keep it up, as a family. Without my list, I often forget about meals that I can cook or that we have tried and liked. Not to mention less chaos as you will not have to scramble to throw something together or run out to the grocery store  for a last minute emergency meal.
Organize your days, monthly activities, menu planning, family time, individual family member’s needs, home keeping, service, gifts, special dates and holidays… with inspiration and encouraging faith reminders throughout!
I’m disorganized to the extreme but leaving the house with two babies, and then two little kids and one baby, then two big kids, one little kid and a baby was almost impossible. The hook was in a very visible place, up high so no kids could reach it, and I could see it all the time and reassure myself that my keys were handy. Sometimes, the 4 year old and I will bring the whole box into the living room, read a bunch of books and then put the whole thing back.
Everybody wins; I control the portion size, the kids get to eat, I save some $$, and everybody is happy with the junk food so nobody bothers me about McDonalds. Spring cleaning can be traced to the ancient Jewish practice of thoroughly cleansing the home in anticipation of the spring-time memorial feast of Passover. I’m not talking about a maintenance kit, with tools and important fluids (although also very necessary).

If you are preparing for an EMP scenario, or are otherwise concerned about being able to make it back home in an event of an emergency, you should include supplies for trekking it on foot.
What you pack is determined by what your immediate needs would be if you were stranded in your car for several days. There are six of us in my family, so I have to plan enough supplies for each and every one of us.
We all have unused spaces in our car to stash food- under seats, in the glove box, in the console, in the trunk. Here are a few things I recommend you keep in your car kit, particularly through the winter or if your area experiences cold nights. Ladies, with the assistance of a Go Girl Female Urination Device, you too can go like the menfolk. If you can keep some form of self defense with you at all times, you will greatly increase your odds of survival. A $1 plastic shoebox holds all of the kids’ clothes, slid underneath the middle row of seats. I would venture to guess that these people never planned on getting stuck, never in a million years thought they’d have to survive in their car for days on end until help arrived. People are naturally lazy and will not switch out the food as often as needed and can do some serious damage to themselves by just bring lazy.
I have never actually experimented with koolaid and snow, so I don’t know how effective it is. Every car has a small list of things that fall apart, they are likely known to both mechanics and people who have owned the car type that you have, for example: if you have an older ford, you need to keep a starter silonoid in the car (I kept 2) or struts for a dodge car. When emergencies happen, CERT members give critical support to first responders, provide assistance to victims and organize spontaneous volunteers at a disaster site. You can rest assured that you have purchased the most reliable emergency survival kit on the market.
Please tell your friends about this site and let them kn0ow to visit and look over the products. Hooks don’t have to be pretty or expensive (though you can buy some really nice wood plaques with key hooks), right now we use pushpins, stuck in the wall right beside the coffee maker.
If she’s forgotten her shoes, she puts the emergency shoes on to go into the store, and then as soon as we get back to the car, she takes them off and leaves them on the floor.
If you’re one of those naturally organized people, or you have some great organization tips you’ve learned along the way, I’d love to hear about them in the comments. In Greece, and other Orthodox nations, it is traditional to clean the house thoroughly either right before or during the first week of Great Lent, which is referred to as Clean Week.
What I’m referring to is packing enough food, water, and other gear to keep your family alive for several days. It is particularly essential that you carry at least 3 days worth of food and water for as many people as could possibly be in your vehicle at any given time.
Having a can of formula in the car might be required to sustain your baby until help arrives.
Also, stay away from too many salty foods, which will cause you to want to drink more water. CERT members also help with non-emergency projects that improve the safety of the community. Emergency survival kit supplies can be purchased in easy to purchase kits that provide supplies for 1, 2, 4, or more persons. Quake Kare’s ER™ Survival Kits are designed by emergency preparedness experts to contain the most critical and reliable emergency survival kit supplies. Plus, you can use it to charge your iPhone, iPad, Droid, Blackberry, or other USB device in an emergency so that you can stay in touch with your family and other emergency contacts following a disaster.
Most modern cell phones and cell networks can triangulate your position, this is very handy in an emergency. Can't stress enough the need for lots of firewood when stranded and the jumper cables and car battery make great firestarter sparks.
I also love to decorate my planners and personalize them to make them not only functional but pretty. So I bought myself a table (one of those $40 white plastic tables, if you’re fancy you can get an actual table, or use one you already own).
If you ever find yourself stuck on the side of the road due to weather, a flat tire, or worse, you’ll have a little more peace of mind knowing you have essential supplies to get you through.
If you are caught shorthanded, you will likely be sharing your own food and water with whoever is with you, severely decreasing your personal rations. I've been sharing about it all on my website, New Life on a Homestead, and am excited to bring the preparedness aspect of this lifestyle to all of you here as well! Being prepared ahead of time is the best insurance plan your can have to protect your family should a disaster strike.
RADStickers are postage stamp sized dosimeters that you can stick anywhere (mine’s on the back of my license). We just stopped using the library because it was cheaper to go to Barnes and Nobel than pay late fees for books that went missing for months.
When the 4 year old was an 18 month old, I used a back pack with a zipper that was hard to open.
You might have one friend who sees it and mocks you behind your back, but when she does, all your other friends will call you for copies.
Providing meals for them will bring a lot of peace to their little bodies and minds in a potentially scary situation. Coast Guard Approved survival food and water that is guaranteed to last for five years even when stored in extreme conditions.
Charges smartphones and other USB devices so you can stay in touch with family in the event of a disaster. They measure the cumulative dose of radiation that you’ve been exposed to, and indicate it with a color strip. In recent years (with two teens a big kid and a little kid), I have gotten a little bit of sleep and I’ve been able to work on my Leaving-the-House skills.
Not as pretty as a box, but much prettier than an 18 month old throwing books all over the kitchen. The glovebox, door pockets, and console hold the items we’d want to be able to grab immediately if necessary. When they come home, they just stick their wallets in the holder and then they can always find them. You may need immediate medical treatment at a time when there might not be medical attention available.
Being trained in emergency management, I can say that I found the advise to be reasonable and readily implemented. The book has already been reviewed for content, but I can confirm that it covers all the basic needs of an individual or family.
Here’s a few of the many interesting questions that it answers do you know the answers? They have a small capacity, suffer from self-discharge and therefore have a very short shelf-life. In the UK, own-brand alkaline batteries from supermarkets and DIY stores offer the best value at ~50% of the price of the premium brands.
How do you create a safe room to protect from airborne contaminants (radiological, chemical, or otherwise)? Why is an mechanical interlock more useful than a transfer switch when connecting a generator to your house? Object s like a steel vehicle body or the entrenching tool or multi tool will weaken the magnetic field in the compass needle, making it less and less accurate over time, until it no longer points anywhere near North.
I often had situations where I couldn't jump start another car because the battery had been completely drained trying to use the starter to move the car out of the road.

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