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Surviving the backwoods isn't always easy, but these tools prepare you for any off-grid adventuring. This high-quality Buck SpitFire knife can handle many tasks, and its brightly colored handle will be easy to see if you drop it in the woods. I have wonderful knives from DiamondBlade, Buck, Gerber and Columbia River Knife & Tool (CRKT).
Equally useful is the Lightning Strike Firestarter from Darrell Holland, an Oregon rifle-maker and hunting-supply source. Proper clothing stops wind and limits the rate of heat lost from your body in cold weather. Reliable emergency gear helps you only when it’s within reach when you need it, and then only if you’re practiced in its use. Communications, food preparation, cooking, shelter and transportation—all of these take on a new dimension and a new set of challenges when there’s no electricity or fuel. Within 24 hours of a crisis, you’ll be trying in vain to get a phone signal, as will everyone else in your area, so your phone will lose its charge quickly. Goal Zero’s Yeti 150 will not only charge small electronic devices, it can also power some medical devices, light up the dark and inflate your air bed. There will be plenty of empty brass to collect during the aftermath, allowing you to load your own self-defense ammo. The Bahco 10-24-23 Bow Saw cuts through wood like a laser while using muscle instead of gasoline or electric power. The K-Tor Pocket Socket is a hand-powered generator that generates up to 10 watts that can charge electronics like smartphones, radios, flashlights and nearly any small device. The Suunto A-10 field compass does not run on batteries, nor does it need to triangulate its position like a GPS system. There are many questions when you consider all of the modern conveniences that make our day-to-day lives easier. One source of energy that could play a significant role in an off-grid-living environment is propane gas. Propane is one of the cleanest burning fuels and burns with no soot and very few sulfur emissions. The most common tank (for typical portable home use – like a BBQ grill) is a 20 pound tank (also sometimes referred to as a 5 gallon tank).
Propane tanks also come in larger sizes, designed for more of a permanent installation, and can be installed large enough to keep you supplied for quite a long time. Propane can power most types of home appliances that we are accustomed to, so long as the appliance is designed for propane. Propane gas is measured and distributed in gallons, pounds and cubic feet, and is usually sold by the pound when dispensed into portable tanks, and sold by the gallon when weighing the tank isn’t feasible. For off-grid-living, or to be more self-sufficient without relying solely on an electric utility service for most of your energy needs, consider using propane gas and appliances.
I have been using a 20 lb propane tank with my grill for about ten years, sometimes for hours at a time. Even the biggest plate of steaks isn’t going to take more than 30 minutes to cook them to charcoal! 100# tanks are still pretty common in rural areas too, and can be cheaper to get refilled (at a lower per gallon price) than the 20# tanks. You can fill a propane tank as long as the data plate reads 250 psi of working pressure , its propane cylinders that have to be inspected ect..
However, there is a solution that is just as efficient as the Prius – modern inverter-generators. If I had a 300lb propane tank hooked up only to my propane fireplace downstairs as a second source of heat. If you purchase your 500 or 1000 gallon tank instead of renting it you can call all your local propane dealers to find the lowest price per gallon. Some local propane companies pre-sell propane for the winter months at favorable fixed prices during the summer months. 3 minutes without air, 3 days without water, 3 weeks without food… I forget, how long can we survive without propane Jeff? Spent years on the farm in northern Canada running off of propane as a heating and cooking source.
How can I safely fill my 5 gallon tank used for grilling from my 500 gallon underground propane tank? Posting a reply in case you happen to have this thread set up to email you… Anyway, your 20 kw genset will last you more like 32 days. I am going to explain how a propane container works so you fully understand why the size of tank is important. Siphoning fuel from one bike to another will get you by in a pinch, but it doesn’t solve overall problems (and siphoning, well, plain old sucks).
Designed for motorcyclists who like to ride with their visor up (or no visor at all), the Salt x Aether Explorer Sunglasses feature integrated side skirts to keep high-velocity wind from tearing up your face. After a long day in challenging conditions, sliding into anything other than moto gear is a welcome event. Technically designed for cyclists, the Nau Acoustic Short is perfect for sliding into after a ride. Doubling as a slightly oversized pen, the MinInch Tool Pen fit any of its 18 bits into the crevices that the Leatherman couldn’t.
What's New, NowToday in Gear: July 29, 2016A new, slender water pitcher, a waterproof LED strip that'll light up your nightlife, an off-road moto in an adventure-ready colorway and much more. More: Running GearExtra Safe for When You Go in the Drink3 Bags That Will Protect Your Camera and Keep It DryWhether you're headed to the mountain or the river, these three camera bags will keep your gear safe and sound. Bucket List Worthy AdventuresThe 10 Best Luxury Adventure LodgesExploring the outdoors doesn't have to mean roughin' it.

Some of us nearing curmudgeonhood rail against electronic conveniences that remind us of this: robot telephone calls, car windows married to the ignition switch, automated replies to questions we want to ask a living person.
With rope and hatchet, hunters fashioned lean-tos long before polymer tents with alloy frames existed. While you can’t, by definition, avoid emergencies altogether, you can mitigate their effect and hike your odds of survival by equipping yourself now. Now GPS (Global Positioning System) units for hand and automobile are shoving compasses into the cobweb class, along with caulked boots and cream separators. The striker (on an elastic cord) blasts sparks onto tinder or the cotton-like wads provided. Because with flashlights you get pretty much what you pay for, you’d better spend what you think your life is worth. Here are 11 ways to survive with off-grid essentials when you’re searching for new sources of power.
The Anker 14W Portable Foldable Outdoor Solar Charger can refill your smartphone, laptop, GPS device and tablet. The folding solar panels fully charge the generator in 17 hours, then you can use the USB port and the 12-volt and AC outlets to power a variety of devices.
It will travel over 400 miles on one fill up, and when the gas is gone, you can pedal to your destination. This is the type of saw you can use to cut limbs for a shelter or quarter an elk so you can pack out the meat to camp. Plug it into your dead phone and your phone will come back to life as quickly as if you plugged it into a wall outlet. The Fabio Leonardi Manual Food Processor is the type of food processor your great-grandmother used. The Coleman 5-gallon Camp Shower uses the rays of the sun to warm the water for multiple showers. If you wish to maintain a standard of living in your home or retreat, and maintain a comfort level not terribly different from ordinary modern living, then one of your biggest decisions will be choosing what will be your fuel sources (plural) for energy.
The gas evaporates quickly at normal temperatures and pressures, and is usually supplied in pressurized steel gas cylinders. Generally, 500-gallon tanks easily accommodate an average four-bedroom home while 1,000+ gallon tanks can fuel very large homes.
Propane gas powered appliances include refrigerators, freezers, ranges, cook-tops, outdoor grills, room heaters, central heating, water heaters, generators, clothes dryers, and more. If you are planning or designing an off-grid-living location or retreat, consider propane as an alternative energy source. Just got 100gals today and delivery guy said it would take awhile to get through lines but it’s been 12hrs and still won’t let me light the furnace or water heater should it take this long? If there is a bad enough situation where you run out and the countryside is filled with abandoned properties, are you going to worry about ownership at that time?
It may take a while to fill a bottle from an underground tank because of the cooler temperature underground. Purchased an off-grid propane stove, nice looking white Unique stove with a window for just over $1300.
There’s little room for errors on the trail and no room for overpacking, so anything along for the ride needs to maximize efficiency and be damned good at what it does.
It doesn’t break like plastic or bend like aluminum and the Wolfman Boulder Beta Bag is fully seam sealed and dust- and waterproof, with three separate compartments to stow everything on this list. The Klim Fuel Pak holds three liters of precious fluids at the ready, for when you need them most. A RotopaX one-gallon fuel container and mount kit attaches to most bikes with ease and its low-profile design makes its presence unobtrusive. The arms are flexible and skinny and can be fed through visor openings to sit comfortably within your helmet. The Fjallraven Abrisko Vent Shirt is lightweight and looks as good rumpled as it does neatly pressed.
There are a number of mounting kits you can use, but the U-Bolt style should work on any bike.
Should you decide to venture elsewhere, the Rever App will track your path so you can share it with friends.
Ok, besides the cute barista, you can do better: start by grinding your own beans, then check back with Gear Patrol for other suggestions for stepping up to the big leagues. Victims of air crashes have lived because they could improvise tools and glean food from Spartan landscapes, and signal with mirror shards. Conditions determine which tools are most useful; five come to mind as survival essentials in just about every crisis outdoors. Folders have locking mechanisms so you won’t have to carry a severed digit home in your pocket. Besides keeping you comfortable, a fire can dry your wet clothes so they don’t drain heat as quickly from your body. The wads burst into flame that tenaciously battles wind long enough to ignite a teepee of sticks.
But whatever the temperature or wind conditions, shelter adds a crucial layer of protection. This generator requires no flammable fuels, emits no exhaust and is quiet so you can take it inside without worry. The saw’s ergonomic handle protects the user’s hand and offers a sure grip during operation. This crank mill is clamped to the table top, and with every crank of the handle, meat and vegetables can be processed. The gas is piped into the home and is drawn upon as necessary until the tank needs to be refilled.

I suppose this is also a good reason to have one’s tank buried if applicable with the design (a more stable ambient temperature), especially if expecting very cold outdoor temperatures.
We’ve already gone through some of those essentials, but every adventure has its own unique requirements. It also doesn’t require specific mounting kits, so it can be used on almost any bike in your stable. Beta-titanium construction makes them incredibly strong and the polarized lenses are also photochromic, so they quickly adjust to changing conditions. And, like the name implies, it features integrated venting under the arms and at the back, to help you air out before dinner. As an added bonus, the cyclist-friendly double-layer seat patch provides a little extra cushion to soften the blows of any saddle sores you’ve earned. The Brunton charged my phone, GPS and GoPro to make sure we were ready to roll the next morning. The Leatherman Tread packs 29 tools (depending on your wrist size) into an easy-to-wear bracelet.
With a map (of laminated paper so rain won’t turn it to mush), a compass can bring you out of the wilderness or to a rendezvous point you’ve never seen. The bike is slightly larger than a typical mountain bike and weighs 132 pounds, and it has a maximum speed in engine mode of 24 mph. The magnesium rod will not only get a fire blazing, but the mini tools can cut, measure and open a bottle. Because it is a stand-alone energy system that will provide me with heat, hot water, cooking, and whatever else I adapt to it. It’s refilled by a delivery truck, similar to how an oil truck will deliver home heating oil for your furnace (if you have that type of heating system). I bought my liquid line valve from the installation crew the last time I switched suppliers. I want to install a gas heater, so I do not want to have to keep dragging down the smaller tanks. For a trip through Baja, my bike and I were headed into a variety of conditions, with a large share of them completely off-grid and miles away from any kind of service stations. To this list add 50 feet of parachute cord and region-specific items like a collapsible snow shovel or a gallon jug of potable water. You’ll want one with a base plate for setting declination (the angular difference between true north and magnetic north) and following a map course.
You will need to scrounge up powder, bullets, primers, case lube and a manual, but these hand presses will keep you busy at night. What about energy for appliances, the water-well pump, and everything else that ‘plugs in’? Whenever I see a decent used propane stove it always seems to have the modern digital components.
Would there be any reason why I couldn’t have 2 100 lb propane tanks delivered and hooked up to each of them?
This reduces the pressure in the tank and the liquid propane begins to boil to replace that vapour. Designed specifically with riders in mind, the Pro version (subscription) even comes loaded with access to Butler Maps.
Go where the electronic ether hasn’t penetrated, or where rescuers can’t reach you easily, and you must tap your own resources.
Before you venture afield, test each item so you can deploy it in the dark and when your hands are clumsy with cold.
Declination won’t matter to you in Illinois, but it exceeds 20 degrees on the West Coast, where I live. But I’ve used a fistful of these trying to coax flame from soggy kindling, and wind snuffs matches and cigarette lighters. Barring finding a sweet old one at an auction, I might have to consider looking for a new one. Run a compass course in unfamiliar country, start a fire in the rain or spend a frosty night in your emergency shelter. While dried foods have made can-openers less useful than in decades past, other clever devices tuck neatly into a Leatherman grip. Geological Survey maps, with state road maps, should be in your kit wherever you travel, so the compass can do more than point north.
A propane tank has to be of sufficient mass to be able to absorb enough heat from the tank itself and the air around it to maintain this liquid boiling.
Avoid the nickel-size compasses once inletted into the buttstocks of rifles that, unaltered, would now put children through a year of college.
It’s designed for one-hand use, a lifesaving advantage if your other hand is injured or numb. Small lights are easiest to pack, and are thus more likely to be with you when you need one.
I carry two compasses, because when I am truly confused, it can be easy to dismiss one compass as faulty. A camouflage finish begs the question: How long do you want to search for a tool in leaves after dark?

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