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One of the topics of discussion with preppers has always been about what you should carry with you every day – in other words, your EDC gear.
There is a big difference between a bugout bag (this is my bug out bag, if you’re interested) and an EDC kit.
By the way, if you ever post pics of your EDC kit including your keys, you should cover up the keys.
The key to the EDC part of it is that you need to find things that are compact and effective, or you won’t carry them every day. One of the reasons you’ll put something in your EDC gear is just out of pure convenience. Aurora sent me one of these to do a review and it worked so well, I decided to keep it on my keyring. It’s a unit requirement and gives me something to hang a couple things around my neck. I keep copies of a few hundred survival- and homesteading-related pdf’s as well as reference Field Manuals etc on this. I keep a couple of well-hidden bobby pins on me in case I find myself in the unfortunate position of ever being handcuffed and searched by some bad guy. 550 cord is another thing I carry, depending on what I’m wearing but I need to figure out a better way than just shoving some in my pocket somewhere or just on the bracelet my friend made me. This is an EDC kit in itself and is pretty much a little survival kit that’s primarily carried in case I somehow find myself out in the middle of no where and need to survive for a couple of days.
This is one of those things I’d usually keep in my bugout bag but since I have the room in my EDC tin, I keep it in there for now. Foil has lots of uses such as allowing you to use an AAA battery in an AA slot, temporary fuse bypass, a field-expedient cooking pan, a scrub brush, and a lot more. Brass mini lighter I stopped carrying this because it won’t hold fluid but it is pretty cool.
What you need to do first is look at how much room you have to carry what you’re gonna carry.
The kind of work you do will probably have the biggest effect on what you’re gonna carry every day. What situations do you run into regularly that you’d like to deal with more efficiently?
Personally, I find that I need a knife at least once a day to open things and a flashlight sometimes several times after the sun goes down to find things. Once you’ve looked at all this stuff, take a look through the internet and look at what other people have put in their EDC kits.
After you get a decent list of the things you need and want, look at different ways that you can double up and not take up too much more room. So as you can see, coming up with a good everyday carry kit is both simple and complex – as complex as you want to make it.
My goal is to help families to understand how to intelligently protect their family and their way of life against real threats, without all the end-of-the-world doomsday crap.
Since we live in the South we are trained to move fast and get everything in a car or trucker whatever and get the hell out of Dodge (or stay in place).
I keep mine on me all the time so I don’t have to go digging through my bag if I need it.
Here is a list of 10 essential items which you might choose as a minimum to start with in any survival kit.
When deciding what to include in a survival kit, first think about where you’re going to use it.
Also think about what may already be available in the area where you plan to be with the kit.
This list of ten survival kit items is meant as a starting point for putting together your own kit.
I’ve written these recommendations to help you prepare for anything from a small natural disaster to the complete collapse of the society and everything between. We’re talking about preparing your home for extended emergency by having enough food and essential survival items available.
You should be prepared for the long lasting emergency where the electricity is down indefinitely and there is no tap water. When lights goes off for whatever reason, it’s essential to have a flashlight available. Any kind of a flashlight works as a emergency light in SHTF, however more brighter is always better.
If mobile phone network goes down (which can happen because of power failure, technical issue, cyber attack, EMP etc.
If you have Bowie Knife and Axe, then you need just a good multitool and you’ve a quite perfect tools for everything in natural disaster and emergency situations. To be more prepared you should consider buying water filter and water purification tablets. If you have storage space and financial resources, you might want to buy more non-perishable emergency food (and other essential survival items) than you and your family probably needs. Consider sharing this post with your friends and neighbors and helping them to get started building their own essential survival items storage, bug out bags etc. It would be good to have also water proof clothes just in case that you’re forced to stay outdoors and it rains or floods. Compact first aid kit is essential to have with basic remedies for pain and fever etc. Anti-diarrhea medication is also good to have in survival first aid kit because if emergency last longer you are quite likely going to eat or drink something that might cause diarrhea.
Firewood is a great way to stay warm and cook, but in windy & harsh weather it might be hard to get fire started. A good tent makes it easier to stay outdoors especially if situation lasts, but sure it helps even if you need to stay out in wilderness only a one night. These are essential to have at your home, but even more important at your cottage, survival shelter and van. Carbon monoxide is even more dangerous than smoke and fire because human can’t detect it.
However, GPS is useful as long as it works, so you should have at least a one gps-navigator at your bug out bag.

In addition to the gps-navigator, your should have a traditional compass and map(s) of your area and larger area also including nearby states, whole country and Canada. To be more prepared you might want to learn how to find directions without compass or map in wilderness by reading my post about it!
You should have some of these survival items immediately available and ready to use at your home. In emergency situation you probably don’t have time to collect everything you need all around the house. If you have a car or other vehicle you can use that’s great, however you should always be prepared for the worst.
A bugout bag is something that you keep ready to grab, whether it’s in your house, car or office. It’s possible to make a real copy of them from just a photo, so all someone would have to do is locate your home or car then and boom! The tools you need depend on the circumstances that you find yourself in and what problems you’re trying to solve. I could easily pull out my iPhone if I wanted to check the time or maybe ask someone but it’s a lot easier to just glance down at my wrist. Maybe keep a copy of How to Win Friends and Influence People on you so you can talk your way out of something. I carry this because not only is it a badass watch – it was the watch my son wore when we were deployed to Afghanistan last year. I carried a Surefire for many years and in many crazy places but it required a CR123 battery. Not only does it shade your eyes from the sun, you can hide a few items in it that people usually overlook. It fits my 1911, my Vertec 92FS, and my Army issued M9, and can sit on my side or flipped around to the small of my back.
I also have copies of all of my orders and other things in case I need them and a spreadsheet with contact information and addresses etc. This bracelet actually has a hidden handcuff key, fire starter fishing kit and snare wire traps so I’m probably gonna pick one of these up. I sometimes put one in the front pocket of my tactical pants if the ones I’m wearing have a magazine pocket. I have several tourniquets but this one’s very compact and I can put it on myself with one hand if I really needed to.
I don’t particularly care for altoids so I just took them out but their tins are freaking awesome. You can buy them as ranger bands if you’d like but just do what I did and go to a local bicycle shop and ask if they have any flat bicycle inner tubes in the trash that you could have. It’s pretty cool looking but not actually all that practical because all the fire juice evaporates too quickly. Take a look at what things you could either replace with something else to suit your needs (such as a firestarter instead of a gnome key fob) or just get rid of altogether. It could be something that will most likely not happen but could be dealt with much easier by carrying something very small with you at all times. Remember that just because you see a lot of people carrying something, that doesn’t mean that you really need to also. I have a Bug Out Bag in my car at home and made one for my Mother, I also made sure she had a razor sharp machete.
I do not think that one of the items I would include in my EDC kit would be a handgun, it is not something that I want on me all the time, so I would just keep that in my bug-out-bag. We’re talking about having those items also packed in bug out bag(s) in case that you need to evacuate and travel far away. But the old good radio is still working and most likely at least government is able to broadcast essential survival information.
HAM radios are used by ameteur radio operators to communicate with one another on multiple frequencies. At home you don’t need a knife too much, but outdoors in wilderness a sharp survival knife becomes a real life saver. Human can survive about three weeks without food, but sure you’ll not want to try that especially with your family. At least you should have cold weather parka and snow pants and cold weather sleeping bag for each of your family member.
In emergency situations it might be dangerous because there’s danger of dehydration and availability of clean drinking water might be limited. Tarp can be used to collect rain water for drinking, building shelters in the forest and underground and insulate warm room at your home. What happens when GPS-network goes down and navigators & smartphones shows just a blank screen? Therefore you should have everything packed in a bug out bag and keep it ready to take with you. For example, a $5 pocket knife is a much more effective weapon than an AK-47 in your gun safe at home. The key is to predict situations that you may find yourself in first, and then find tools that will solve the problem. I have some great flashlights at home that I’ve either bought or received from the Army for deployments. I’m using a rechargeable AAA battery that I charge in my solar AA battery charger with an AAA to AA adapter. The paddle lock mechanism allows me to draw as fast as if there’s nothing holding it in but keeps the weapon in the holster from other people trying to get it out or it just falling out. Never know when you’ll come across something you need to jot down such as a license plate of a hit-and-run idiot or the description of a person. Trading your bootstring for it is a great option but my civilian boots don’t take string and neither do my sandals. Luckily my next-door neighbor is an avid paintball guy so I got a paintball gun o-ring from him that works dandy.
If you have a purse or a briefcase that you always have with you then you may have a lot more room to work with.

My hidden bobby pins are a good example of that, as well as pretty much everything in my EDC tin. I keep these items handy as an extended EDC kit and wear them as my expected day changes or clothing allows. Polysporin, tweezers,toe nail clippers, safety pins, CPR Kit, surgical masks and various meds, lip balm, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, Peptobismal tabs, sucrets. Oh, you can still use the tin, to place the smaller items, such as the pins, paper clips, etc. Consider whatever is appropriate as extras… a stocking hat, a rain jacket, sweatshirt, a pair of gloves, etc. Adjust the contents as you see fit, as any list can be highly debatable due to the many caveats.
Using two way radios you can stay in touch with your family members when you’re not nearby. Hopefully you’re not in such situation and you know how to find directions with compass and map or even without.
The bad thing is that you have to remember to keep it nearby every time you leave, and you may get caught off guard without it some time.
I’ve owned a LOT of watches over the years but end up throwing them away after they get too scratched up to see or they break. I switched to an AA battery-powered light now because I can find AA batteries in any store and in any home with a remote control or wall clock.
Great knife for a deployment but not so great for Starbucks because it doesn’t fit in my pocket with the keychain things I carry.
I keep an additional bit on the inside of the tin that I can cut up into smaller bits later if I need to. He started the Clearwater Initiative to bring clean drinking water to people in remote areas once he got back from Africa. Ben died in Afghanistan 2 October 2009. You may decide to have several EDC kits such as one for work, one for weekends, one for travel, etc. I personally like the fixed-blade style knife (and sheath) for it’s size and blade options, strength, and multipurpose uses more than that of an ordinary pocket knife.
With a powerful HAM radio you’ll be able to communicate with people all over the world.
I’ve reviewed and used hundreds of survival tools and hand picked the best ones for my store. You can use our Food Storage Calculator to estimate how much food you need to have that you and your family will survive one year. Usually the NORTH is the best direction to go in emergency situations if you need to flee the nation. At your backpack you should have smaller first aid kits that includes only the very essential items. It hides the fire and makes it easier to get fire started, it’s also hotter and produces less smoke. Detector works just like a smoke detector, if it detects that dangerous but common gas it alarms and wakes you up before it too late. In some situations roads might not be safe to use and in such situation you could travel by walking alongside railroad tracks. It’s possible that gas in not available, which make your vehicle at some point useless. I learned from my Movado that having a good (really good) watch is actually better than just buying a $20 one. I also switched to using rechargable AA batteries because my bugout bag has a solar panel and battery charger so I can go for years without even having to find a watch.
I’ve carried concealed for a lot of years and have had training in how to detect weapons so I can carry it pretty easily now. Also, I have to keep the safety on if I do carry it in my pocket because it pops open if the button gets popped, which pretty much negates the super-fast assisted opening it has. By choosing certain multi-purpose items, you may be able to double up on utility but you’ll still be limited. If I ever get detained illegally by handcuffs or zip ties, I’ll most likely be able to get out. What do you think you’d have to have with you to survive or make things more comfortable if you had to spend a couple nights out there?
One thing that REALLY BUGS ME about travel as far as my EDC goes, by the way, is the fact that I can’t carry a freaking knife or anything sharp on the plane.
Radio allows you to stay up to date about news and weather etc in natural disasters and other emergency situations. And it’s better not to trust governments ability to deliver food in emergency situations. Yes, we’re planning in long term and preparing in long lasting scenarios and you should also! Smoke detector wakes you up in a such situation before you’ll be burned alive by wildfire.
The previous owner was a Navy match shooter and had all the insides upgraded to match-grade so it works great.
If I ever find myself in the middle of the wilderness and need to start a fire or build a shelter, I’ll be ready. A women uses a lot of things in her purse that could be used for emergency situations everyday. In case you’re interested, I have an article on the kit I keep on my Desert Warrior Harley as well. If you came here already knowing what you’re looking for, you can go ahead and jump to the Graywolf Survival EDC Gear Webstore and read this later. It may seem like overkill but I use this kit everyday or someone else will need something from it.

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