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Get the opportunity to grow your influence by giving your products or services prime exposure with Performance Magazine. Now in their second year, the Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings lists the world’s best colleges and university based on reputation. PERFORMANCE MAGAZINE’s editorial team is open to receiving submissions of original editorials or articles. The United Nations’ annually published Education Index is one of the main components of the widely used Human Development Index.
Commenting Guidelines: GeoCurrents is a forum for the respectful exchange of ideas, and loaded political commentary can detract from that. I think, you can use the results of the PISA surveys fot the more accurate measuring of the educational level.
While there may be some things written in Chinese characters in Korea, it is only for effect, like Roman numerals or very ornate fraktur script. Yes, from what I understand, learning Chinese characters for Koreans is a bit like learning Osmanlica for Turks. GeoCurrents is a forum dedicated to exploring the peoples, places, genes, and languages that are shaping current events around the world. The aim of GeoCurrents is not to take sides on any of these events, but to help foster an enriching and respectful exchange of information and ideas. Eco-Authoritarian Catastrophism: The Dismal and Deluded Vision of Naomi Oreskes and Erik M. Today’s GeoCurrents post offers free customizable maps of Turkey, Oman, Germany, and Georgia. If you have a great product or service you'd like to let our targeted audience know about, you can sponsor the development of this site with your promotion.
Les ecologistes apprennent avec surprise le lancement d’un marche public envers les associations pour les nouveaux creneaux de l’amenagement des rythmes educatifs « ARE ».

Le premier atelier de travail ouvert a toutes et tous aura lieu le lundi 22 avril a 19 h au 6 bis rue Chaudron, Paris 10eme.
Using an online graphing tool to graph America's history of war dead helps students understand the significance of Memorial Day.
In this lesson, students use an Internet-based tool (provided) or graphing software to create graphs showing our nation's "history of sacrifice." The graphs serve as visual reminders of those who fought for our country so we might enjoy the freedom we have today, and of the reasons we pause each year on Memorial Day to remember those who gave their lives. In order for students to see clearly the number of people whose lives we remember on Memorial Day, have them create a graph in which they illustrate all the conflicts in which 1000 or more lives were lost. Click to return to this week's Lesson Planning article, Remembering Those Who Gave Their Lives: Lessons for Memorial Day. APOutstanding student debt in America has hit $1 trillion, students are on the streets of Quebec, demanding no rises in tuition fees, and French professors are bemoaning the rising costs and "Harvardization" of higher education. Using data from the report "Global Higher Education Rankings 2010", from Higher Education Strategy Associates, we've compared the costs of education (largely tuition, but also books and other fees) in 15 countries, and also looked at the median household income to come up with an "affordability" score (the lower the percentage, the more affordable the tuition fee). In a bid to give some context to the fees, we've also included the highest university in the Times Higher Education world rankings for 2011 - 2012, and the number of universities in the top 100. An accurate portrayal of educational differences among the various countries of the world would be very beneficial.
The key, for example, uses the wrong color for the highest category, which I highlight by placing a square of that color on the United States.
We ask that you as a reader keep this in mind when sharing your thoughts in the comments below. Tel qu’il est formule, cet appel d’offres reduit les associations a de simples prestataires de services mis en concurrence et devant etre disponibles sur l’ensemble du territoire parisien.
C’est la premiere etape d’une serie de visites aux abords des ecoles dans differents quartiers de Paris. Talk about the number of conflicts from the American Revolution to Operation Iraqui Freedom.

This cool tool offers you four graphing options; for this lesson, the bar graph or pie graph tools are best. I have my suspicions, however, about the Education Index, which “is measured by the adult literacy rate (with two-thirds weighting) and the combined primary, secondary, and tertiary gross enrollment ratio (with one-third weighting).” But does Kazakhstan really belong in a higher educational category than Switzerland, Singapore, and Japan?
The highest and lowest color categories, moreover, are difficult to differentiate; the former is dark green and the latter dark red, but both look more “dark” than either red or green. Note as well that Pakistan, but not Afghanistan, also falls into the lowest color category. It doesn’t take into account the more elementary levels of education (so countries in the less educated belt are not likely to be tested in a sensible way by PISA).
Since the numbers of casualties are so large for some wars, older students will be able to do this much more easily than younger students; younger students might round off all numbers to the nearest thousand since unrounded numbers will have little meaning to them anyway. Such findings rest on the premise that all countries are able, and willing, to gather and publish accurate data on such issues, which is not necessarily the case. What surprises me about the index discussed in the post is the way that the two measures are weighted. And if Japan has the most difficult writing system, Korea probably does have the easiest, or at least most logically constituted, writing system in the world. Korean scholars generally do have to learn Chinese characters, but for most people they are not necessary.
I think that it is safe to assume that Japanese students in secondary school on average work more intensively than those in Greece, Uruguay, and the United States.

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