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Anger Causes Erectile Dysfunction because anger (ED) is a physical and psychological reaction to a threatening situation. Anger activates the fight-or-flight response, where the adrenal glands release the hormones cortisol and adrenaline into the blood stream. The purpose of the fight-or-flight response is to enable us to eliminate the threat so that we can return to a balanced state.
Anger is a contributing factor for hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and depression–all of which are in turn contributing factors how Anger Causes Erectile Dysfunction (ED). It is imperative to keep in mind that occasional episodes of erectile difficulty are physiological even in young healthy males. According to the latest estimates reported by National Kidney and Urologic Diseases (2), more than 30 million Americans are currently living with moderate to severe ED that warrants pharmacological or surgical management. Erection is a product of optimal hormonal, nervous and vascular symphony that allows maximum engorgement of penile sinuses and vessels with blood. Relaxation of penile tissues (especially corpora cavernosa) in response to sexual thoughts or stimuli. Physiologically, the erection ends after ejaculation (or contraction of penile tissue) that allows the release of accumulated blood from the cavernous sinuses.
As discussed above, any disease condition that affects the health of blood vessels can aggravate the risk of ED. A lot of individuals are under the impression that erectile dysfunction is always a complication of long term systemic health issues, which is not true.
Unemployment: Stress and emotional pressure can greatly affect a man’s capacity to get sexually stimulated. Marital Discord or Conflicts With the Partner: Negative relationships and unnecessary conflicts affects your emotional status negatively.
Self-Esteem: Individual must feel good about his appearance to be able to perform well in the bed. A healthy adult male requires physical as well as mental energy to achieve and maintain normal erection.  Healthcare providers believe that a healthy lifestyle can play a vital role in maintaining normal sexual relations. Mild to moderate cases of erectile dysfunction responds fairly well to oral over-the-counter agents like phosphodiesterase inhibitors (Viagra or sildenafil or similar agents).

Most cases of Ed due to systemic dysfunction are hard to manage with pharmacological regimens alone and may require the use of assistive devices or penile pumps. If the cause of erectile dysfunction is a pharmacological or anti-psychotic drug, dose modification is usually helpful.
To conclude, poorly addressed erectile issues can significantly affect the quality of life and may compromise the integrity of relationships.
The passing of years brings about changes both in the sexual rhythm and in the quality of sexual intercourse.
The threat can be intangible, like the threat of losing a job, or tangible, like the threat of physical violence. The fight-or-flight response is very physically demanding, and the body is not designed to be in this state for long periods of time. The prevalence of ED in general population is 5 to 15%; however, with advancing age, the risk of ED increases significantly (up to 47% in males over 75 years of age). However, any pathology or disease condition that promotes premature contraction of cavernous tissues or loss of blood pooling can present as erectile dysfunction or other sexual disorders. In a time like now, when economy is ever falling and job market is uncertain, men are at a much higher risk of developing depression which may affect their performance in bed. Poor self-esteem or poor image of the self affects the sexual performance and may lead to erectile dysfunction due to anxiety, stress and emotional pressure. Alternatively, you can always ask your healthcare professional to choose other therapeutic or pharmacological options for the management of symptoms. It is therefore highly recommended to speak to your primary care provider for early assessment and prompt management of systemic or mental health issues that are contributing to ED.
Kinsey?s statistics -which may have become out of date- show that there is an inevitable, rapid increase in men?s erectile dysfunction as of 55 years of age. Anger is a normal part of everyday life, and a certain amount of anger is actually healthy. Adrenaline causes the blood vessels to constrict, increases breathing and heart rate, and shuts down the digestive system. Over time, the constricted blood vessels and increased can lead to hypertension, cardiovascular disease.

Anger constricts the blood vessels in the extremities, including the penis, preventing adequate blood flow. Research and clinical data indicates that excessive physical exertion, mental pressure, excitement or nervousness can significantly affect sexual performance and may lead to transient ED, but most cases resolve with lifestyle modification and nutritional changes. Ideal antidepressants that are least likely associated with sexual dysfunction are nefazodone, bupropion, mirtazapine and reboxetine. As men grow older, they experience a decrease in their libido and are less inclined to sexual gratification.
In the short term, anger acts as a motivator by helping us to recognize and move out of unhealthy situations. Erratic blood sugar levels can lead to overeating and weigh gain and increased risk of diabetes. Even short-term anger may affect sexual functioning because the body is not designed to perform sexually while fighting or running away. Nevertheless, they can maintain their erectile capacity until they are 80, provided their health is good. For example, job anger may motivate someone to find another job or delegate some of her workload.
However, in the case of short-term anger, the body should be able to respond sexually once the anger is gone. Mechanisms of penile erection and basis for pharmacological treatment of erectile dysfunction.
Anger Causes Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and people under persistent anger are also at greater risk for depression. In the long term, however, Anger Causes Erectile Dysfunction and can actually cause physical and even psychological damage.

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