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Nathan Shephard says that he has pursued a career in Archeology and Theology, and his years of extensive study has given him an insight to understanding the prophecies made in the Bible, and he has created a theory about future prophecies made in the Bible that he feels it is important to warn people about. And once all electricity and technology has been wiped out, modern day Americans will find it almost impossible to function in their daily lives.
The video presentation says that this guide is normally priced at around $97, but since the author wants it to be accessible to as many people as possible, he has dropped the price to be only $37 for a limited time.
Since this product is sold through the Clickbank digital marketplace, it automatically comes with their Refund Policy, which promises that unhappy customers can appeal directly to them for a refund if they feel that this product wasn’t as advertised or if they are unhappy for any other reason. There are not many reviews for this product at this time which are not offered by affiliates or partner websites, however there is a lot of information available online concerning EMP attacks, including articles written by contributors to Forbes Magazine and the Wall Street Journal warning of the dangers, and other articles from National Geographic and the government discussing the myths associate with such an attack. One thing that seems clear if you read articles provided by organizations that are not trying to sell you survival materials is that one assertion made by Nathan Shephard in his presentation is wrong – the threat of an EMP bomb is real, and as such is something the US Military has been preparing for, for more than 30 years. There is a lot of free information available about EMP attacks and what regular civilians can do to protect themselves, as well as a lot of extremist information that is generally incorrect and being essentially used to scare people into buying products. If you have any experience with this company or their products, please leave your Survive the End Days reviews below.
Horrible text spreading antagonism between nations and scaring some ( not so cleaver) people.
What I need to know is does he provide concise information and a sound practical guide regarding food preparation and storage, preservation of livestock, purification of water and or its sources.
Does the content of this book provide me a guide to survive for an infinite amount of time without outside resources or at the very least until I expire of natural causes, starvation or exposure not being of my demise. The context of this is that one man alone has broken a secret code, and for the cut price$37.99 he will let you know all about it. Of course he is talking about an apocalypse, so why is he charging us for a book that will not save us. Nathan Shepard is a nom de plume, why hide his real name?After reading his drivel, I suggest it is to make off with the cash, when yet another end of times prophecy is proven false.
The largest amount of resin is produced by pine trees, spruce trees and the Christmas tree.
Boil the resin and then mix it with rendered animal fats and oak charcoal (or ash) to create a water proof sealant. To make an incredibly powerful glue, boil the pine resin and use it to stick together whatever broken item you are in need of. While it is still hot, mix the fat with the beeswax and the pine resin, then strain the composition (as resin can still contain a few pieces of bark) in a jar and let it cool off. It is also useful in treating bruises, burns, sprains, strains, fractures and even help reduce the pain induced by the foot bunions. What’s more, it will help you cure the mange, dermatitis and eczema, due to its antifungal and antimicrobial properties. Some people are allergic to pine resin, so before attempting to use it for any kind of treatment, apply it to a small area on your skin, as a test.

Copyright © 2015 · Survive The End Days · All Rights Reserved Unauthorized duplication or publication of any materials from this site is expressly prohibited. Or you can put together a Back to School Survival Kit with scripture references for your child or your Sunday School class with these candy grams. I've also created a 2 page layout of all my favorite back to school traditions to make planning a lot easier.  Print out these traditions over and file them in your Executive Homemaker binder for storage and easy access. Survival kit is a great idea EXCEPT when I hit print I get a poppy birthday banner instead of the survival labels!
I love this and shared it with my readers who might be planning for a back to school celebration. Have you ever known someone that lived a seemingly charmed life even though that individual made foolish decision after foolish decision? Americans are extremely angry and frustrated at this point, but most of our anger and frustration is directed at one another.
How can we ever hope to come up with any solutions for our nation if we spend so much time hating our fellow citizens?
And even if we did find a way to come together, what values and principles would we use to rebuild this nation? The truth is that most Americans deeply reject the values and principles that the founders of this country once held so dear. The last half of this year (2015) is going to represent a major turning point, and we are moving into hard times unlike anything that America has ever seen before.
But the good news is that once the a€?shakinga€? starts, many of these a€?sheeplea€? will begin to wake up.
Michael Snyder is the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog, The American Dream Blog and The Truth.
The key was the curse of the Supreme Court did to this country in allowing abomination to be legal. Compare the actions of the current US and Great Britain to those of 1936 Germany and Italy. As demonstrated by Stanley Milgram of Yale and later verified by Phillip Zimbardo of Stanford, that unless carefully controlled by a very astute wielder, authority is absolute and trumps and corrupts the morality of both the authority and the victim. This is for you Japheth(white people) who are running the governments in the world especially, the babylonian government you all call Amerika. So you see the devil has a very short time before the Angels of God gather the wheat in the barn and burn the tares or evildoers.
Most scientists and researchers feel strongly that the US Military would be mostly unaffected by an EMP attack.
I don't know how this article and video just appeared on one of my more credible sites; but, I'm so glad I did my research - and research my research.
Amazingly, what I have found is reviews question the author's beliefs and or the accuracy of his predictions.

He left out no one knows the hour or the day and that he will come like a thief in the night.
Apply it on cloth items, boots, house roof, bucket or any other item you might find it necessary. If you ever cut yourself by accident, apply some pine resin it on the cut and gently press against it. They're perfect if you're wanting to quickly put something fun in their backpacks as a surprise when your kiddos get to school.
My daughter is a college freshman and I am sending her and my friend's daughter a care package . This will be agreat conversation and encouragement idea for my Kids Zone on Snday just before school begins.
The question arises: How can a population blindly follow the directions of deranged politicians? Personally, I could give a rip regarding his prophetic undertones and I'd be thrilled if he was totally wrong in his predictions.
You can very easily find it slowly dripping from tree bark cracks and you can also harvest it using a knife.
People will not magically unite and rise up and destroy and abolish the Electoral College, the Federal (Rothschilds) Reserve System, the IRS, the 2 fake party system of the One New World Order Party, the Rothschild owned media via their owned Associated Press and Reuters. They started in right away and hired eric holder to perform WACO, RUBY RIDGE and OKLAHOMA CITY. The white people refer them as a race of Jews but, they are actually converts made up of mostly white people from the lineage of Ashkenaz and Togarmah. 40As therefore the tares are gathered and burned in the fire; so shall it be in the end of this world.
It’s a viscous, sticky substance that has various uses, especially in survival situations due to its anti-infective and powerful regenerative properties.
Apart from the fact that it stops the bleeding, it also prevents the germs from infecting the wound, since it has antiseptic and antimicrobial properties. They have played this country out for all it’s created and make believe worth and fake debt.
I became suspicious early on when text was misspelled, ex: "Holly Bible", and some words were mispronounced. The sheeple would have to totally rise up and revolt and hang every politician and banker in this country to begin with, this would never happen even if they lost everything that the american sheeple think that they own. They will simply ride a new camels(country’s) back and do the same thing all over again just like they have done for the past three centuries.

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