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Erectile dysfunction pills (ED pills) were developed to help a man maintain or get an erection for sexual intercourse. In mild cases there is no need for any erectile dysfunction pills or medications because lifestyle changes like losing weight, drinking less alcohol and quitting smoking is all that’s necessary. Erectile dysfunction medicine is divided into several categories including surgery, vacuum devices, drug therapy and psychotherapy. The most common types of erectile dysfunction medication used are either taken orally, placed in the urethra or injected into the penis. PDE-5 inhibitors work by relaxing the muscles in the penis, thereby improving blood flow and making erections easier and longer to sustain.
Though PDE-5 inhibitors can be effective in treating ED, you must not take them without consulting your doctor first. As a rule all ED drugs and medications should never be taken without prescription, and this is especially important for men taking alpha blockers to treat their prostate problems. At the end of the day, your doctor will decide which medicines and treatments are best suited for your condition.
Our medical doctors are friendly, non judgemental and take great pride in offering tips and advice on how to treat erectile dysfunction.
Erectile Dysfunction Shock Wave Therapy (EDSWT), delivered by Medispec ED1000, is a clinically proven breakthrough therapy for erection problem.
The treatment is performed in a medical clinic and conducted in a private room, with only the doctor present. Extensive clinical trials have shown significant improvement in erectile function over one-two years following the treatment.
Erectile dysfunction is the most common form of male sexual health problems with one out of every ten men affected in the US alone.
Fact: All men over the age of 30 will experience erectile problems at least once in their lifetime. Fact: While it is true that erectile dysfunction is more prevalent among older men, men of any age can suffer from ED. Fact: Erectile dysfunction can become more common for men as they grow older, but it should never be considered normal. Fact: Occasional erectile difficulties are extremely common and can be caused by a variety of factors including stress, anxiety about sexual performance, diabetes, high-blood pressure and depression.
Fact:  Although ED isn’t dangerous in of itself, it can be an early warning signs of serious heart conditions.
Fiction: If you have trouble getting an erection, it’s because you’re not attracted to your partner. At National Male Medical Clinics, our expert licensed Physicians can help all erection issues caused by total or partial prostate removal, benign prostate treatment, or other prostate problems.
If your prostate will be removed to stop cancer, your doctor may be able to use a technique that leaves the nerves around the prostate in place. If you are one of these men who cannot get an erection due to complication from prostate removal National Male Medical Clinics may have a solution to your problem. It is true that some men with prostate cancer also have BPH, but that doesn’t mean that the two conditions are always linked. Information provided by The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK).

Alpha Male Clinics (AMC) is owned and operated by certified medical doctors who are passionate about men’s sexual health & performance.
AMC offers tailored made treatment programs that comes with full support, which means the clinical consultant and the doctor performing your initial consultation remains your doctor to the very end.The doctor assigned to you will assess your suitability and determine which treatment options are beneficial for you. Request a private and confidential medical consultation for premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction or low libido with our registered Australian male doctors. The good news is that premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction can be treated and even cured provided that the treatment program is carried out consistently. The primary sign of Premature Ejaculation (PE) is ejaculating before the time you and your partner wishes to. The primary sign of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is not being able to keep or maintain an erection that is adequate for sexual intercourse.
I called the alpha male clinics after my partner starting suggesting to me that she would enjoy sex a whole lot more if I was able to last longer than my standard 3-5 minutes in the bedroom. Most of these groups were really pushy and even seemed a bit dodgy but when I called the alpha male clinics I just felt at ease and the staff seemed really positive and genuine. I spoke to the doctor about my issues and he also took a full medical history.
After one week I was lasting 20 minutes in the bedroom and my girlfriend admitted to me one night that I gave her not just 1 but 2 orgasms in the one session, something that had never happened to her before. While there are several erectile dysfunction pills being marketed, diagnosis is necessary because ED can be attributed to a number of factors such as lifestyle, side effects of medications, disease, complications caused by surgery or be psychological in origin. But if erectile dysfunction is caused by medication you’re taking, your doctor may prescribe erectile dysfunction pills or change your medication because some appetite suppressants, sedatives and antidepressants can affect a man’s ability to sustain an erection. For many men, talk therapy is usually the first option because ED may be the result of relationship stress, financial problems, issues related to work and more.
In most cases men with ED are usually prescribed phosphodiesterase (PDE) type 5 inhibitors, a group of medications that includes avanafil, vardenafil hydrochloride, tadalafil and sildenafil.
Like penile injections for erectile dysfunction, PDE-5 inhibitors can provide positive results, but there are potential side effects such as muscle aches, flushing, stuffy nose, headaches and more. Also, PDE-5 inhibitors are not recommended for those who are taking nitroglycerin tablets for a heart condition because it can lead to a sudden drop in blood pressure.
Because even herbs, supplements and alternative medications may interact with drugs you’re taking, you need to be careful. Because ED can have several possible causes, treatments will vary among patients so your doctor will come up with a customised approach specially designed for you. Caused by a variety of factors, ED is classified as difficulty achieving and maintaining an erection. This procedure will make it more likely for you to recover bladder control and sexual function. It’s about the size of a walnut and surrounds the urethra, located just below the bladder. Our goal is to provide a 100% confidential and private environment where you can discuss about any sexual health issues that may concern you. We understand your circumstances may change during the program so our no-contract policy allows you to opt-out at any time. Usually premature ejaculation occurs within 1-5 minutes of intercourse and when you have the inability to control the ejaculation. Usually erectile dysfunction can be psychological, be associated with pre-existing health illnesses and peyronie’s disease.

What amazed me is that we had been together for years and she had never said anything but one night after a few too many drinks she really got stuck into me and admitted that she never really looked forward to sex with me than she had with her previous boyfriend. He was really knowledgeable about all men’s issues and said that even he had used similar treatment in the past.
She started treating me with more respect and was much more affectionate towards me during the days. I never bothered asking them directly why they wanted to end the relationship but I knew it was because of my premature ejaculation. Sometimes talking about the situation can help, but in other cases, medication is required so you need to explore your options. Other possible side effects may include dizziness, feelings of nausea or in severe cases vomiting. Despite affecting more than 18 million Americans, facts about erectile dysfunction remains a largely misunderstood condition due in large part the many myths and rumors surrounding the disorder. Erectile dysfunction, or impotence, simply pertains to a man’s inability to have or maintain an erection during intercourse. The urethra has two functions; to carry urine from the bladder and to transmit semen during ejaculation.
For men over 50, the most common prostate problem is benign prostatic herplasia (BPH) also known as “an enlarged prostate” or prostatitis. In TURP, the surgeon inserts a thin tube up the urethra and removes only enough tissue to relieve urine blockage.
The exact length of time depends on how long you had symptoms before surgery was done and on the type of surgery. Our doctors have spoken to and helped thousands Australian men with premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. The goal of most men here is to have stronger, firmer erections that allows them to last longer in bed and in sex.
I was gutted by this and after doing a few quick Google searches, I spoke to a few groups over the next few days about my issue. After signing up for a programme I went on a 12 months treatments cycle using medications combined with ongoing support from the doctors and also the medical help staff. The best part of my story is though that by using the retraining techniques that the doctor explained to me over the phone I was able to completely cure the problem and now 18 months later I am still lasting 30 minutes on average during sex without even using medication. Older men are at risk for prostate cancer as well, but this disease is much less common than BPH. You should continue to have your prostate checked once a year even after surgery to make sure that BPH or prostate cancer has not developed. With the exception of Staxym which melts in the mouth, these type 5 inhibitors are swallowed. Weak erection is one of the worst things that could happen to any man, perhaps next only toerectile dysfunction or the inability of the penis to erect during lovemaking.
Men who do not have problems with their erection may not understand the seriousness of this condition and often laugh it off.

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