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Regular verb, and check out Regular verb on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet. Regular VerbsESL students can practice listening to and pronouncing the regular verbs in past tense (-ed endings).REGULAR VERBS PRONUNCIATION (23 06 2013)What are the rules for pronuncing the past simple and past participles of REGULAR VERBS? Pre-reading strategies include… Frontloading with visual strategies Visual Discovery strategy inspired by History Alive! Properly Channeled Empathy Improper empathy can cause us to enable and handicap our ESL students Asking fewer questions, asking only lower order questions, allowing fluent students to answer, not allowing for wait time, not allowing for latency time for new learning, lowering our expectations, forgetting to provide challenging material.
Properly Channeled Empathy Properly channeled empathy can lead to creating classroom environments where students are free to take risks and where opportunities for developing higher levels of thinking have been heavily scaffolded. Sources Bower, et al, Bring Learning Alive: The TCI Approach for Middle and High School Social Studies. Stages of Second Language Acquisition Descriptions, Instructional Adaptations, & Strategies (adapted from DCIU) Dr. PSRC SIOP: Train the Trainer 2009 Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP) Leonardo Romero PSRC. BILINGUAL EDUCATION CERTIFICATION INTRODUCTORY PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Gretchen Chaney Sheltered Instruction Facilitator Corpus Christi Independent School.
What teachers CAN DO with the “CAN-DO” Descriptors Parkway ELL Institute June 27, 2013 Michelle Davis-Robinson & Kristi Denner. Comprehension Instruction Comprehension refers to the process by which the reader constructs or assigns meaning by interacting with the text.
Stages of Second Language Acquisition Silent and Receptive Stage Early Production Speech Emergence Intermediate Fluency Advanced Fluency 1. Survival Skills 101 For English Learners Myths and Realities Second Language Acquisition Classroom Strategies in Content Teaching Assessing in Proficiency.
Sacramento START - Students Today Achieving Results for Tomorrow Supporting English Language Learners.
Main Objective The main objective of bilingual education is to help English Language Learners (ELLs) students achieve success, both in their current academic placement and in the future.
Research on Academic Achievement (cont.) Students that are highly proficient in two languages appear to have academic advantages over monolingual students (Cummings 2000) Supporting primary language promotes self-esteem (Baker 1988 and Miller 1990).
Transitional Bilingual Education Transitional Bilingual Education uses students native languages in teaching subject areas, and students uses progressively more English to transit into the mainstream education curriculum. They are bilingual programs because the following characteristics: The teacher is bilingual.
Two-Way Bilingual Immersion Programs Two-way bilingual immersion programs (also known as dual language programs) are unique in bilingual education in that they foster literacy and native language ability in tow different languages for all students in the curriculum, regardless of mother tongue. Developmental Bilingual Programs Developmental Bilingual Education, at also known as Late Exit programs, proposes that the students stay in the program throughout elementary school and continue to receive 40% or more of instruction in the first language even when they have been tested as English proficient (Rennie). ESL Pull-Outs In a pull-out program for ESL, ELLs are removed from the regular class (in which they received their daily academic instruction from a teacher who, probably, speaks ONLY English) so that they can receive small-group instruction in English Language Development (ELD) or ESL for a limited amount of time each day, somewhere between 30 to 50 minutes. The English Plus Movement The English Plus Movement began as a political move to guarantee freedom from discrimination based on language. Language Instruction Educational Programs (LIEPS): Lessons from the Research & Profiles of Promising Programs October 16, 2012 1. Two-Way Bilingual Immersion Improving Educational Opportunities for All Students California Department of Education Language Policy and Leadership Office.
Introduction to Bilingual Education: Legal Issues, Texas Education Agency Guidelines, Models and Research A Training Module.
Addressing English Language Learner Issues in Teacher Education Programs George Padavil, Diana Weekes, Susan Krusemark, Kathy Mountjoy Illinois State University. RUAMRUDEE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL THE ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE PROGRAM IN THE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL.
Alternative Education Programs for English Learners Chapter 6 of Improving Education for English Learners: Research-Based Approaches, By Kathryn Lindhom-Leary.
West Virginia Title 111 Workshop Sheltered Programs that Integrate Language and Content for English Language Learners ( ELLs) Presenter: Barbara Fagan.
ESTABLISHING SHARED UNDERSTANDINGS Second Language Acquisition Early Learning Pedagogy & Full Day Kindergarten.
Here is a basic past simple worksheet I created for my 4th grade Japanese students (they are an advanced English class).
Today I’m featuring a recent film just added to the collection called Dallas Buyers Club.
Over the weekend I accumulated six new items to add to my bag of trash.  They are numbered above. Moraine Valley Community College Library has added new English as a Second Language (ESL) titles to its catalog. Have you ever been jogging and a dump truck passes by you?  Ever get a good ol’ whiff of that trash? What is causing this stink is the addition of five items from Tuesday night to this morning.  I have numbered each piece and below is their story. Stay tuned next Monday to see what sort of trash and questions the weekend brings in my final leg of the Zero Waste Challenge!
Ghosts tell us more about how our brain works than they tell us about the afterlife or the soul. When most people think of opera they usually imagine something that is boring, too expensive, too long, elitist, stuffy, and unintelligible!

The Lyric Opera in Chicago is also presenting Porgy and Bess from November 17 through December 20th. The 2012 Broadway Revival, starring Audra McDonald and Norm Lewis, won two Tony Awards including Best Revival of a Musical and Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Musical. Teachers Curriculum Institute, 2004 Himmele and Himmele, The Language Rich Classroom Rothenberg and Fisher, Teaching English Language Learners: A Differentiated Approach.
Gilda Del Risco Kean University of New Jersey December 14, 2004 Literacy Success for English Language Learners in.
Bilingual Education is a program of instruction that uses the students language as a tool of instruction while they begin. Research has shown that it takes four to seven years for students to acquire cognitive academic language proficiency in the second language. The first language can be helpful in providing background knowledge, and literacy transfer across languages.
Although the lesson is delivered in a language that is new to the students, students can expressed themselves and be understood in their own language. Two- way immersion programs integrate language minority and language majority students, providing instruction in both English and the native language minority students. Late exit Jim Cummins found in studies that the better students have master their first language, the better they will understand English (Leung). The pull-out students then return to their regular classroom and continue to learn the content areas from the English-ONLY teacher.
Students become subtractive bilingual in the absence of formal schooling in their primary language. Representative Jose Serrano, (D-NY) of the 107 th Congress, introduced a nonbinding resolution around 1982 (English Plus). Bilingual education is a program of instruction that uses the student's language as a tool of instruction while they begin.
The process of acquiring a second language is more similar to the process of acquiring the first language than it is different. Plus, any treatment would have to be approved by the FDA, which can make the wait for treatment even longer. The most notable award for the film  is probably Matthew McConaughey’s portrayal of Ron Woodroof, which earned him an Academy Award in 2013 for Best Actor.
Same story as my pita chips, I was the last one to have some tortilla chips, making the bag my waste. Materials range from flashcards, to crossword puzzles, to books on Internet resources, and books with accompanying CD-ROMs. You can check out a DVD of a 1992 stage production from the Glyndebourne Festival Opera here.
They offer $20 student tickets for select performances through their NEXT Discount Student Ticket Program, which you can sign up for here. 2.Scores on English achievement test (40% in both English language arts and reading are required). It is important to recognize that not all students have had the same background experiences. The implementation of the program of instruction addresses three specific areas fo student needs: How it will teach English as a second language to the student. The main emphasis of transitional bilingual education programs is to enable limited English proficient through the development of literacy and academic skills in their native language. The language used for instruction is carefully modify and mediated to improve students understanding.
Overriding goals of two-way bilingual immersion programs are to promote bilingualism and biliteracy, grade- level academic achievement, and positive cross-cultural and behaviors in all students.
It was found that the foundation of the first language would best prepare students for learning academic English, a process lasting from five to seven years, in a 1991 study, 2000 Spanish students in five education programs were superior to early exit transitional program (Leung). Most of the time, the pull-out program instructor, an aide or a certified teacher, has little contact with the regular classroom teacher in term of instruction planning. Such student may maintain oral proficiency in their first language, but they do not enjoy the benefits of language and literacy development for that language. Woodroof, unwilling to accept that he may only have 6 months to live, starts the Dallas Buyers Club as a way to help himself and others with the disease. Toby sings about his cup being more than a cup to him, he likes that its cheap, disposable and you can even write your name on it.
Through my research I have come up with a conclusion, that if its shinny and has lots of ink, not recyclable.
To find out if the k-cup is recyclable I went to the Kurig’s support page, where I found a long list of questions, but none relating to recycling.
After putting my tea bag in my mug I took a look at its packaging.  Its paper, technically, but has a very smooth almost glossy texture to it, which made me wonder, is it recyclable? You can also check out the 2012 New Broadway Cast recording or another recording of selections featuring Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong.
The Lyric Opera house is easily accessible via the Metra or CTA and they also offer discounted parking. In addition to teaching students subject matter in Spanish, the programs provides English as a Second Language (ESL) teaching methods.
The other goals of bilingual education are to: Insure access to comprehensible instruction in the native language.

Students who have difficulty in understanding and speaking English are identified and placed in a special program.
Research on Academic Achievement Concepts and skills that students learn in one language transfer to another (Ramirez, 1992, study founded by Federal Government). Immersion Bilingual Programs Immersion education is defined as using the standard, approved schools curriculum taught in a foreign language. Key issues in this program are the ways that the first language can positively affect acquisition of other languages and that the human rights and culture must be respected.
This study shows that the first language base knowledge is central to the assimilation of other languages. The ESL instructor, teacher or aide,, implements a program that may not be in any way, form or shape connected to the daily content area lessons in their regular class from their regular teacher.
An additive bilingual: is a person who has learned a second language in addition to a native language.
The policy emerged to push more investments in language education for Americans, and also to conserve bilingual education.
After contacting the company they told me at this time they are not recyclable but they are looking into changing their packaging. Off to the landfill it goes then.
To dive deeper I went to their Sustainability page, where I finally found my answer.  Keurig admits their k-cups are not recyclable but they are developing their packaging technology with a recyclable k-cup target date of 2020.
In our book collection we have many different cook books, and after browsing the TX section of the stacks I found a book called The Bread Maker’s Apprentice which had a simple, inexpensive pita chip recipe!
We ignore some information and emphasizes other information based on beliefs about how things work.
Successful bilingual programs provide instruction that instills, confidence, self-assurance, and positive identify with their cultural heritage.
High failure rates for Hispanics during the 1950s and 1960s, the dropout rates ranged from 60-70%. English immersion and early exit programs are inefficient to ELLs ELLs immersed in the English mainstream showed decreases in reading and math achievement by Grade 5 (Collier and Thomas 2002) Strong primary language development helps students learn English (Collier 1987) School related task require a fairly sophisticated grasp of language (Collier and Thomas 1987). In other words, the foreign language is use for the instruction of all subject matter, and not taught as a separate subject.
Additive bilinguals have an academic advantage over subtractive bilinguals and monolinguals.
Proponents of English Plus thought that this type of education could benefit employment, create more cultural awareness, and render psychological benefits to this country. An interesting alternative, a friend mentioned to me while I was talking about this predicament that homemade cat treats are pretty simple to make and I could store them in a mason jar! In the mean time, they have a program called Grounds to Grow On, that collects their used cups, coffee grounds and all.  The ground are used for compost and the rest of the cups are turned into energy. A call to the company resulted in my leaving a detailed message.  Stay tuned for my next post to see if the makers of great tea listen to their voice mails!
They learn about their history and culture of their ancestors, as well as that of the United States. Texas law requires that the school district provide a formal language program of instruction which uses both languages of instruction. Under no circumstances should a district place a child in either bilingual or an ESL program if the parent does not provide authorization. Teachers use gestures, toys, language acquisition as they explore content areas such as math, reading, social studies, science, and other curriculums.
It was further stated that national interest might be best served when all members of society can receive access to opportunities to learn English. Establish a warm and welcoming climate that supports cognitive growth of language minority students.
The idea to use the immersion model for teaching foreign languages came from Canadas successful use of the program that started in 1965 (Peterson). Further according to the Constitution, language assistance must be available to all, including U.S. Keurig also makes a reusable coffee filter that fits into the same compartment the k-cups would, only you have to fill it with your own coffee and wash it out afterwards.  Not too difficult and you still get a quick cup of coffee! Federal guidelines require that school district have procedures in place that help them identify students who can benefit from a bilingual program. Students do not have to sit in class waiting to learn English well to begin learning content area instruction (math, social studies, science). When student enrolls in a Texas public school parents are asked to identify: Which language the child learned first. They are presented in Spanish while they are gradually introduce to English using ESL techniques.
Many of the reading skills learned in the native language will transfer to the second language.

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