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Products containing Panax ginseng as main component: Cobram VP-Rx, Magna RX, Boom, Male Boost, Enzyte.
Other names for Panax ginseng: Korean ginseng, Asian ginseng, Asiatic ginger, Chinese ginseng, Shen Tsao. Many studies in the past 20 years demonstrated that Korean red ginseng was superior to placebo for the treatments of erectile dysfunction.
Ginseng is called “root of heaven” in the Traditional Chinese System of Medicines and is said to provide harmony in both ying and yang energy since impotence and frigidity are considered imbalance of yin and yang energy. The name Ginseng comes from the Chinese Jin-chen, which means Like a Man, because the plant resembles the same shape of a human body. The Panax ginseng is famous not only for its aphrodisiac properties but is also known for helping the body recover from stress. Korean ginseng is traditionally used for two to three weeks continuously, followed by a one to two-week rest period before resuming.
Caffeine containing products such as black tea, coffee and energy drinks should be avoided when taking ginseng as there is a risk of over-stimulation and gastrointestinal upset (upset stomach). If Panax ginseng is used with other herbs that affect blood clotting, bleeding may occur.If Panax ginseng is taken at the same time as other herbs that also affect the heart, potentially dangerous changes in heart function may result.
Ginseng is a perennial herb with medicinal values the roots of which is used for the therapeutic uses of many health disorders.
Here Are 15 Benefits Of Ginseng For The Hair, Skin, And Health Energy Ginseng is an adaptogen, which means it can reduce physical and mental stress in the body and not leave any side effects.
Immunity The antioxidants and high amounts of vitamin C present in ginseng make it a powerful herb to fight against diseases thereby increasing the immunity of the body and promoting better health.
Cognitive Health Intake of ginseng is known to increase the cognitive abilities of a person, by sharpening the memory and enhancing the concentration power. Inflammation The ginsenosides in this herb has anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce all kinds of inflammation in the body.
Cancer Cancerous tumors and malignant growths in the body can be reduced and controlled with the usage of ginseng herb. Stress The ginseng herb is also known as a calming and relaxing tonic for the body and is known to relieve stress and increase the mental ability of the body. Weight Control Ginseng is known to control obesity and weight gain as ginseng tea is a natural appetite and hunger suppressant.
Erectile Dysfunction The problem of erectile dysfunction can be controlled and its symptoms can be eased with the intake of ginseng tea. Menstrual Problems Women can take American ginseng tea to experience relief from the pain and cramps associated with the periods.
Cold And Flu All kinds of respiratory distress can be relieved with the intake of ginseng tea.
Hair Thinning Ginseng is a herb that contains numerous minerals to aid in the good upkeep of the hair strands.
Skincare The vitamins and minerals in ginseng directly affect the metabolism of the cells of the skin, energising them, nourishing them and keeping the complexion glowing and texture of the skin smooth and supple.
Anti-Aging Ginseng influences the production of the collagen that is responsible for maintaining the elasticity of the skin.
Pimples And Blemishes Skin problems like acne, pimples, eczema, and rough and dry skin can all be controlled with the use of this herb.
October 1, 2014 By Giselle Leave a Comment Post Contents1 Introduction to Ginseng1.1 What Is Ginseng? There are several species of ginseng, which means that a plant must be one of the eleven species of Panax genus to be considered true. As the name suggests, Oriental Ginseng is widely grown and used in Asian countries such as China and Korea. With the scientific name Panax Quinquefolium, American Ginseng is widely harvested in mountainous regions in the United States. Siberian Ginseng is technically not a ginseng, but rather a distant cousin of the Oriental type of ginseng. Ginseng is commonly used as a source of energy as many swear by its ability to act as a stimulant.
Although ginseng was said to have been used in Chinese traditional medicine for centuries, it is beginning to become popular in the West as well. Well, it can help regulate blood sugar, for one thing.  The benefits of ginseng for those suffering from diabetes is well known as it has become an increasingly important factor in giving hope to those with the condition.
While most of these studies about ginseng were made of the ginseng root, some studies show that the ginseng berry offers more glucose-lowering benefits.
Ginseng has long been used as an adaptogen—these play an important role in reducing stress and fatigue in a person’s body. But if there is one thing that ginseng is mostly popular for, it will be its properties that help the male sexual function. While the men may greatly benefit from the uses of ginseng, woman may have their share of positive effects as well. Other health benefits of ginseng include detoxification of the skin as it gets rid of the free radicals that accumulate in the body. Ginseng is considered a medical herb which is why many would assume that ginseng products are taken in the form of proper medication.
Ginseng is widely used as an added ingredient in making soup, with chicken soup in particular. Fresh ginseng roots and ginseng slices are often added to stir-fried dishes, especially in a variety of Chinese dishes.
Among all of the ginseng products in the market today, ginseng tea is probably the most popular. Ginseng capsules are another form to consider for those who are not used to cooking ginseng, or not used to cooking at all. Although there is a thin line between a ‘therapeutic effect’ and a ‘side effect’, side effects basically mean an unwanted effect of a certain substance or compound. The most common side effects experienced by people taking ginseng are insomnia and nervousness.
Ginseng is also said to interfere with blood-thinning medications as it may decrease its effectiveness.
To prove that there are natural ways to improve brain function, studies have been using ginseng for memory enhancement treatments that can help with several diseases such as cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and dementia.  This is because ginseng root has recently been associated with memory-boosting potential. Ginseng is rich in vitamin B complexes, Vitamin A, K and D as well as several phytosterols, amino acids, peptides, antioxidants, essential fatty acids and ginsenosides, the important component that makes ginseng unique.
Clinical studies have been conducted on test subjects who suffered from stroke-induced dementia.
However encouraging the results of the clinical studies show, further and larger clinical investigation is required to prove ginseng’s potential to be used as a confirmed treatment for memory loss and other cognitive related diseases or disorders.
Considering that ginseng is non-toxic, people are nevertheless confident in availing themselves of products with the wonder herbal root. There is an undeniable interest in studying the different herbs used in alternative medicine.
Libido, or a person’s sex drive, is usually based on psychological, sociological and biological factors that can be a deterrent on a person’s healthy life. The desire to have intercourse, associated with the basic instinct to procreate, has been an aspect of human sexuality that varies from person to person. The effectiveness of red ginseng will show or be experienced after taking it regularly until the person’s libido improves.
Ginseng is all natural and non-toxic which means that most side effects are mild compared to that of synthetic drugs. Insomnia is a sleeping disorder usually related to stress and characterized by difficulties in sleeping and staying asleep. Traditional Asian and Native American medicine has used the health benefits of the all-healing, man-shaped herbal root for centuries. If a person cannot sleep well because of nightmares accompanied by sweating, elevated heart rate or heart palpitations and constant worrying, it is recommended to take ginseng tea or use ginseng aromatherapy oil to relax the body and the mind. Acupuncture & acupressure, meditation, yoga and hydrotherapy have been recommended in treating insomnia in a natural way.
Ginseng’s popularity as an all-natural and non-toxic remedy has been of great help in the promotion of living healthy lives. Ginseng’s popularity is not just in the Orient but also in North America where Native Americans have known the secrets of this wonder herb for hundreds of years before. Headache, a debilitating condition, is categorized into eight different types: acute headaches, migraines, tension headaches, sinus headaches, mixed headache syndrome, chronic progressive headaches, hormone headaches and cluster headaches. Rich in different B vitamins such as biotin, chlorine, peptides, fatty acids, essential oils, antioxidants, phytosterols, anti-aging components and minerals, ginseng normalizes blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Although there are some side effects in taking ginseng, they are mild and they are usually associated with longer periods of consumption and misuse. Ginseng root that has matured longer and has been treated to longer drying and heating methods has increased levels of ginsenosides. Scientific studies show that red ginseng is a widely available alternative treatment for men suffering from the inability to maintain an erection during intercourse.
In a clinical study reported in the Journal of Urology in 2002, a total of forty-five male test subjects plagued with erectile dysfunction were given ginseng for a period of eight weeks and showed great improvement in maintaining an erection compared to those who were given placebo. Then there is the value of the herb for diabetics.  More and more clinical studies involving ginseng for diabetes treatment have been conducted in recent years. Red ginseng and sun ginseng are among the forms of ginseng that have higher levels of amino acids, peptides and triterpene saponins. Because of the hypoglycemic activity dependent on the levels of glycopeptides present, the ginseng root increases the insulin production and reduces the death of cells in pancreatic beta-cells.
Positive results can be experienced or seen after daily intake of ginseng: about 1-2 grams as an herb or powdered form or 200 mg as an extract. Ginseng is believed to be of more effective use as prevention rather than a cure for diabetes. The use of ginseng for depression treatments may not have scientific proof accepted by the conventional medical world just yet, but many people also swear by this use of the herb now.
In a study conducted for cancer treatment, the energy boosting and sedative functions of ginsenosides were responsible for lowering feelings of anxiety as well as uplifting extreme feelings of sadness from test subjects. Then there is ginseng’s value as a preventative against cancer.  Being the most commonly diagnosed type of cancer among women, breast cancer has affected one out of eight women in North America alone.
Since the efficacy of ginsenosides is dependent on the process or methods used in cultivating ginseng, forms of ginseng that go through more time to dry or mature have higher effectiveness in battling cancer. Ginseng can be used for anxiety as well.  Anxiety can be a result of stress, chemical imbalances in the brain, malnutrition or a traumatic experience.
Ginseng’s anxiety-suppressing function and stimulant properties can show great results after repeated consumption of it as tea, food supplement or powder form.
Since prevention is better than cure, regular intake of ginseng can promote a balance in both the physiological state and mental state of a person.
Known for its cooling effect, white ginseng is used as a home remedy for curing fevers or dispelling heat from the body, specifically from the lungs and other internal organs.
Other than being used for cancer prevention, white ginseng is also a stimulant and an adaptogen. Recent studies also show that white ginseng can be used as a restorative herbal treatment for problems in the reproductive system.
Because of its calming and stress-relieving effects, white ginseng has become a regular feature in many beauty products. White ginseng, in its most natural form, is not as expensive compared to red ginseng, making it more popular among herbal medicine enthusiasts. Sun ginseng is another form of the Asian ginseng root made through a heat or steam processing method that increases the potency of the ginsenoside properties found in ginseng. Traditionally cultivated where white ginseng can be found, primarily in Korea, Siberia and some parts of North America, sun ginseng is synonymous with treatments concerning hepatobiliary cancer and gynecologic cancer.
Sun ginseng has also been found to have a beneficial impact in improving mental functions that usually accompany cancer. Red ginseng has much the same effects as white and sun ginseng, although it is arguably more powerful in its benefits.  In recent studies, red ginseng was reported to reduce the probability of getting cancer.
In traditional medicine, red ginseng is closely associated with impotence treatment and fertility. For people suffering from brain dysfunctions such as memory loss, red ginseng has a positive effect on the brain’s cognitive function as well as improves brain performance. Decoctions with ginseng are popular too, and a great example is Si Jun Zi Tang, a medicinal formula that balances a person’s qi and improves the condition of the spleen, which is believed by the Chinese to be important in a person’s vitality and good health. Roughly translated to “Four Gentlemen decoction” or “Four Nobles’ soup”, Si Jun Zi Tang is one of the two most famous and common herbal formulas or tonics that is used in a variety of different ways. Fu Ling, also known as Poria cocos or Wolfiporia extensa, is a medicinal mushroom or fungus that looks like a decaying wood that usually grows on pine trees.
Bai Zhu (Bai Zhi), also known as white Atractylodes, is an herb that is both bitter and pungent and is recognized for its warm properties that help expel cold air and excessive fluid in the stomach and spleen. Zhi Gan Cao, also known as Glycyrrhiza uralensis or Chinese licorice, is used to strengthen and clear the lungs of unwanted fluids such as phlegm, soothes the stomach and promotes healthy digestion, improves blood circulation, helps treat heart palpitations and insomnia, enhances the body’s metabolism and helps the liver expel toxins. And of course, there is ginseng or Ren Shen, whose specific components and health benefits have been discussed above. Using these ingredients to form Si Jun Zi Tang makes for a powerful decoction that treats various illnesses such as diabetes, abnormal blood pressure levels, irregular heart rate and pulse, peptic ulcer, loss of appetite, weakness or fatigue, chronic gastritis, lose bowel movement and general weakness of the body. As the popularity of Chinese medicinal decoctions has grown throughout the years — encompassing the whole world and not just a part of it — herbal medicine has clearly made excellent contributions to society. Like all other forms of tea, ginseng tea is attained by boiling water with plant material, either ground ginseng roots or crushed ginseng leaves.
Since ginseng possesses a rather, unpleasant taste, many people prefer to mix ginseng tea with other forms of tea such as green tea or oolong tea. As the benefits of ginseng become apparent to more and more people, ginseng tea drinkers are looking for other ways to consume ginseng tea. While most of us think that tea bags are to be discarded after one use, ginseng tea bags may offer other uses. With the many benefits of ginseng tea, adding tea to your daily ritual may just be the solution you need. Because ginseng is typically taken to increase energy, ginseng powder in supplement form is usually taken each morning in coffee’s place.
Although ginseng is considered a non-toxic plant, side effects brought about by this root herb cannot be avoided, as mentioned before.  Thus, people using ginseng powder still need to take care. Set on the sidelines with the spotlight on the ginseng root for ages, the ginseng leaf also contains the same active ingredients and medicinal functions of the root.
Ginseng leaf extract affects the immune system, central nervous system, endocrine system and reproductive system positively. There are, however, many noteworthy differences between the levels of ginsenosides found in the different types of ginseng. The variations in efficacy and nutrient content of the ginseng leaf among the different types may be largely due to the different geographical locations of harvest.
So for change, make sure to check out ginseng leaf components instead of just focusing on the roots. Ginseng supplement content typically comes from the root of the ginseng plant, though, and not the leaf. With the three different main types of ginseng namely Oriental, American and Siberian, when choosing a particular ginseng capsule, it is important to study the differences between each ginseng capsule. Oriental ginseng is said to be of the more stimulating kind while American ginseng is said to be more tonic. Oriental ginseng is the most commonly used ginseng extract or supplement ingredient and is said to be the most potent and highest in quality.
Now what about overdose?  Overdosing on ginseng supplements is fairly uncommon since most of them contain strictly regulated amounts of ginseng extract.
Ginseng cream usually includes ginseng ingredients in different forms such as liquid extract, powder, pasted or even brewed as tea.
Herb-infused products such as ginseng cream was initially available only in specialty shops that sell particular oils, lotions, creams and other skin products. The good news is there are a number of natural options for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.
Ashwagandha, otherwise known as Indian Ginseng, is said to increase stamina, energy levels and improve sexual function.
Since Gingko Biloba is used for lower cognition, it may be helpful to men who use anti-depressant medications. This homeopathic remedy can help with increasing libido, erection and decrease the incidence of premature ejaculation.
This is another homeopathic remedy that can help men that think about sex often, but are unable to perform. Korean Red GinsengKorean red ginseng, also known as Asian ginseng or Chinese ginseng, can also be very effective for treating ED.In a study published in the Journal of Urology, 45 men suffering from erectile dysfunction were given either Korean red ginseng or a placebo. Often people refer to it as Chinese or Korean red ginseng as it was discovered over 7000 years ago in Korea and the mountains of Manchuria, China.
There have been many medical trials that show that ginseng improves sperm count and sperm motility in infertile men, and that it improves libido and erection in men with erectile dysfunction.
In most of the studies patients were divided into two groups and given Panax ginseng or a placebo. Early legends believed that consuming it could lead to eternal life, being an elixir for all ailments. Korean red ginseng grows 4-5 feet in height, and its leaves are dark green and oval in shape.
The recommended dose depends on your body type and the product you are taking, whether it would be tablets or dried root tincture.
When it is taken with antiplatelet or anticoagulant drugs, the effect of the drug may be increased, possibly resulting in uncontrolled bleeding. Some herbal products with heart effects are European Mistletoe, Digitalis, Hawthorn, Motherwort, Pleurisy Root and Squill should be avoided.

It can reduce tiredness, fatigue and energise the body by increasing the metabolic functions of the body.
Ginseng tea is a great stimulant for the cells of the brain and increases its functioning abilities effectively.
It reduces pain and discomfort associated with many diseases and provide relief to the body.
People suffering from breast cancer have reported a reduction in the symptoms of the disease. Stress reduction in the body is associated with improving the general performance of the body. It is known to increase the insulin sensitivity in humans and also lower and control the blood sugar levels, to improve the condition of diabetic patients. It reduces the urge to eat more and also in between meals, which is the major cause of weight gain.
It reduces inflammation in the bronchial passages, relieves a stuffy nose, and also controls the occurrence of recurrent colds.
They keep the hair roots strong and the mane shiny, in addition to controlling hair fall and balding problems.
It tightens and firms the skin to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and also brings good health and glow back to old lifeless skin. It can be used for the reduction of marks and blemishes on the skin as it eradicates toxins from the skin and improves complexion.
The term “ginseng” is derived from the Chinese word “renshen”, which means ‘man-shaped root’.
There are three main kinds of ginseng — Oriental Ginseng, American Ginseng and Siberian Ginseng. Although this white or yellow ginseng originated in North America, this same herb is also being cultivated in other countries such as China.
This type of ginseng is easily cultivated and is sold at a much lower price than that of the others. Ginseng is also considered as an adaptogen which means that it helps the body deal with stress and fatigue.
Research has shown that those taking American ginseng had improved post-meal blood sugar levels.
Similar to the function of ginseng for diabetes, the same root may also be an effective measure for weight control and obesity. A few ginseng roots or a handful of ginseng slices are added to the soup to simmer for a couple of hours. Chefs from all over the world can get creative: there are recipes that suggest how to deep-fry, stew, brew, broil or even microwave ginseng roots and slices to make a wonderful dish.
Taking ginseng in pill form will also be a lot more convenient, especially when taking the herb for its medicinal purposes. The side effects of ginseng cannot be undermined and should be treated with respect at all times. Side effects may be consistent throughout the duration of use or may be a rare occurrence that will only affect a user or two. This effect is usually reported by people who take in ginseng in consistent and large doses.
However, this may be the same reason why people with diabetes should take ginseng with care. Although a rare occurrence, those who are apparently allergic to ginseng will experience asthma attacks such as tightness in the throat or chest pain. Checking brands is then very important to be able to determine the quality of ginseng involved. Long and consistent periods of use are not advised as extended use and strong doses may lead to unbearable side effects. The triterpene saponins Rg1 group, which comprises the health benefits from ginsenosides, is responsible for improving brain performance, spatial learning, protecting the brain from memory impairment and enhancing cognitive function. Results include improvement on memory and temperament among test subjects, basing these positive effects on the calming and restorative properties of ginseng.
Although using ginseng for memory enhancement therapies still has a long way to go, ginseng may be only one step away from being a veritable treatment for those who are in great need. The general desire to have intercourse is one of the bases in the formation of intimate relationships in different sexes and the lack of it can create a negative impact on a relationship.
There are those who experience hypersexuality or increased sex drive and are frequently engaged in having intercourse. In order to create a harmonious balance of hormones, which is a determinant in the state of libido, ginseng can be taken in as tea, pill or food supplement. The restorative properties of the ginseng root promotes a healthy reproductive and endocrine system.
Discontinuance after long-term treatment with ginseng and controlling dosages are recommended by physicians. However, it is still wise to consult a doctor before taking ginseng for libido treatments, especially when under medication for other conditions. Generally thought of as a sign and a symptom of some deeper issue, insomnia is a persistent medical and psychiatric condition that can occur at any age.
Ginseng originated and is cultivated in countries with colder climates such as Siberia, China, Korea, Japan and some parts of North America.
Ancient medicine believes that insomnia is caused by kidney disorders and internal imbalances concerning hormones and the four “humors” or body fluids, namely: blood, black bile, yellow bile (choler) and phlegm. As incense and massage oil, ginseng’s calming properties may also be accessed to help in relaxation in order to have restorative and undisturbed sleep. The inclusion of ginseng tea as an herbal remedy contributes to the calming and relaxing atmosphere adherent to a nice, restful sleep.
The desired positive results can only be experienced or seen after regular consumption or use of ginseng, either as tea, food supplement, extracts or aromatherapy oil. Ginseng is a creepy looking, human-shaped herb that is usually nestled among evergreens or found among beech, elm rock, basswood and maple trees in shady wood areas. Ginseng has then been used as an herbal remedy for the common types of headaches such tension headaches and migraines.
These are the active components present in ginseng, which have high levels of triterpene saponins that are responsible for the calming and balancing effects in the brain. It also controls the cholesterol levels inside the body and equally distributes energy to combat stress and headaches. It is highly recommended to take ginseng for less than three months to see the desired results. In traditional Asian medicine, ginseng is known to improve and restore the reproductive system.
That is why red ginseng and sun ginseng have higher levels of these unique components and is subsequently being used as an effective natural remedy for erectile dysfunction and other sex-related dysfunctions.
It has then become a much advisable remedy for those who are not comfortable taking sildenafil (Viagra), tadalfil (Cialis) or vardenafil (Levitra). Another clinical study involving ninety males with erectile dysfunction, wherein sixty were given ginseng and the other thirty were given placebo, showed that the sixty males demonstrated more improvement with their condition compared to the other thirty. These are the most active components of ginseng that aid in lowering cholesterol, normalizing blood sugar levels and enhancing brain functions among other things.
In fact, American ginseng in particular, is said to have the ability to decrease blood sugar or blood glucose levels among patients with type II diabetes. Dosages must be regulated for patients with type I and type II diabetes and can be reduced until the glucose level becomes normal. Clinical studies have indicated that red ginseng has shown great potential in improving insulin and glucose regulation in the body. The development of breast cancer greatly depends on estrogen hormones that stimulate the growth and development of cancer cells in the body. Apart from ginsenosides, red ginseng has falcarinol, which is a potent anti-cancer diyne fatty alcohol that can also be found in carrots. Known in the world of home remedies as a stimulant, adaptogen and aphrodisiac, ginseng has calming and invigorating properties that have been identified as a natural remedy. Even if a person is not suffering from depression or anxiety-related symptoms, regular consumption of ginseng will help prevent these signs and symptoms and promote a balanced and healthy disposition. Regular consumption of ginseng as tea or food supplement will promote a balance of temperature in the body, subsequently bringing a calming and stress relieving effect. It also helps in curing erectile dysfunction among men and help treat patients with wounds. It has been known to be one of the primary components in many shampoos, lotions, face creams, shower gels and bath oils.
The process lasts for three hours at an approximate temperature of 120 degree Celsius or 248 degrees Fahrenheit. Because of the high oxidative stress levels involved in the processing of sun ginseng, an increase in superoxide, nitric oxide, peroxynitrite and hydroxyl radicals will occur that may aid in the battle against cancer. Scientific studies concerning the different curative effects of sun ginseng have yielded results with positive effects on treating cancer patients. Studies show that compared to placebo, sun ginseng produces an improvement on a cancer patient’s disposition. Japanese researchers have noted that because of the high intensity of the steaming process involved in manufacturing sun ginseng, the method increases the lipopolysaccharide (LPS) toxicity component of the herb.
Red ginseng is primarily cultivated in Korea and is a ginseng root that has been heated through steaming or sun-drying. It has been proven that regular intake of red ginseng tea can enhance brain activity and also promote psychological balance. There are some components in it that will be difficult for the human body to break down and synthesize. It is used to invigorate the spleen, relaxes the mind, boost the immune system, regulate bowel movement, treat insomnia and edema, and help in inhibiting the growth of bacteria in the body.
It strengthens digestion, stimulates appetite, helps build muscles and improves the body’s endurance. Just like in making Si Jun Zi Tang, coming up with non-toxic, all-natural remedies that help in promoting a healthy lifestyle seem to be a very promising journey into creating a harmonious and green future.
When ginseng is harvested during the autumn season, the roots are immediately dried to be used as tea. Preparing lemongrass ginseng tea or iced ginseng spice tea are some well-loved recipes that many people are fond of.
Ginseng tea bags may be used as a beauty treatment to heal complaints such as dark circles and wrinkles under the eyes.
With a boost of energy, an increase in mental clarity and a nice foot bath, ginseng tea may offer you more benefits than you could have ever imagined.
Ginseng powder is typically derived from the extract of the root of the ginseng plant, which is dried and then crushed to attain a powder-like substance. Others prefer to mix it into their own tea, juice or water or buy drinks with ginseng in them. The best thing to do is to talk to a medical profession or nutritionist that can help with the right amount of dosage, tailored to fit an individual’s needs.  Check the strength and purity of the powder as well to get a better idea of how much active material you are getting.
The leaves from American ginseng have higher levels of ginsenosides than the root compared to the other types of ginseng available in the market. This is largely possible even if ginseng naturally grows and is cultivated in the general vicinity of the northern hemisphere.
Naturally, adverse side effects can still happen when taken without supervision or without any instruction. Ginseng supplements that take the form of pills, tablets, capsules and powder have an undying reputation for having anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-cancer properties, among others.  Specific efficacies, as noted earlier, may depend on the sort of ginseng used to produce the supplement.
Some of the more notable differences include age, kind of ginseng, country of origin and the method used to process the ginseng. When it comes to the processing method, the longer ginseng is dried, steamed or heated, the more powerful antioxidants are produced. Oriental ginseng or Korean ginseng in particular is also believed to have fewer side effects compared to the other types of ginseng. However, ginseng should not be combined with other ginseng supplements to ensure that a person will avoid exceeding the recommended dosage. Ginseng cream is a particularly popular product made from the herb because of the root’s inherent renewing qualities. Commercial ginseng creams usually contain about 30% of some form of ginseng, usually the ginseng root. Today however, consumers may find herbal-infused beauty products at their nearby drugstores and supermarkets. The process of making ginseng cream involves peeling, slicing and mashing the ginseng root. Ginseng requires certain processes in order to get all the wonderful health benefits it can offer. After steaming or blanching the root until it’s slightly soft, place it in a bottle and pour honey, vodka or rice wine. Studies do show that there is some success with this herb, but it should be used under a doctora€™s supervision. It had limited effectiveness and did carry some side-effects such as nervousness, increased blood pressure, headache and anxiety. There were studies done by researchers in Italy found it did have limited similar effects to Viagra.
It is said to help increase erections by increasing the nitric oxide in the body, which helps blood flow to the penis area. This alleviates the need for synthetic testosterone replacement therapy in some men, but should be used under a doctora€™s supervision due to possible effects on the pituitary gland.
When taken with sildenafil, these substances can increase its effectiveness and improve sexual function and sexual satisfaction. This remedy can help with post-illness sexual dysfunction where men feel fatigued and weak, but still desire sex.
Asian scientists did numerous studies to back up the claims, but could not find any scientific evidence that it is effective.
Initially the root was used as food but soon people found out it has amazing rejuvenating properties and they started using it as a medication. Frequency of intercourse, premature ejaculation, and morning erections after treatment were unchanged in all groups.
The wild roots of ginseng from Korea still receive exuberant prices when they have humanlike and phallic form. The chemical components behind the efficincy of the Panax ginseng are a type of steroids called ginsenosides and panaxtriol. Although it is generally safe ginseng should be used with caution as it is a strong nerve system stimulator. Panax ginseng may decrease blood sugar levels, taking it with other blood sugar-lowering herbal products may result in hypoglycemia-blood sugar that is too low.
There is also the Siberian variety which is not considered the true ginseng as it does not contain the powerful compound ginsenoside which is responsible for the wonder abilities of this herb. It increases the usage of oxygen more effectively for athletes and helps in the speedy recovery of their bodies from wear, tear, and tiredness. It is also known to be beneficial in the case of influenza attacks and other respiratory problems in the body.
The root of this plant is deeply forked and resembles little humans with a profusion of limbs. While all three kinds share common elements, there are still some differences among the three. However, the shade of red produced by Asian ginseng is a result of the processing of the root.
Other health benefits of ginseng include the prevention of diabetes, anemia, asthma, tuberculosis and coughs. Although the answer to which type of ginseng is used for herbal medicine varies, Oriental and American roots are said to be the most effective ones when it comes to offering health benefits. But compared to drinking caffeinated products, ginseng has a soothing effect on the taker, making it a great way to restore energy and stamina lost. Ginseng tea may help men lessen the symptoms of sex-related conditions such as erectile dysfunction. Taking American Ginseng tea may lessen stomach pain commonly associated with women during their time of the month. When the root softens, it can either be mashed or added to the soup or may even be eaten on its own. Ginseng powder, on the other hand, is often used in baking items or can be sprinkled over a salad.
Breaking down the tea into smaller pieces would be best so the tea would not have to simmer for a long period of time. Most importantly, make sure you are consuming ginseng of good quality, not only with ginseng capsules but with all other ginseng products as well. Ginseng supplements may extravagantly lower glucose levels given that a patient is already on diabetic medication.
The most expensive brand, however, does not mean it contains the most amounts of ginseng actives.
The best thing to do is to consult a medical professional to give you the right prescription. According to reports on this study, after administering treatments with ginseng to the test subjects, promising results based on the improvement of memory scores indicate that ginseng does have curative abilities in restoring fractured memories under supervised and regulated dosage and treatment. Even if one is not diagnosed with dementia or any cognitive disorders, taking ginseng as an herbal supplement can help. This then urges people to seek out ways on treating and balancing the hormones that affects libido. The environment greatly contributes to the different factors that affect a person’s libido.

There are also those who have a great desire to have intercourse but have no means to act upon it due to several reasons related to health, religion, personality or social norms. Red ginseng, which is popular among men since the 90s, is recommended for men and women suffering from low libido and for erectile dysfunction. It is considered to be a sex rejuvenator and aids in boosting erections among males who are suffering from the inability to maintain an erection throughout intercourse.
There are several side effects that might result if ginseng is taken continuously for months without stopping. It can cause great distress to a person as well as other symptoms that may affect body functions and energy levels. It grows with evergreens or is nestled among beech, basswood, rock elm, butternut and maple trees in shady woodland areas. The calming and stress-relieving properties of ginseng are connected to the levels of ginsenosides, specifically the triterpene saponins found in the root of the Panax plant.
Oral dosages must be regulated to avoid certain side effects, however mild they are from happening.
This then allows for the promotion and restoration of brain performance relieving people from headaches and enhancing cognitive functions. Considered to be a natural herbal remedy, ginseng is non-toxic as it protects the body from external factors that trigger headaches. Overdosing is known to cause diarrhea, elevated blood pressure levels, dizziness, nervousness and insomnia. Apart from being famous for cancer prevention, ginseng promotes fertility and has erectile enhancing functionalities. With type I diabetes, it is recommended to take ginseng together with insulin therapy, and after some time, patients might be able to reduce the required insulin shots.
But while the world waits for the claims to become a fact, the centuries-use of ginseng may be enough verification of its effectiveness.
The calming effect of drinking ginseng tea or sprinkling processed powdered ginseng on food is attributed to the presence of ginsenosides after the heat processing of ginseng. This component gives red ginseng a high probability of controlling the spread of mammary epithelial or breast cancer cells.
If untreated, anxiety or depression can be a very debilitating mental disorder that can cause a lot of harm in a person’s everyday living. Ginseng balances and normalizes the disturbances caused by different stressors to homeostasis, which is the internal environment of the person’s body. Processing white ginseng starts with peeling the ginseng root and drying it under the sun to reduce the water content to twelve percent or less. The bleaching process also allows the breakdown of the enzymes responsible for many the curative properties of ginseng. However, the therapeutic quality to cure erectile dysfunction is not as potent in white ginseng compared to the effects provided by red ginseng. Because of the increase in steam temperature, sun ginseng has an amplified efficacy of ginseng’s unique components, said to have more than double the effectiveness compared to red ginseng. Studies also indicate that regular intake of sun ginseng extract or tea resulted in suppressing the development of cancer cells in the body. After twelve weeks of treatment, the test subjects display no evident adverse side effects associated with the intake of processed sun ginseng unlike taking synthetic drugs that deliver more negative side effects than the cure itself.
Since there is a connection between the Rg-specific ginsenosides, antioxidant components and hepatoxicity activities present in sun ginseng and liver activity, there becomes a high possibility that sun ginseng can affect the lipopolysaccharide (LPS) liver toxicity.
Combined with a highly active antiretroviral treatment, red ginseng can help HIV-1 infected patients as well. One study points out that red ginseng has a curative function in aiding erectile dysfunction among men, yielding a surprising sixty percent of male participants to have improved their ability to attain an erection. Because of this curative property, the regular diet of astronauts in space include red ginseng to keep them balanced.
The great effects of the wonder herb can only be achieved if it is taken in its processed form rather than as whole or grounded. This decoction is made up of four main herbs: Fu Ling (3 parts), Ren Shen (3 parts), Bai Zhu (3 parts) and Zhi Gan Cao (2 parts). It is also used to cure vertigo, phlegm retention, edema, vomiting, fatigue, abdominal pains and gastrointestinal problems. Not only do these recipes help mask the bitter taste of ginseng, but they also serve as a refreshing treat on a hot summer day. Many argue that the powdered form of ginseng may lack the real nutrients that the ginseng root may provide. Although the health benefits are largely associated with the ginseng root, the berries, leaves and the stems also bring substantially healthy benefits to the table. Compared to the root, extracts from the ginseng leaf contain larger amounts of amino acids, peptides, polyacetylenic alcohols, flavonoids, fatty acids, polysaccharides, triterpenoids and ginsenosides.
It also has anti-obesity, anti-cancer, antioxidant, anti-aging, anti-fatigue, anti-stress, anti-ulcer, anti-hyperglycemic, anti-diuretic and reductive differentiation properties as well. On the other hand, leaves from Asian ginseng have more amino acid content and are advisable to be taken with exercise to further regulate metabolism for a slimming effect on the body. Researching about it or consulting a doctor will help in understanding these differences to be able to choose the right kind of ginseng for the right ailment. These side effects are mild compared to those from synthetic drugs and can only happen when one overdoses or continues consumption of the herb over a long period of time.
The red color of red ginseng is attained by steam-heating ginseng to twice the amount of that of white ginseng.
While Korean ginseng is the most commonly used, other types of ginseng are also used to produce ginseng extract, depending on their supposed use. Ginsensosides help remove old and dead skin cells that cause clogged pores and leak moisture from the skin. The solution is then mixed with oil, scents, fatty alcohols, colorants and preservatives to make the perfect skin cream. Although most of these beauty treatments are expensive, there are certain commercial brands that have started to diversify making ginseng products available to those with a limited budget.
Some people may opt to apply the mixture directly to the skin while others mix it with glycerin gel or oil for easier application.  If this is too much trouble, you can always buy your own. The root can be added to any soup by simmering it for about two hours before mashing it and adding it to the broth.
I nostri lavori sono disponibili nelle pagine Traduzioni e Discografie, o si puo far riferimento anche all’Indice Generale, suddiviso in canzoni Italiane e Straniere. It is important to have this condition evaluated by a physician and herbs checked with medications for possible interactions. This condition refers to a man who cannot have or keep an erection in order to have sexual intercourse.
So, with that said proceed with caution and always consult with your physician before using any supplement of this nature.
This remedy can help symptoms like sexual desire with soft erection and premature ejaculation. One small study showed very positive results that pomegranate juice helped ED, but more evidence was needed. Lawrence Newman September 18, 2014 at 5:18 pm ReplyCircumcision is the biggest cause of ED. However, in the Panax ginseng-treated group a significant improvement in erectile parameters such as penile rigidity, girth, duration of erection, improved libido, and patient satisfaction were reported.
Ancient asian doctors combined the root of ginseng with deer antlers, deer phalli, tiger bones, and toad meat and snake venom when given to a patient as an aphrodisiac. These steroids are remarkably similar in structure to anabolic steroids found naturally in the human body.
Long-term use may cause side effects such as nervousness and insomnia.Women may experience menstrual abnormalities and breast tenderness in women. All central nervous stimulants such as theophylline and related drugs for asthma, albuterol, and clonidine may be avoided with ginseng. The American ginseng cannot be used before it is at least 6 years old, and hence, it is a pricey herb in the US. Ginseng also has small group of compound leaves found above ground with unique red berries as their fruit. Ginseng roots are the most widely available part of the plant in fresh and dried form but some specialty stores offer leaves as well.
Although such effects may not sound too threatening, the inability to sleep for more than two days may be very dangerous. Other problems with ginseng may include palpitations, restlessness, anxiety, euphoria, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, nosebleed, skin hives, rashes, and vaginal bleeding. The DFA does not regulate herbal supplements, so make sure to take caution when taking ginseng by consulting your doctor about trusted ginseng products and brands.
Like most modern medicine products, children, pregnant and nursing mothers should avoiding taking ginseng altogether. This means that using ginseng for an upcoming important exam or event may yield positive results. In answer to this condition, nature provided a natural means by giving humans the plant root ginseng for libido problems. Family, work, stress, hormones, health problems, fatigue, pain, negative attitudes and personality are factors in which libido may be affected. These side effects include restlessness, elevated blood pressure and heart rate, insomnia and headaches. Being unable to sleep or having interrupted rest has then forced people to look for natural ways of treating the disorder. These saponins balance the chemicals in the brain and normalize blood pressure and blood sugar and heart rate levels that are some of the determinant factors in achieving proper sleep.
Consulting a doctor is recommended, especially when the person is already under prescribed medication. A promoter of great health, the use of ginseng for headache relief has been a traditional home remedy that has been around for centuries. It also helps in coping with the different stresses in life without the added worry of adverse effects brought about by synthetic drugs. Occurrences of these side effects are rare and only happen when ginseng is taken and administered in an incorrect way. Studies show that ginsenoside Rc can affect the motility of sperm, increasing the sperm’s ability to actively move spontaneously with regular intake of ginseng as tea or as food supplement.
All of these have instructions and recommended dosages written on the labels which should all be strictly followed. Drying under the sun, maturity or heating at a particular high temperature will set the level of ginsenosides present in the form of ginseng available in the market. Ginsenosides inhibit the cell growth and cancer cell toxicity, reversing the transformation of the cancer cells and restoring the cells into its normal properties and appearance. The crippling effects of anxiety can lead to a more harmful mental state that no amount of treatment can cure. Being an adaptogenic herb, ginseng is used to treat the different stress-related symptoms associated with depression and anxiety. During the drying process, the sun bleaches the root and turns it into white, hence the name “White Ginseng”. While the same ginsenosides are still present in white ginseng, the potency is lower compared to red ginseng or sun ginseng. In addition, the same substance promotes resistance to certain debilitating effects of free radicals in the body. It contains more active elements compared to other types of ginseng roots since it takes about six years to mature before being ready to cultivate.
Used ginseng tea bags with some taste and aroma still in them will make a great ginseng tea foot bath as well. Just like ginseng is beneficial in raw or tea form, ginseng powder has positive effects on the physical and mental functions of a person.
When ginseng is ingested in smaller doses, ginseng powder may be taken up to three times a day. Thus, more people prefer other forms of ginseng such as eating them raw or cooking them with dishes.
The bioactive components of the ginseng leaf are the polysaccharides, triterpenoids, flavonoids and ginsenosides Re, Rd and Rb2. It is still highly recommended to seek a doctor’s advice before taking it in any form: pill, tea, dietary supplement, extract and food.
Given the wide array of benefits offered by ginseng, choosing the best ginseng tablets will depend on an individual’s needs of whether the use of ginseng will be as a weight loss supplement, for potency, to regulate blood sugar levels or treatment for anxiety, insomnia or stress-related disorders.
Most consumers use ginseng cream on their dry hands, especially during the cold and dry winter months. Because of the rather unpleasant smell of ginseng, most skin care products with ginseng are combined with citrus, jasmine or aloe components to mask the smell.
Seasoning can also be added to thinly sliced ginseng roots before marinating overnight so it will be ready to be added to salads or side dishes. Per maggiori approfondimenti in merito ai nostri percorsi e alle nostre Rassegne, si puo leggere la sezione dedicata agli Speciali. It has many different causes including surgery, medication side-effects, disease, psychological factors and lifestyle. Doctors recommend that it cana€™t hurt to try it, because it has overall benefits to the body. The Korean ginseng contains 38 different ginsenoside types while the American ginseng has only 19 ginsenoside types. Panax ginseng can affect the force and rate of heart beat, viagra should be avoided with ginseng.
However, it may be better to discuss taking ginseng with your doctor as it may interact with other drugs or may cause undesirable reactions. A standard duration of 4-5 minutes of submersion would do to attain the tea but this will still depend on how strong you would like your tea to be.
Women going through menopause may also benefit from ginseng’s calming properties, also, with its ability to regulate hormones and blood circulation. There is a chance that taking ginseng together with other drugs may create some interference, most especially in cases concerning anti-depressants. The longer the ginseng root has been treated with heat, the higher its ginsenoside content. Since ginsenosides have a steroidal structure, the root is believed to be more effective to battle hormonally-regulated types of cancer such as breast cancer. It also takes at least a ten year interval between harvesting, making it potent and rich in acetylenic fatty alcohols such as panaxytriol, panaxacol and panaxydol. Taking such herbal remedies may increase blood flow and fight off stress-related conditions to improve one’s mood. But despite such findings, many find that the convenience of taking ginseng powder in supplements or adding the powder to other drinks is a much convincing way to administer ginseng powder.
Ginseng also has the ability to lock in moisture into the skin, making it appropriate for the most delicate and valuable parts of the body. Doing so will then help companies sell their products easier, given that most people are particular with the smell of their beauty products.
Per ricevere in tempo reale tutti gli ultimi post pubblicati, si possono sottoscrivere i Feed RSS di InfinitiTesti. The overall therapeutic efficacy on erectile dysfunction was more than 60 percent for the Panax ginseng groups and 30 percent for the placebo groups. Other chemical components isolated in the plant are are phytosterols, polysaccharides organic acids such as vanillic acid, salicylic acid, nitrogenous substances, amino acids, peptides, vitamins and enzymes. Ginseng tea in particular may act as a stimulant for the brain cells that help improve a person’s concentration. Eating just two slices of ginseng root a day may already yield the full benefits of ginseng. Therefore, red ginseng and sun ginseng have more potent levels of antioxidants and ginsenosides compared to white ginseng since they go through longer heating and drying processes.
The same properties will then give your feet the much needed care and attention it deserves. A positive mood may then result to subsequent effects of better mental functions and even weight loss. Ginseng also contains phytonutrients that stimulate and activate the metabolism and blood flow of skin to generate and tone at a faster pace. It even leaves a protective film on the surface of the skin that makes areas less likely to dry out.
While ginseng tea may not produce the most pleasant taste, some are fond of adding other types of tea in the mixture to attain a better-tasting drink.
The use of nicotine can constrict the blood vessels in the penis and lower the amount of blood flow that promotes erection. There are a number of medications that can contribute to ED, these include anti-depressants, sedatives, blood pressure medications, cimetidine for ulcers, appetite suppressants and antihistamines.
Talk to your doctor or pharmacist about other medications you can take in place of these that dona€™t have a side-effect of impotence.
Take some time for stress reduction activities like meditation, yoga, walking and deep breathing.
You can also talk to your partner about yours and their feelings about ED to avoid any relationship issues.

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