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Only 20% of executives say their organizations do a good job of supporting strategic priorities. 8 in 10 executives say their companies fail to exit declining businesses or to kill unsuccessful initiatives quickly enough. Find here my practical examples of successfully executing strategy & getting the right things done. On October 23, 1983, in Beirut, Lebanon, two truck bombs struck separate buildings housing United States and French military forces killing 299 American and French servicemen.
Along with Rui, my other childhood friends, then US Marines, would often tell me stories of how service in the military was shaping the people they would become.
Anyone reading this post, and familiar with this blog, will understand where these lessons incorporate a viable Business Operating System, and or Strategic Execution Framework.
In a recent interview with Melinda Emerson, Robert states that he wrote his book to remind everyone that the great leadership skills taught in the military are transferable to entrepreneurship. The training, discipline, and leadership skills taught in the military can be leveraged for huge success in the world of business.
Robert’s most profound revelation comes in his statement, I think this is one that non-military entrepreneurs may find surprising. This will be the DNA you stamp on your enterprise, and a non-negotiable cornerstone required for success.
What leadership & entrepreneurial lessons could you immediately apply to your journey from Robert Kiyosaki‘s book 8 Lessons in Military Leadership for Entrepreneurs? 1) Entrepreneurship, of the instagram type, requires attributes like resilience, courage, curiosity and others that you don’t learn in an MBA program.
2) The right MBA, or any other entrepreneurial education framework, can provide you with the tools, insights & operating system required to increase your probability at succeeding as an entrepreneur.
Like any other valuable contribution from an educational framework, you will have an opportunity to learn about market dynamics, channels, etc. Tags: Agile Manifesto Principles, Business Model Canvas, Business Operating System, entrepreneur, Entrepreneurial Operating System, Entrepreneurship, FounderDating, Four Funnel System, Gary Vaynerchuk, SOMAmetrics, Steven Johnson, Strategic Execution Framework, The Founder’s Dilemmas, THE LEAN STARTUP, WHERE GOOD IDEAS COME FROM Posted in 1.
The secret is in converting the attributes of that mission statement into catalysts for decision making in everyday business.
Survey after survey reveals that the vast majority of employees are not engaged in what they do.
47 percent of executives strongly agree that they can identify with their company’s purpose, compared to just 30 percent of employees. 44 percent of executives say leaders set an example of living that company’s purpose. 41 percent of executives say the company’s purpose plays a role in major business decisions, compared to 28 percent of employees. 38 percent of leaders say their organization’s purpose is clearly communicated, compared to 31 percent of employees.
Project Prioritization FAQ & 5 Signs That You Need Project Prioritization are two MUST READS regardless of your answer.

Let’s start with some solutions for the 5 Signs That You Need Project Prioritization.
Cascade Planning based on a One Page Plan (OPP) is guaranteed to fix this problem because everyone has to fall in line & contribute to the top 3-5 priorities of the organization north of you.
For more than 20 years I’ve followed an Agile Manifesto approach to project management, and or any execution initiative. Tags: Agile, Agile Manifesto, Cascade Planning, Iterative, Leadership, One Page Plan, PMO, Portfolio Management, Priorities, Prioritization, Priority, Program Management, Project Management Posted in 1.
Quite simply, too often training is taking place as an activity without a true north or quantifiable end in mind. As a side note, this also becomes an effective exercise to identify the detractors in your organization that for one reason or another have fallen out of love with your company, and aren’t willing to make peace with whatever cause the rip in the first place. From 1991 to 2000 the same approach was taken at another Fortune 500 company I worked for, there, in addition to our customers success, our own gross margins topped 40%.
Tags: customer success, development, Leadership Development, metrics, OKR, training Posted in 1. DISCLAIMER: I’ve added the source of each article included in the tweet as depending on the status of your subscription to these online publications, you may have difficulty in following some or all of these links. Instead of giving a reward only to people after they meet a goal, give it to everyone in an account that they can see (like an online bank statement or even a physical gift card that isn’t yet activated). Use separate checks or gift cards to deliver benefits that would normally be buried in a pay stub. Turn repetitive activities, like taking medication, into a daily game in which people are eligible to participate only if they took their medication the previous day.
While many years have passed since that period, reading Robert Kiyosaki‘s book 8 Lessons in Military Leadership for Entrepreneurs gave me a unique insight as to what they had been talking about. The great take-away from this book is that even if you’ve never been in the military, you can still apply these valuable lessons.
It gives you the Business Operating System, which otherwise you would have to learn on your own, but they are indeed out there. Surround yourself with smarter people than yourself, and the collective intelligence will elevate your own if you’re purposeful in how you go about it. I’ve seen too many organizations that fall into the bad news category, and ironically the solution is simple. Not just because I am one, and have done this in hundreds of companies across 5 continents for over 20 years, but because I use neutral facilitators myself to give me nonemotional 20-20 vision when I need to make important decisions.
Instead of reading from a script, these new breed instructors were delivering content based on practical & immediate applicability, providing workarounds to custom situations, and thus improving our own success metrics as a consequence of improving our customers health first.
In addition to making sure you know what your priority is for the day, take a quick break (at least by noon) to check-in with yourself on how you’re progressing on that priority.
These emotional anchors that drive our energy & engagement, are what Christine Comaford calls mattering issues in her book Smart Tribes.

Forget for a moment that the originating article is about wellness, and how could these core behavioral science principles move your employees to action toward higher productivity & over achieving your goals? For example, rather than merely encouraging individuals to walk more, create teams whose success depends on each member walking a minimum amount (say, 7,000 steps a day). Such an approach effectively pairs the routine with engaging and emotionally positive experience. And if you have been in the military, then here you’ll find great reminders of what can take you from good to greatness. Too often, the organization seems to be an end in itself; no meaningful link has been forged between the daily tasks of the enterprise and how they serve the customer and better society.
10% increase in sales within 60 days, 20% increase within 120 days & 30% within 6 months. This approach makes the reward tangible and within reach today, when the action needs to happen. To this day, I often think of him, and visualize what further impact he would have on this world had he had the opportunity to execute upon his dreams. The Founder’s Dilemmas, The Business Model Canvas, Lean Start-up, Strategic Execution Framework, Sales Operations (including a 4 funnel system), Agile Manifesto Principles, Cascade Planning, etc. That context being that your employer is making an investment in you as a professional, so that in turn you can deliver a higher degree of performance (ROI). Question: do you have both internal & external ROI objectives as a consequence of your training investment? Better yet, how is your training (first & foremost) focused on driving your customers success as a consequence? It also takes advantage of our natural aversion to loss (people work harder to retain something than to earn it).
Among other things, “they need to know the organization’s mission and to believe in it.” A paycheck, even a fat one, is not enough.
From the very beginning they’re setting an ROI threshold that will determine an early release and or pivot when forecasted ROI drops below a predetermined percentage.
Second, how is your training having a cascade effect within your organization so that everyone is on the same page? No longer can organizations expect to inspire “by satisfying knowledge workers’ greed,” Drucker counseled. But if I have an open mind, a tool like an OPP, and I believe in my organizations core ideology, then I can align with what the rest of the team identifies as a priority.

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