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Eidos Audio, the lower half of the mask, is designed to shut out all ambient sound while allowing the wearer to focus on incoming sound coming from directly in front of them – much like a parabolic microphone.  While this isn’t the first device to perform a function such as this, it is one of the few (if not the only one) that is completely wearable.
Aside from just creating the mask, they’ve also come up with an interesting list of real world applications for the product. Eidos Interactive announced it has reached an agreement to acquire mobile games and content developer Rockpool Games and its two sister companies; Ironstone Partners and SoGoPlay.
Rockpool Games has built a serious reputation as an independent mobile content developer and was a finalist in the Mobile Entertainment Awards "Best Developer" category.
Ironstone Partners is a licensing company which owns an extensive portfolio of Intellectual Property Rights and has operated primarily in the computer and video games, toy, electronics and mobile media markets. Under the agreement, Eidos will acquire the Rockpool's Manchester studios along with 36 staff members who will continue to work on a number of games that are currently in development. Many of their recent game developments have received praises by the press including a series of ten-out-of-ten scores in the last twelve months. Ironstone has licensing relationships across many sectors and manages the Epyx back catalog of classic video games alongside some of the world's most-recognized brands including Top Trumps, Withit and Commodore.

SoGoPlay works with licensed IP and creates its own brands and concepts and publishes them simultaneously via its own gaming portal and well-known gaming websites. Trademarks are the property of their respective owners.Game content and materials Copyright AticoD, Inc.
Rockpool has been entrusted to develop mobile content for some of the most-important brands in the sector, including Worms, MotoGP, Ronnie O'Sullivan and Toca Race Driver. The recent superhero movies have gained so much appreciation because of the fact that it all seems real.
These movies have been able capture such huge audience and fan base because of the way technology has been portrayed. Rather keeping their gadgets a big secret we see the movie explaining how they work and what their purpose is. We have seen replica of Dark Knight’s tumbler and today we are looking at a mask that is somewhat similar to Iron Man’s head gear. By using a directional microphone, the wearer has the ability to target on an isolated sound even in a noisy environment.

The purpose is for the wearer to target a certain person in the crowd and listen to him or her without the surrounding noise making any interruptions. A camera which is the part of mask captures the video, sends it to a computer which adds effects to it and re-sends the video for the mask wearer, all done in real time. The team sees a whole new future for their invention and they see a lot of application of this unique concept to analyze movement and sounds during games. Required fields are marked *CommentName * Email * Website Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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