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When I say Emergency Sanitation as part of your emergency preparedness plan, what comes to mind?
You might be tempted to overlook this part of your preparations, after all, emergency sanitation is not something we talk about every day. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) a knowledge of hygiene and handwashing, bathing, dental and wound care during emergencies is essential.
13 gallon size (or larger) heavy duty garbage bags– get the heaviest ones you can find – no skimping here!
Sometimes you may not be able to use your home toilet, it may be backed up, or you may have to evacuate. GOOD: Using the guidelines listed above, gather your emergency sanitation kit supplies together and make a plan to purchase what you are missing. BEST: Watch a You-Tube video (or two) about emergency sanitation kits and download the publication from Johns Hopkins University listed below.

CDC Information about Food, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene before and after an emergency including community drinking water, private wells and rainwater catchment systems. Do you think about how you will keep germs and disease from spreading if you are without running water?
Interruptions in service can occur because of storm damage, power outages, sabotage or broken pipes. We will assume that the city will have a way to dispose of these bags after the emergency is over.
I read stories of people evacuating from hurricanes that were stuck in their cars for many hours and had no emergency sanitation available.
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This will be a very big problem if your water supply is cut off and you aren’t prepared.

Empty the water from the bowl, put in a heavy duty garbage bag and secure it with duct tape (tape the handle too). Use the same supplies for your home port-a-potty listed above and store them in the bucket. You can also purchase a Reliance Fold-to-go Portable Toilet or similar RV type item if you just can’t bare the thought of using a bucket!

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