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According to a new study reported in the peer reviewed The American Journal of Medicine (1), investigators suggested that the overall prevalence of erectile dysfunction in males is about 18.4%. In addition, certain lifestyle choices or habits can also increase the risk of erectile dysfunction in males (such as chronic alcohol ingestion, use of illicit drugs or tobacco abuse etc.). Study conducted by Selvin and associates (1) suggested that the prevalence of erectile dysfunction in diabetic males is about 51.3% (such that one of every two diabetic males experience some degree of difficulty in achieving or maintaining normal erection). Abnormally high blood glucose levels in the circulation is the hallmark feature of diabetes.
Damage to Blood Vessels and Sinuses That Are Responsible for Erection: Integrity and receptiveness of blood vessels is one of the most important elements in the maintenance of normal erection. Damage to Nerves: Nervous stimulation and activation is responsible for the initiation of sexual cascade.
There are a number of therapeutic as well as over-the-counter options that can be employed for the restoration or management of erectile function in diabetic males. Phosphodiesterase Inhibitors: This include agents like Viagra, sildenafil and other forms of phosphodiesterase inhibitors.
Intracavernous Injections: Direct administration of active drug agents (such as Alprostadil or Phentolamine mesylate) in the penile tissue is usually considered as the second-line therapy (ideal for males who do not respond well to the oral PDE-5 agents). Vacuum Assisted Devices: These devices are linked with a manual vacuum pump to mechanically stimulate the cavernous tissue for a sustained erection.
Penile Implants: This type of intervention is usually reserved for males who have advanced or severe erectile dysfunction. It has been observed that optimal control of blood sugar levels can significantly improve the sexual function in males by delaying the onset of diabetic complications such as neuropathy or vascular disturbances.
Blood Pressure Monitoring: Research and clinical data indicates that hypertension acts as a two-edged sword in the pathogenesis of erectile dysfunction.
Food Choices: Intake of a balanced diet is essential in maintaining the blood sugar levels under normal limits.
Physical Activities: It is recommended to maintain a healthy and functional lifestyle to improve the quality of life. Quit Smoking: Diabetic patient who smoke are at much higher risk of developing erectile issues.
If you are experiencing erectile dysfunction in the setting of diabetes, it is highly recommended to seek medical intervention and drug evaluation to ascertain if your ED is due to advanced complications of diabetes or drug-mediated adverse effects of hypoglycemic agents. Accutane Side Effects Lawyer: Hair loss, depression, suicide You apparently apperceive the biologic isotretinoin by its barter name, accutane.
With active schedules and hectic lifestyles, it can be difficult to fulfill the perfect individual. Is mostly used for the treatment of a condition called androgenetic alopecia, commonly referred to as baldness.
For over 15 years Boston Medical Group's network of independent physicians has dedicated its practices to treating Erectile Dysfunction Premature Ejaculation and Low Testosterone. I have been happily married to my wife for 22 years and we used to have a satisfying sex life until recently as I have really lost my sex drive.
The initial consultation will last for about 2 hours in order to properly diagnose your condition and formulate a treatment recommendation.
The process begins with a thorough evaluation of your medical history, and may include up to 4 diagnostics tests, including blood flow analysis and nerve functionality.
After a series of diagnostic tests, the doctor will formulate a personalized treatment plan for you using our patented method for diagnosing and treating Sexual Dysfunction & Low T.

Increased blood volume in penis is required in order to get erection hard enough to start sexual intercourse and to keep it long enough ending with ejaculation.
The other very common vessel disease is Diabetes, which affects all of the fine capillary vessels in the body including vessels supplying blood to the penis. Smoking, elevated cholesterol and blood lipids are the other major contributors of vessel diseases and atherosclerosis. Shockwave Therapy is a scientifically proven solution for ED that improves blood flow in the penis and cures erectile dysfunction, thus enabling the patient to achieve and maintain dependable erection.
It is specifically designed for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and involves low-density shockwaves (similar to ultrasound waves). Existing options such as pills, injections and vacuum devices help in overriding immediate erection problem temporarily but don’t actually address the underlying problem. The Hippocratic Oath is a code of conduct that has been deemed as a rite of passage for medical practitioners since the Fifth Century BCE.
We, at The Health Digest try to embody the values of this oath to the best of our abilities in every article we publish.
It is logical to assume that erectile difficulty or sexual dysfunction is more prevalent in certain age groups or individuals with some risk factors. There are a number of factors that may explain the pathophysiology of sexual deficits in the setting of long standing diabetes. Unfortunately, due to osmotic swelling of vascular cells, the risk of vasculitis (inflammation of blood vessel walls) increases significantly.
Yet, long standing diabetes leads to neuropathy (also referred to as nervous dysfunction) due to osmotic damage to nerve sheaths. It has been observed that nutritional dysfunction and abnormal metabolism of glucose in the body greatly affects energy levels and stamina in diabetic males; leading to sexual and erectile dysfunction.
In most case, PDE-5 inhibitors are not just safe but are also fairly effective in the long term management.
Penile implants are available as temporary variety (to be used occasionally) or surgical variety (in which the implant is surgically implanted for permanent relief). In addition, healthcare providers also recommend antioxidants and other vital micronutrients to maintain vascular health and sexual function such as selenium, zinc and vitamin C. Healthcare providers recommend daily exercise or other forms of physical activity for 20-30 minutes each day to improve blood sugar regulation and neurological health. Cessation of smoking also helps in decreasing the risk of stroke and heart diseases in diabetic patients.
We have worked with the most common diseases and the rarest, addressed complications and communicated treatment options. It was the reason I had been feeling depressed for a while now , which has caused my sex life to suffer.
I didn't think this was an issue until my wife finally confronted me about it and told me we needed to make a change. I tried every tip I read on the internet, but none of them worked and just caused me more frustration. We have not felt close for many months now and it had turned our relationship towards the worst. Most of Erectile Dysfunction cases are due to narrowing of the vessels that bring blood to penis which results insufficient or lesser volume of blood available to start or maintain erection. This is because atherosclerotic Coronary Heart Disease effecting coronary vessels in the heart also affects all the other vessels in the body, including vessels supplying blood to penis.

Therefore, it is a rule of thumb that any Diabetic patient sooner or later experiences Erectile Dysfunction.
Moreover, many medications used for treatment of other medical conditions also cause Erectile Dysfunction as a side effect. When you had erections with sexual stimulation, how often were your erections hard enough for penetration (entering your partner)?
During sexual intercourse, how often were you able to maintain your erection after you had penetrated (entered) your partner? During sexual intercourse, how difficult was it to maintain your erection to completion of intercourse? Its main advantage is the ability to permanently improve and potentially cure erectile dysfunction. The shockwaves created are focused onto to the penis both sides, stimulating the treated tissues to grow new blood vessels.
All work by improving blood flow to the penis during arousal and are only symptomatic and not curative.
This new treatment (SWT) restores the blood-flow mechanism so that natural and spontaneous erections are achievable in men who suffer from vascular problems and is mainly curative as it crates new blood vessels by Neo -Angiogenesis. It is sacred Greek text that has withstood the test of time as an understanding that practicing medicine should be governed by ethics, principles, and above all else empathy and compassion for those that need to be cared for.
We understand that in most cases, the proper information about a medical condition is the best deterrent for the condition becoming unmanageable. For example, the sexual drive and vigor decreases with advancing age which is physiological. Needless to say that long standing vasculitis affects the patency and receptiveness of blood vessels; thereby leading to erectile difficulty. It has however observed that the success rate or efficacy is slightly low in diabetic males when compared to non-diabetics. Vacuum erection devices revisited: its emerging role in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and early penile rehabilitation following prostate cancer therapy. Everytime I looked at my wife I felt powerless and devastated with my inability to perform. It may involve use of some medication along with the treatment and is well researched with a noticeable improvement in erections after a few sessions with promising results. Unlike current short-term treatments used for erectile dysfunction, this revolutionary new approach works in the longer term and is a non-invasive painless procedure. However, erectile dysfunction due to aging is never physiological and responds very well to therapeutic interventions.
Therefore if you are a diabetic, it is highly recommended to maintain your blood pressure under optimal limits.
Erectile dysfunction and its association with metabolic syndrome and endothelial function among patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus. I finally decided to consult Boston Medical Group to receive treatment and support for my condition..
It is also advised to speak to your doctor in detail about your pharmacological regimen, co-existing health issues and remedies to maintain healthy sex life.

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