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Erectile dysfunction or impotence may not be a life-threatening ailment but has a significant and serious impact on psychological wellbeing and quality of life. Apart from specific therapies to treat the condition, several lifestyle measures to prevent the condition are also important. Physical activity and maintenance of healthy body weight reduces the risk of erectile dysfunction. Sildenafil (Viagra) is generally well tolerated and effectiveness is reduced after a fatty meal. Trazadone – This an antidepressant drug associated with prolonged and painful erections.
These devices are shaped like an external cylinder fitted over the penis to allow air to be pumped out. Patients with pelvic or genital injury may develop Post-traumatic arteriogenic erectile dysfunction.
There are studies that show that exercises of the pelvic floor muscles may help prevent impotence. There are quite a number of serious illnesses and medical problems that can contribute to the development of erectile dysfunction.
This site complies with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information: verify here. Though acupuncture has been used to treat male sexual problems for centuries, the scientific evidence to support its use for erectile dysfunction is uncertain.
The amino acid L-arginine, which occurs naturally in food, boosts the body's production of nitric oxide, a compound that facilitates erections by dilating blood vessels in the penis.
Testosterone is essential for a healthy libido and normal sexual function and erectile dysfunction sufferers with low testosterone improve when placed on prescription testosterone replacement therapy. Korean red ginseng has long been used to stimulate male sexual function, but few studies have tried systematically to confirm its benefits. Drinking antioxidant-rich pomegranate juice has been shown to have numerous health benefits, including a reduced risk for heart disease and high blood pressure.
Before Viagra and the other prescription erectile dysfunction drugs became available, doctors sometimes prescribed a derivative of the herb yohimbe (yohimbine hydrochloride) to patients suffering from ED. Horny goat weed and related herbs have purportedly been treatments for sexual dysfunction for years. Known primarily as a treatment for cognitive decline, ginkgo has also been used to treat erectile dysfunction -- especially cases caused by the use of certain antidepressant medications. Nearly a quarter of all men over 65 will experience some degree of erectile dysfunction (2).
There are many different treatments available, including pills, injections and vacuum pumps. More than 80% of men experiencing ED can trace its origin to a physical problem or disorder (1).
Understanding your treatment options is the first step in overcoming erectile dysfunction (ED). ED can be successfully treated in a number of ways, but it’s highly important to discuss your options with your doctor.
It may be that the treatment options listed above are not suitable for you due to a medical condition, your lifestyle, or simply personal preference. A penile implant is a device that is placed in your body and is designed to help you get and maintain an erection. Coloplast offers two types of implant options, the Genesis® and the Titan® OTR penile implants. A product of advanced engineering and medical research, the Coloplast Titan OTR inflatable penile implant gives men a reliable way to enjoy sex once more. The Titan is a self-contained, fluid-filled system made fromBioflex®, which is a supple, durable biopolymer material, and silicone.
Patient satisfaction rates of 98% have been demonstrated for the Titan and its predecessor, the Alpha 1®, in published journal articles (1).
Recent studies show the Coloplast Alpha 1 and Titan to have mechanical reliability rates of 97.5%after five years of usage (2). It is important to diagnose your erectile dysfunction correctly to ensure the appropriate treatment option is selected. Our Patient educators are men like you who have treated their ED successfully with a Coloplast penile implant. Because our Patient Educators are real men who once suffered from ED themselves, you can be sure you’ll be talking to someone who understands how you’re feeling. All our Patient Educators now lead healthy, active sex lives after having a penile implant.
If you decide to move forward with a penile implant, you can contact your local Patient Educator at any time. A man with ED will often experience deep feelings of shame, loneliness, anxiety and depression.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability to get and maintain an erection that is sufficient for satisfactory sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction varies in severity; some men have a total inability to achieve an erection, others have an inconsistent ability to achieve an erection, and still others can sustain only brief erections. Problems getting or keeping an erection can be a sign of a health condition that needs treatment. Erectile dysfunction can have a range of causes that can be both physical and psychological (mental). WobWalker Health is committed to promoting healthcare via the use of appropriate technology for the management and utilization of health information by both patients and caregivers; thereby reducing cost and increasing reach, both at the same time.
Osteoporosis is a disease of bones characterized by a reduction in the density of bone, leading to an increased risk of fracture. A migraine is a type of severe headache that may occur with symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, weakness or sensitivity to light.
In most cases the condition is not curable but, where appropriate, curative therapies can be made available. The patient is advised to give up smoking and use of recreational drugs of abuse and reduce alcohol intake. In these patients there may be a severe fall in blood pressure which may lead to acute myocardial infarction (heart attack), stroke and even death.
The material is semi-rigid, malleable or inflatable that is surgically inserted into the penis to produce an erect state.
Those with pituitary or hypothalamic causes of impotence need to be treated with various hormonal agents. These patients may benefit from sex therapy and counselling, cognitive behaviour therapy and group psychotherapy. These exercises benefit a group of muscles around the underside of the bladder and rectum, as well as at the base of the penis. Heart disease would be one of the most commonly cited conditions known for causing ED. The heart is what pumps blood and the penis requires its chambers to be filled with blood in order to become erect.
In 2009, South Korean scientists conducted a systematic review of studies on acupuncture for ED. Studies examining L-arginine's effectiveness against impotence have yielded mixed results. But experts say it is not particularly effective and can cause jitteriness and other problems. You will not get an optimal browsing experience using Internet Explorer 6 to view this site. For most men, the cause can be easily identified and, with the proper treatment, a satisfying sex life can easily be resumed.
During sexual intercourse,how often were you able to maintain your erection after youhad penetrated (enteredyour partner)? During sexual intercourse,how difficult was it to maintainyour erection to completionof intercourse? They will help you weigh up the pros and cons of each treatment and can advise you accordingly.
Following the routine outpatient procedure, a four-to-eight-week recovery period is necessary before you can use the implant. Both give men with ED a satisfactory erection that makes it possible to experience the joy of sex again. It’s a good option for men who may have tried a number of other treatments without success. It includes a reservoir placed in the abdomen, two cylinders placed in the penis, and a pump placed in the scrotum. Coloplast will replace theinflatable implant, or any component, for any reasonduring the lifetime of the patient. And they’re on hand to talk you through your options and to answer any questions you might have. He will be happy to answer your questions, fill you in on what he experienced before and after surgery, or just listen without judgment. It’s not uncommon for partners to blame themselves and believe, mistakenly, that it’s their fault, and that maybe their partner is no longer attracted to them. He will often say that the inability to have an erection makes him feel like less of a man. It matters deeply to him, and suggesting otherwise sends the message that you don’t miss intimate, sexual contact with him, which can be very hurtful. You should be able to have an orgasm with a penile implant if you were able to have one before your procedure.
If you are still able to have erections on your own which are satisfactory for intercourse, you should consider very carefully whether or not an implant is right for you. The variations in severity of erectile dysfunction make estimating its frequency difficult.

Physical causes include: smoking, some drugs used for depression (anti-depressants), nicotine, nerve injuries, ageing, after some surgeries (surgeries on the prostate, bladder etc), poorly controlled diabetes, heart disease, kidney failure etc. These therapies can be selected according to efficacy, safety, invasiveness, cost and preference of the patient. Efficacy of the drug is dependent on release of nitric oxide from the nerve endings of the cavernosal nerve.
Those with a history of low blood pressure, ischemic optic neuropathy, recent stroke, unstable angina or heart attack are also not prescribed these drugs. The effects start after 30 minutes and peak effect is seen at 2 hours and lasts up to 36 hours. It has a more rapid onset of action and is taken as a pill placed under the tongue 20 minutes before sexual activity. It has a modest effect especially in psychological causes of erectile dysfunction and does not act on physical causes of the condition. When the heart is not operating in the optimal manner then it can be difficult to maintain a full erection. Other heart related issues such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure can contribute to erectile dysfunction causes. A 1999 trial found that high doses of L-arginine can help improve sexual function, but only in men with abnormal nitric oxide metabolism, like that associated with cardiovascular disease. Evidence shows that yohimbe is associated with high blood pressure, anxiety, headache, and other problems.
We advise you to upgrade to a newer and safer browser, either Internet Explorer 9, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. There are varying degrees of severity ranging from a total inability to have an erection to a tendency to only maintain brief erections. The Genesis has a flexible rod implant that produces a permanently firm penis, while the Titan OTR uses an inflatable implant that produces a controlled, more natural erection. In fact, he may be afraid to kiss or cuddle you because he is embarrassed about where it might lead.
Make your partner aware of the health conditions that can cause ED, and gently suggest he see his doctor. However, if you cannot have erections, or if they are not satisfactoryfor intercourse, then an implant will be able to provide you with a more “instant” erection compared to pills or vacuum devices. To have an erection, you only need to hold the penis and move it into the desired position. This drug is not licensed for National Health Service (NHS) treatment in the UK but used as a natural remedy by many patients. Here the drug is inserted as a pellet into the uretha at the tip of the penis and this produces an erection after about 15 minutes. In another study, published in 2003 in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, Bulgarian scientists reported that ED sufferers who took L-arginine along with the pine extract pycnogenol saw major improvements in sexual function with no side effects.
The authors of this small-scale pilot study called for additional research, saying that larger-scale studies might prove pomegranate juice's effectiveness against erectile dysfunction. But a more rigorous study, published in Human Pharmacology in 2002, failed to replicate this finding.
However, once you’ve had it done, having and maintaining an erection is almost as easy as flipping a switch – without interrupting intimacy. If your pain persists or should you experience increased redness or swelling at the incision site or an increase in body temperature, please contact your doctor immediately.
Or, you may just wish you could talk to someone who has been there and come out the other side.
Conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol, or early-stage heart conditions can all contribute to ED. Some men may ask you to join them at their appointment, while others may prefer to have a private conversation with their physician. Alprostadil is harmful for an unborn baby and so condoms or other barrier contraception must be used if the sexual partner is pregnant. It is important to follow the recommendations that your doctor gives to you to ensure the best outcome. With the Titan OTR penile implant, you inflate the cylinders by pressing the pump bulb in the scrotum.You can control the firmness by pumping until you are satisfied with the erection. Long-Term MechanicalReliability of Multi-component Inflatable Penile Prosthesis:Comparison of Device Survival. The quicker you realise that this is a medical condition affecting your partner’s body, the quicker you can move forward as a couple.

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