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The first few minutes of a medical emergency are always critical, but nearly two thirds of us admit we wouldn’t know what to do.
First aid is something we should all know how to give – so familiarise yourself with these simple steps and you could make the difference between life and death. DO apply firm pressure with a clean cloth and raise their arm above their heart to reduce the bleeding. DO cool the burn under cold running tap water for at least 10 minutes, advises Clive James. DO remove all potential hazards from the immediate area and put something soft under the person’s head so they can’t hurt themselves. DO carry them out, still face-down, with their head slightly lower than their chest to allow water to drain from the airway – and ask someone to call 999.“Check ABC and, if necessary, begin CPR. This qualification is based on the HSE training standard for First Aid at Work for the purposes of the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981. By the end of the day attendees will have gained the knowledge and competencies needed to deal with a range of emergency first aid situations and be able to demonstrate the practical administration of safe, prompt, effective first aid in emergency situations with an understanding of the role of the first aider.
The day designed for professionals who have specific responsibility to provide first aid when dealing with an emergency situation. To ensure attendees are given high levels of learning support and more feedback during the practical elements, this INTEGRATIVE HEALTH EDUCATION is run with two highly qualified and experienced first aid educators. New for 2016 – Now including augmented reality apps with realistic injuries to improve practical sessions alongside our full size adult victim Fred to make training sessions more challenging and fun! Iain brings over 25 years of industrial workplace experience to the first aid courses enabling them to be tailored to the needs of different businesses. Debbie has over 20 years experience as a pharmacist and has been teaching first aid for over eight years. CoursesINTEGRATIVE HEALTH EDUCATION brings together the best health educators from around the world to present a comprehensive programme of training opportunities.
Mission StatementOur vision is that health practitioners can develop the skills and knowledge to employ a variety of practical methodologies that safely bridge the gap between conventional Western medicine and holistic healthcare practices. Through our training courses we aim to give practitioners, whatever their approach to health and wellbeing, the knowledge, skills and tools that will enable them to deliver the best possible approaches to resolve their patients or client’s health challenges.
It is a legal requirement for employers to provide a safe environment for their employees and visitors. Event details may change at any time, always check with the event organizer when planning to attend this event or purchase tickets.

Please provide your details and one of our specialist course advisors will contact you shortly. Gain knowledge and skills that can make a real difference when faced with a life-threatening emergency. This course teaches basic first aid for everyone and is the first step to becoming a qualified first aider, a skill that is very attractive to potential employers.
If you are an employer and you don’t need a full First Aider you can have instead an Appointed Person who takes charge when someone is injured or ill. Being an Appointed Person in the workplace - Learn the role of an Appointed Person in the workplace, the responsibilities attached, how to manage an incident and explore the Health and Safety Regulations 1981. Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, brother, sister, friend or colleague, everyone should have basic knowledge of First Aid and you never know when it may come in useful. Save lives with an easy to remember knowledge of what to do in the event of a cardiac arrest, choking and an allergic reaction (anaphylaxis). If this doesn’t remove the obstruction and they can’t speak, breathe or are going blue, they’re being deprived of oxygen.Bend them over and slap sharply between the shoulder blades with the heel of your hand up to five times. Carefully remove jewellery or clothing from the affected area, unless it is stuck to the skin.After cooling, cover the burn with a clean, non-fluffy dressing (a clean tea towel or freezer bag will do). Airway – Ensuring there’s nothing in their mouth, lay them on their back, tilt their head backwards and lift their chin to open the airway.Breathing – listen for breaths and look to see if their chest is moving. Attendees will receive a HSE accepted Emergency First Aid at Work certificate on completion of this course, which is valid for three years. The syllabus is completely tailored to the health and fitness industry and will include highly relevant, practical scenarios to improve your understanding and confidence in first aid situations.
Those working in the health and fitness industry will benefit from his understanding of first aid in the work place. In her first aid training courses she shares her extensive experience of common first aid situations from burns and bleeds to choking and breathing issues. Course subjects include gastrointestinal health, parasites, fungus and bacterial infections, energy and emotional healing practices and mindfulness. This one day course is fully accredited at level 2 (QCF) and meets HSE requirements for first aid provision. The most likely place for accidents or illness to occur is at home and in the workplace, so having life-saving skills is vital for all of us.
All businesses are obliged to ensure that there is suitable first aid provision in case of injury in the work place.

This course will give you a rapid, convenient and robust legal compliance with HSE regulations. You will learn how to manage a First Aid Kit and what the relevant contents should be, calling emergency services, how to control the risk of infection, the safe way to wash your hands and more. Whilst you will not become a qualified first aider after this course although you may wish to go on and undertake one of our practical courses if we fire your interest!
If that doesn’t work, try abdominal thrusts.Stand behind them and place your fist between their navel and the bottom of their ribcage.
Any burn or scald bigger than a postage stamp needs medical attention.DON’T attempt to break blisters or apply adhesive dressings. Then tilt their chin up to keep their airway open.DON’T try to restrain them or put anything in their mouth. Always call an ambulance, as they may suffer from “secondary drowning”, which occurs when the air passages swell up. If there is a subject you’d like to learn more about, but can’t find a course, just let us know.
Attendance and successful completion of the course qualifies students for a full three years.
Grasp your fist with your other hand and forcefully press inward and upward.Repeat up to five times. It could block the airway or damage their teeth and, if the jaw spasms, you could get bitten. Depress the chest by one third of its depth, then release.Repeat 30 times at a rate of two compressions per second, then give two “rescue breaths”. The syllabus includes… * Responsibilities and reporting * Assessment of the situation * Dealing with an unresponsive casualty * Basic hygiene in First Aid * Burns * Epilepsy * Resuscitation * Anatomy * Minor injuries * Bleeding control * Choking * Shock Our modern training venue includes ample free parking, free refreshments and free Wi-Fi. When their chest rises, remove your lips and repeat.Continue with 30 compressions followed by two rescue breaths until they start breathing or help arrives.
If they are conscious and have chest pain, sit them up with their back and knees supported in a comfortable position and reassure them until the ambulance arrives.DON’T lie them down if you think they’re suffering from a heart attack – it makes it harder to breathe.

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