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Your toes smoosh all up into the pointy part until eventually, after a few years, they naturally form a pointy shape.
Also looks like her toes are too big to make it far enough into the shoe that she her heel is literally hanging out of her left shoe. That is the dress that your grandmother buys you for Christmas, ignoring the fact that you are now 13 and have boobs and would rather wear jeans, and your mother makes you wear it every time you go to Grandma’s house for the next 6 months. On top of all else that’s tragic about this dress, it look hella uncomfortable and hot. That’s exactly the first think I thought if, so the Ma Ingalls comparison made me LoL. I want to party with the guy that blew up shots of her face and printed them on cardstock at Kinkos for her to sign.
So, clearly someone decided to just remake her best Kimmy Schmidt dress from grandma’s curtains.
She went on an anti-trans Instagram tirade after the Caitlyn Jenner did her Diane Sawyer interview.
I am truly showing my age here, but I always think he’s the spitting image of his dad, James Broderick. She went from Little House on the Prairie to something you’d upholster a Little Settee in a 1960s Sorority House with. It’s a very classic dress and it has indeed been worn by Crown Princesses Victoria and Marie-Chantal.
I have a vintage fifties dress that’s very similar, right down to the rhinestone brooch, but in celadon green.

So better than that complete disaster yesterday, but she still looks like she’s wearing drapery fabric.
Cute dress but would have preferred to see this in a color even if it’s just Betty Draper blue.
The posing is so insanely awkward that I can’t bear to look at it long enough to judge the dresses.
In that first shot, his smile looks super forced and she looks like she is desperately trying to get away from him. These looks are in no way fashion forward, but they both look appropriate for themselves and the venue.
Okay I just clicked on the link to the Ma Ingalls misfire and am literally sitting here with my jaw agape.
It’s amazing how the years have turned his same exact smile from charming, to smarmy, to creepy. And if you’re very, very lucky (like moi) your pinkie toes become so deformed they cannot grow a toenail.
Be very very careful people, your feet have to hold up your body for the rest of your days. I remember being mocked by some fashion victims in the early 2000s when I very uncoolly declared I liked round toed shoes better (I was also told that ankle booties are for whores, at a time when apparently only knee-high boots were in). That is what I used to do when my mother would buy me a Laura Ashley dress and I wanted to demonstrate that I was a grown up so I’d wear sexy shoes. Like, I can almost see what she was going for but color and shape are horribly wrong for her.

We question the saddle shoes with the rest of the outfit, but they’re the only part of the look with any style or personality to them.
I went with former beauty pageant contestant who married a guy that ended up in the governor’s mansion so now she goes around being the first lady of Indiana or something. Coming from a line of bunion-prone women, after reading your comment I’m glad to have stuck to my guns, however unfashionable I may have looked at the time! Her fiance is played by David Tennant, but shockingly he’s NOT using his normal Scottish accent–they made him English! And like so many Blondetresses, she tends to do her best when you hand her styles so simple and classic as to almost border on matronly. It made no damned sense, although he and Kelly Macdonald are exceptionally charming together. January Jones was the same way for the longest time, until she learned how she could add a little edge to the mix. In addition to making you look like a demented sister-wife gone wrong, weren’t you BOILING inside that dress?? For Miss Alice here, who is clearly working through some style issues at the moment, based on that Ma Ingalls disaster from yesterday, we think it’s a good idea to put her in a dress that Jackie Kennedy might not have turned down. While we think turning the buttons into brooches was kind of a cute idea, that waist seam now looks a little naked.

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