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The emergency whistle is an essential piece of kit and one that you should carry with you at all times when out in the outdoors. We at Sumo Survival have gathered together some of the most popular whistles available and tested them to see which is the loudest and therefore the most effective. Made by ACME for Life Systems, this whistle claims to be the most powerful whistle in the world and is able to reach 122dB. The Mountain Whistle is a tough, lightweight aluminium alloy whistle and is claimed to be able to reach 108dB.
These whistles are widespread and you will find them in any camping or outdoors store and they are really inexpensive.

The whistle that came out on top was the Life Systems Mountain Whistle and it gets the coveted Sumo Survival Seal of Approval. The two SOLAS approved whistles performed well achieving very effective levels and the inexpensive orange safety whistle came in at a not too shabby 94db making it last but still able to signal effectively. On the day of the test the winds were fairly high so conditions were ideal for a true to life result. Again, the whistle features a mini keyring fixing to allow you to attached a lanyard or clip.
ACME have a very long history of making all sorts of whistles and their range of emergency whistles are being used across the globe.

They tend to be a bit rough in construction and you may want to trim the rough edges with a knife. It achieved a maximum level of 107dB which was unexpected as the other offering from Life Systems we tested claimed to be the world’s loudest. The Tornado is SOLAS approved and features a mini keyring fixing to allow you to attached a lanyard or clip.

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