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Erectile Dysfunction commonly known as impotence occurs when a man can no longer achieve or maintain an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse.
The cost of the procedure is considered to be lower than other less effective treatments and is in most cases safer and less invasive. The medical tourism division of Clinics of the Heart and Costamed Hospital offers a wide variety of hotel and resort packages for visiting patients complete with specialized concierge service to tend to the every need of it’s patients. Online pharmacies are strictly regulated in the United Kingdom by several government agencies that oversee the healthcare industry: the Care Quality Commission, the General Pharmaceutical Council, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency and the General Medical Council.
The regulating agencies are there to ensure the highest standards in online healthcare, we as consumers must ensure we only deal with regulated healthcare services as it is in our best interests.
The Care Quality Commission (CQC)The CQC is the official regulator of private healthcare in the UK including online clinics. Pharmacies and chemists that dispense and despatch medicines are regulated by the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC). The MHRA has responsibility for standards of safety, quality and performance of medicines and enforces strict rules on advertising.
Services below are CQC registered, employ GMC doctors and post medicine from GPhC registered pharmacies. Yes - there is legal framework in the UK for doctors to issue prescriptions online for delivery in most European countries. Estimates vary, but around 40% of men suffer from ED, also known as impotence, at some time in their lives. Erectile dysfunction is not always the result of any other illness and it sometimes happens to men who are otherwise very healthy and medically fit. Middle aged men who are troubled by erectile dysfunction often have no one specific problem which explains their symptoms. Anything which affects the circulation, such a high cholesterol or high blood pressure can cause impotence. Text books divide erectile difficulties into few types - circulatory causes (vascular) or erection difficulties caused due to problems with the nervous system (neurogenic) or due reduced hormone levels (endocrine) or even those caused by emotional or psychological factors (psychogenic).
ED and diabetes: Diabetes not only affects the blood circulation in the body, it also affects the nervous system. ED and alcohol and smoking: Not every man who smokes or drinks alcohol suffers from ED, but it is known that men who do smoke and drink alcohol are more likely to get ED. ED and cardiovascular diseases: Most number of heart ailments happen due to either narrowing of arteries or due to reduced blood supply to the heart because of some blockages in the arteries. All men with erectile difficulties should inform their doctors about it as it could sometimes be an indicator to general problem with circulation.
Online clinics can provide advice and information, and assessments of ED and can be a reliable source of genuine medication, but care must be taken to use only reputable clinics.
ED is also considered to be a warning for problems in the blood flow which can cause other major ailments.
At times, ED can also be caused as a result of some previous surgery or as a side effect to certain medicine and in both the cases it becomes imperative to tell the doctor as quickly as possible so that he can find both the cause and solution of this problem. The most popular and common treatment given by doctors to ED patients are pills containing PDE5 inhibitors, such as Cialis, Viagra or Levitra. These pills are often combined with psychological counseling of the patients which helps them cope with their stress, anxiety and other such concerns. There are other treatments apart from tablets, which may be more appropriate in some cases, for example, where erection problems starts after an operation, or results from spinal injury or where PDE5 drugs are ineffective or are contraindicated.
Counselling can be effective when the erectile problems are more situational and emotional. Testosterone injections were a popular treatment in some parts or the world a few years ago and are coming back into favour with some doctors in the UK. When obtaining medication online it is important that checks for contraindications are undertaken and that only genuine tablets and not fakes are supplied. These tablets are available online from reputable clinics although prices vary greatly and care is needed in selecting an online clinic to ensure only genuine medication and not fakes are obtained.

PDE5 inhibitors are truly special amongst all medications in that they almost exclusively work in the correct areas of the body when the man needs it with minimal side effects.
All the 3 PDE5 inhibitors work only if the man is aroused - they do not cause automatic erections and neither are they aphrodisiac. These oral medicines increase a chemical that promotes blood flow in the penis thereby causing healthy strong erections. As with any medication, tablets should be used with care and on the advice of doctors, and the patient information leaflets which are included in pill packs should be followed. Heart Attacks can be fatal whereas erectile dysfunction does not cause any true danger to life.
In this modern age of medicine, someone who is suffering from erectile dysfunction can quite often be treated with oral medication. There are so many physical causes that these can be further broken down into four types of health conditions.
Hormonal conditions, or disorders that disrupt hormone levels in the body, can also contribute to impotence. Finally, anatomical conditions that modify the penis’ physical structure like Peyronie’s disease that affects the tissue of the penis.
Psychological causes like depression and anxiety are also qualified as reasons for erectile dysfunction. Chronic heavy drinking can damage your liver and nerves, aside from causing a disruption in the normal balance of male sex hormones all of which can lead to erectile dysfunction.
Stress caused by different circumstances like death in the family, legal woes, job loss, financial difficulties, parenting, and divorce can make you less interested in sex and experience decreased semen count.
About the AuthorTyler Goyvo is AMC's Clinical Manager and has over 5 years experience in the areas of Mens Sexual Health. TALK TO A DOCTOR 02 9929 6268Call our toll free advice line and our friendly clinical assistants will organise a time suitable to you to speak to a male medical doctor for FREE. Rafael Moguel’s Clinics of the Heart announces the availability of the most effective erectile dysfunction vascular procedure that has proven effective in the treatment of this most common condition.
Rafael Moguel is an interventional cardiologist since 1991, graduate of the University of Mexico Medical School and specialized in cardiology in Barcelona, Spain. All UK online doctor and pharmacy services providing prescription-only medicines must be registered by law. Some of them which have a negative impact on erection are stress, age and certain illnesses.
Impotence can be caused due to both physical as well as psychological reasons affecting men. Good erections occur when there is a good blood supply to the penis and the blood vessels are working well. On the other hand the circulation may be fine, but the signals going from the brain to the blood vessels of the penis via the nervous system may be faulty in some way. When it is not controlled with the right treatment and within the right time period, this illness is known to cause ED in men. This happens because smoking is known to negatively affect the blood circulation in body and alcohol creates hormonal imbalance and poor sleep quality, which can lead to impotency.
When the arteries begin to narrow, this is not restricted to arteries around the heart only, the ones in the pelvic region also get affected and that is why a lot of heart patients suffer from ED.
Often the doctor may prescribe PDE5 inhibitors like sildenafil and ask to refrain from smoking and encourage to adopt a healthy lifestyle.
That is why any erection problems should not be ignored and you would be well adviced to consult your GP as soon as you observe any such issues.
But, since the blue pill was the first to arrive on the scene, it is still the most popular oral PDE5 inhibitor and most men start with the blue pill.
According to experts, there are five main reasons for erectile dysfunction which you may want to learn more about in order to avoid misery brought about by this condition. Vasculogenic conditions is one of the reasons for erectile dysfunction and pertain to disorders affecting blood flow to the penis.

Neurogenic conditions that cover the parts of the nervous system such as the brain, nerves and spinal cord can also cause impotence. If you suffer from hypogonadism, hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism then there’s a risk that you will have problems sustaining an erection. These medicines include diuretics given to treat high blood pressure and kidney ailments; antihypertensive which are used for curing high blood pressure, and fibrates that are prescribed to people with high cholesterol levels.
If you have been extremely sad for a long time, don’t be surprised that you find it difficult to have and sustain an erection. Problems with your wife and partner can be a contributor to your depression and anxiety as well as past sexual problems.
Stress can cause depression and will affect the neurotransmitters in helping you achieve a firm and hard erection. He speaks to our male patients on a daily basis and is one of our most valued representatives.
But if erectile dysfunction is an ongoing problem, it may cause stress, cause relationship problems or affect self-confidence. Unfortunately, only a few diabetic patients are able to get the treatment sponsored by NHS and the ones that are eligible, receive limited tablets every month.
Another important fact is that it is considered to be very risky to combine alcohol and ED medications in the body and one should be careful to not do something like this. Heart patients are often prescribed nitrate containing medications and they are known to hamper the working of ED medications if taken at the same time. Medications can also be injected directly into the base of the penis to produce short-lived erections in difficult to treat cases.
It lasts for a few hours and the effects are noticeable within an hour of taking the tablet if the man is sufficiently aroused.
Along with Cialis and Levitra, it is a very effective drug for one of the most troubling conditions men suffer from, erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction, or impotence, simply pertains to a man’s inability to have or maintain an erection during intercourse.
If you regularly use antidepressants, corticosteroids, antihistamines, anticonvulsants and anti-androgens, then you are at risk of having erection problems. If you are uneasy, worried, or fearful about certain things in your life including your performance in bed, then you will have problems having an erection. Problems achieving or maintaining an erection are a clear sign of a health condition that requires treatment, such as heart disease or poorly controlled diabetes, atherosclerosis, hypertension.
Therefore it is important to control diabetes as soon as possible and with the right medications. Cialis on the other hand can stay in the system and have the potential to work anytime if the man is aroused during the following 36 hours. If you are in a new relationship and you feel insecure about your ability to satisfy your partner in bed, then you could be setting yourself up for erection dilemmas. It very frequently coexists with the coronary heart disease, which is responsible for most heart attacks. Costamed Hospital is a state-of-the-art emergency trauma center serving all major cruise lines and fly-in patients from all over the world. It is for this reason that the medicine is termed the weekend pill and might be better suited for unplanned sex. Rafael Moguel’s Clinics of the Heart and its skilled and talented team of specialists perform a simple and safe procedure called percutaneous transluminal angioplasty (PTA) to treat the pelvic or penile arteries and a percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty or (PTCA) to treat the coronary arteries that studies reveal are directly affected with atherosclerosis.

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