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Erectile Dysfunction Shock Wave Therapy (EDSWT) is an innovative approach to vasculogenic ED, delivered by Medispec’s ED1000, a device that uses advanced acoustics technology. Vasculogenic and diabetic ED patients will benefit from EDSWT – those who are responsive to PDE5 inhibitors as well as those who are unresponsive.
Proven effective in clinical testing, the ED1000 is a unique mobile system that performs the EDSWT protocol in a safe, efficient manner.
ED1000 Desktop is designed based on Medispec’s accumelated experience and expertise, enabling physicians to extend treatment availability to additional small facilities, and at home treatments.
Unlike conventional ED treatment, such as PDE5 inhibitors, EDSWT does not involve the use of any pharmaceuticals. Erectile dysfunction (impotentia coeundi) - commonly known as functional erectile disorder, erection problems, impotence - is a sexual disorder where a man over a certain period of time does not succeed in the majority of attempts to achieve or sustain a suitable erection (swelling and hardening of the penis), sufficient for a satisfying sex life. Operating principle of medical vacuum pumps for erectile dysfunction treatment: Medical vacuum pumps consist of an electrically or manually operated vacuum pump, creating a vacuum in a plastic cylinder.
North American Seminars introduces Advanced Management of the Lumbar Spine and Pelvic Girdle, a new PT continuing education course for 2014. This technology has proven to be effective in cardiology, with recent success in reversible ischemic tissues of the heart. For the latter, which includes a substantial number of severe ED patients, the only solution to date are vacuum pumps, injections and perhaps implants. Vasculogenic and diabetic ED patients, who are responsive to PDE5 inhibitors as well as those who are unresponsive, can receive shock wave therapy from the ED1000 and experience improved erectile functionality.

The system is light-weighted, modular and mobile, yet offers the same clinical advantages of the company’s successful ED1000 system.  The same device can also be used for treating additional urology applications such as Prostatitis (CPPS) and Peyronie’s disease. Moreover, the shock wave treatment causes no side-effects or systemic load on other organs and healthy tissues.
Initially, this plastic cylinder is slipped over the penis and then the pumping procedure is initiated. EDSWT utilizes low-intensity extracorporeal shock waves, focusing on blood vessels and encouraging neovascularization in the penis shaft and crus. EDSWT therapy brings hope to those patients, by allowing more than 70% of them to become responsive to PDE5 inhibitors. The non-invasive, painless EDSWT procedure is performed during a series of brief visits to the urology office, and requires no sedation or anesthesia. The vacuum created herewith draws venous blood from the pelvic veins into the cavernous body of the penis. Russell: >100% All Natural And Proven Method For Giving Me The Ability To Enjoy Full ED, Long-Lasting Erections On Demand Literally . The low-intensity shock waves help relieve vascular deficiency, a common cause of erectile dysfunction. Discernable improvement in the erectile function of the penis can be visible within two weeks after therapy begins. The erection is maintained by an erection ring, which was previously applied to the back of the cylinder and is now moved onto the root of the penis.

With over 50% of men aged 40-70 suffering from ED, and even more from transient ED, Medispec’s breakthrough therapeutic system can bring lasting improvement in erectile function and new sexual spontaneity to millions – painlessly, naturally and safety. Recent clinical studies revealed that patients reported a high rate of satisfaction for more than two years after treatment – all without reliance on PDE5 inhibitors. These results are confirmed by a double-blind placebo controlled study of a large group of patients. On there you will discover that a great guidelines about how you can get permanent enlargement with natural ways.
Advised it to my divorced friend to try it, he started using the pills with sporadic women who knew his wife. I was looking for a product to give me an edge in the bedroom and I couldn't be happier with the results. It kicks in fast, first day I got them I tried them that night and I was rock hard and lasted.
Blue veiners!i»?Arthur Srive: Since I've been taking Prolargent 5x5 extreme, I have became aroused without having to do any touching or anything(bye bye erectile dysfunction).

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