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Put in your favourite drink or similar item that you can rely upon when life gets hard or you just want an excuse. This emergency product can be mounted on a wall in full view or in the bedroom when just one more drink might be needed, You could even place it on a desk for one of those long days in the office.
This is a decorative product and not actually designed to break in an emergency..just open the top then you can refill it! November 1, 2007 by Gena Riede Leave a Comment Sacramento residents need to seriously think about an emergency box. What would you grab if you received a Reverse 911 call telling you to be out of your home in 15 minutes?
This is what our neighbors in Southern California were told during the recent fires and they had very little time to gather their loved ones, animals and leave.
You won’t have much time devoted to gathering or thinking about what you would like to take.

It was suggested by a friend, Lisa Heindel from New Orleans, to have cash since banks and ATM machines may not be working or open for quite some time during an emergency. Now, is a good time to take videos or photos of your house as well as the inside for insurance purposes. If you would like to add a box called Survival Food, here is a link to purchase meals that are ready to eat just in case there is not the immediate emergency help that we saw for Southern California. Read our Reviews on Yelp & Better Business Bureau.Feel Free to leave one if you worked with Riede Real Estate.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.
Hundreds of craftsmen rely on our product , you can trust the opinion of the professionals. My suggestion is to have a box ready to go if and when we have an emergency here in the Sacramento area.

Just store your photos on a CD, put them in your Emergency box and if needed you have the proof for the Insurance company.
Large capacity to store all the items recommended by emergency services, so that you have all the items needed to get through an emergency.
If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.
You might want to put legal documents into a zip lock bag and then into a metal box for safe keeping. Assemble and maintain your emergency survival items for your home as well as a portable getaway kit in case you have to leave in a hurry.

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