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This 60 serving sample is the perfect way to try Franklin's Finest, the FIRST ever emergency survival coffee with a 25-year shelf life. The 1-Week Food Supply provides one adult with 40 servings of healthy, storable food for 7 days. The 2-Week Food Supply provides one adult with 70 servings of healthy, delicious storable food and drinks for 14 days. Wholesome and nutritious, this soup is one convenience item you cana€™t do without in a crisis.
Made with pasta, lentils, carrots, celery and onion in a rich chicken broth full of herbs and spices.
These mashed potatoes make a comforting side dish any time, but especially in an emergency.
Fruity, filling and re-energizing, this nutritious hot cereal is just what you need in a crisis or on any difficult morning.
Easier to use and longer-lasting than liquid honey, this honey powder works great in baking and dessert recipes! Survival food is gaining in popularity as people see disasters and famine around the world.
Emergency preparedness is something that we all know is important, but how many of us actually do anything about it? Recently it seems that natural disasters have been occurring more frequently and with greater severity. I want to inform you on how you can be prepared as well and what you should have to be prepared for an emergency or terror threat that leaves you without access to food sources and other survival supplies. Every emergency kit should have essentials such as flashlights, batteries, blankets, matches, tools, etc. Most people either forget about food altogether thinking they will have access to it during a disaster, or they well underestimate how much food they will need to keep themselves and their families alive. There is a plethora of emergency food suppliers that package freeze dried MRE’s (meal ready to eat). The last thing you want when disaster strikes is to find that your food supply has expired and is unusable. Quality of your emergency food supply matters, if it isn’t going to provide a decent amount of nutriment then what’s the point?
When it comes to emergency food supplies, I recommend the industry leader, Wise Food Storage. Wise Foods makes a quality product that has a 25 year shelf life and has an extensive product line ranging from breakfast to dinner entrees and even fruits and vegetables as well. Besides meeting all the criteria to look for in an emergency food supply (outlined above) I also was impressed by their survival kits and 72 hour emergency food kit, that are great to keep in the car or take hiking and camping.
After requesting a sample from Wise Food Storage and having an excellent customer service experience, I reached out to the company in an effort to partner up with them to spread the news of such an impressive quality emergency food supply.
Wherever you decide to get your emergency food supply from isn’t entirely important, the most important thing is that you get one.

I've been using STD Test Express for the last four years, my favorite part is getting my printout that shows I'm STD Free. To that end, I am always on the lookout to sample different types of emergency food so I can determine whether it meets my standards.A  Last year, when I sampled some meal pouches provided by Backdoor Survival sponsor, Survival Based, I knew I had hit upon a winner.
Each pouch is 100% vegetarian and only needs water and a few minutes of cooking to prepare. I would like to thank the team at Survival Based for working with me to sponsor this giveaway.A  If you have not visited their website lately, be sure to check out their fantastic blog and of course to look around at some of the great products they offer to the prepper community.
If you would like to learn about last yeara€™s taste test, visit my review, Survival Friday: Free Food Again!A  Good luck, everyone!!
If you enjoyed this article, consider voting for me daily at Top Prepper Websites!A  In addition, SUBSCRIBE to email updatesA  and receive a free, downloadable copy of my e-book The Emergency Food Buyera€™s Guide. Bargain Bin:A  Below you will find links to the items to consider as you are building your own perfect portable survival kit.
BIC Classic Lighters (12): A dozen full size BIC lighters at a bargain price with free shipping. Kershaw OSO Sweet Knife: This a€?oh so sweeta€? knife is solidly built, stainless steel knife that comes razor sharp right out of the package. The Preppera€™s Guide to Food Storage is a book about food: What to store, how to store it and best practices. This book is based upon my own tried and true personal experience as someone who has learned to live the preparedness lifestyle by approaching emergency preparedness and planning in a systematic, step-by-step manner.
Free Food Friday: Win an Emergency Food Supply Kit from Survival Based by Gaye Levy first appeared on Backdoor Survival. Diseases to Fear in the Aftermath of Disaster 10 Essentials To Keep You Alive In A Bug Out Situation This Is What Happens When You Confront A Rothschild Banker (WATCH VIDEO) Martial Law Is Already Here In America!
Introducing the new formulation with lower sodium and trans fat, better taste and new packaging! The Fruit, Veggie & Snack Mix provides 114 servings of tasty fruits, vegetables, and snacks that will taste just as great tonight as they will in 25-years. Each Mega Protein Pack provides you with 80 servings of delicious, protein-rich food to supplement any of our main dishes. The 4-Week Food Supply provides one adult with 140 servings of healthy, delicious storable food, drinks and snacks for 28 days. The 3-Month Food Supply provides one adult with 450 servings of healthy, delicious storable emergency food, drinks and snacks for 90 days. The 6-Month Food Supply provides one adult with 900 servings of healthy, delicious storable food, drinks and snacks for 180 days. The 1-Year Food Supply provides one adult with 1,800 servings of healthy, delicious storable food, drinks and snacks for 365 days. Made with hearty potatoes and a steaming savory cream broth to keep spirits high in an emergency. These chips are perfect for snacking right away or used in your favorite breakfast and dessert recipes!

Starting with a 72 Hour Kit or a 3 day supply of food your ready to go in times of an emergency that is short-lived. But the best part?A  There will be three winners, each receiving an Emergency Food Supply Kit.A  I dona€™t know about you, but I think that is terrific!
Be sure to test one out in advance so that you have the confidence to trust the blanket in an emergency. I earn a small commission from purchases made when you begin your Amazon shopping experience here. This is an easy tool for finding products that people are a€?wishinga€? for and in this way you know what the top products are.A  All you need to do is select the category from the left hand side of the screen.
Not shelter, gear, sanitation, power, self-defense or the myriad of other concerns that need to be addressed following an emergency or disaster situation.
It is a roadmap for showing ordinary citizens that long-term food storage is not something that will overwhelm or burden the family budget. Soldiers, Tanks Prepare For War On US Soil Protecting Your Home from a Break-In America Must Fall For The One World Government To Rise Is the end of the world nigh?
At two servings per day this is a 1 week food supply for 4 adults, or for 2 adults and four children. Our single survival pizza kits have up to a 20-year shelf life, so any night during an emergency can be a pizza night! Our 10-pack survival pizza kits include everything needed to make delicious, super easy-to-bake, homemade pizzas. Provides two adults with 1,800 servings of healthy, delicious storable food, drinks and snacks for 180 days. Please check your spam folder!A  If Survival Based does not hear from you after the specified 48 hours, a NEW winner will be chosen and notified. Quite simply, food is the number one concern people have second only to their concern for having an adequate supply of water. Atomic scientists set to make a€?major announcementa€™ about Doomsday Clock Shaky but back… 5 Simple Tips To Making Great Compost – For A Great Garden! Many times the emergency food from governments get ransacked before it gets to the people who need it the most. Below is what you should look for in a supplier as well as a recommendation (and coupon) for the company I used. This giveaway is open to all individuals 18 years of age and older who live within the 48 Continental United States. For a family of four the 1 Year Supply will last for 3 months. All you need is water and a fuel source to cook with. You may not want every one to know that you have a large supply of food because if a major disaster hit people will be coming to you for food.

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