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A business degree remains a popular choice for those looking to pursue practical job skills through higher education. Many of you may already have a full-time job that requires a fair amount of business acumen. Business degrees are among the most versatile options for those looking for new career opportunities. Write For UsIf you are interested in writing an article or submit a post please click here.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. This paper helps Management Information and Business Intelligence related projects build a solid foundation for their reporting business requirements gathering. They are one of the first tasks and are widely used in every stage of a project’s lifecycle.
The Determining Business Requirements program is for anyone who participants in, or leads teams involved in developing the early business requirements. Instructional methods for this two day course are lecture, discussion, video, detailed case study workshops and presentations. Understand the concepts of Business Case and Business Requirements and place them within the Project Life Cycle. Identify the potential stakeholders and roles needed within the business and the business requirements project environment. Work with sponsors to develop the Projecta€™s Mission, Scope and a€?Critical Success Factorsa€?. Identify potential problem and opportunity areas, identify disconnects and perform gap analysis to develop the business requirements of potential a€?endstatesa€? (a€?shouldbea€? states). Follow a process to identify and evaluate alternative a€?endstatea€? solutions and develop recommendations and requirements of the a€?desiredendstatesa€? (a€?shouldbea€?).
Understand and address the impact of change on the people, and how this affects the business requirements project. Total Systems Education is renowned for working closely with clients, all over the world, to design and deliver training that exactly fits their specific needs.
By some estimates over a fifth of all undergraduate degrees awarded in the United States are business degrees.
Most universities will offer a set of core courses to train you in the rudiments of finance, accounting, controls, marketing, budgeting and human resource management.
You may still be interested in honing your skills and signaling to your employers that you are ready to take the next step in your career.
Business skills are required in all major industries, financial institutions and the government sector.
Authors around the world share their experence, knowledge, tips & tricks about online education and it's careers. It defines the scope of the information needed to design and build dashboards, scorecards and other types of report.
Upon request, demonstrations of Microsoft Visioa„? are included as are any in-house guidelines for project life cycle, approval, funding etc.
We start off talking about the Snowie Bus which, if you do not know, is our Shaved Ice Truck, or our Shaved Ice Bus as we call it.
Business degrees encompass a diverse set of technical and soft skills and many employers are keen to see an aptitude for business and management in their employees. Business degrees also include electives in many diverse fields such as operations management, sales, business development and ethics.

An online business degree is an economical and convenient way to expand your repertoire of skills without having to leave your present job. People in all walks of life can benefit from additional exposure on managing people and resources. These documents will be used by the Business Sponsors as input to the decision of whether or not the project should proceed with the Functional Specifications. It is our food truck type vehicle from which you can serve shaved ice, ice cream, and many other products as well.
The most extensive business curriculums will include several courses on soft skills such as negotiation, leadership and teamwork. In fact, the combination of classroom studies and practical experience will allow you to really appreciate the business degree.
A business degree will thus allow you to keep your options open and prepare you for roles requiring responsibility and leadership.
The workshop follows and reinforces the PMI (Project Management Institute) Project Scope Management and other related Knowledge Areas. You will always want to make sure that your Snowie Bus is plugged in at night for the next day.
Schools will also focus on offering language classes and courses in psychology, sociology and computers to ensure that business students are equipped with a diverse set of skills. The best thing about business degrees is that they are designed to be practical and tailored to the current requirements of the market.
Those involved with PMI and the Project Management Professional a€“ PMP program are awarded 14 PDUs or a€?Contact Hoursa€?. These certifications also allow us to award PDUs and CDUs to participants involved in the professional credentialing processes for PMP, CAPM, CBAP and the newly developed CCBA.
Associate degrees in business tend to focus on the fundamentals without offering too many electives.
Schools that offer business degrees often collaborate with local employers to design the curriculum. Business skills can also be learned through pursuing certificates in specific areas of study like consumer marketing and financial trading.
This ensures that curriculum does not grow obsolete and graduates are well prepared for the nuances of the job market.
If you drain those batteries completely, it may take you 48 hours to complete that full charge. Business degrees also emphasize work experience and practical skills and try to promote network by providing many resources for students to interact with each other and potential employers. In fact the linkage between employers and business schools is so strong that it is extremely common for these same employers to recruit the business graduates.
This is important because if you drain the batteries for the shaved ice side, your vehicle battery remains untouched.
Therefore, no matter how busy your event was, you will always be able to start your vehicle and get home.To plug it in, we discuss how you will have a cord that comes with your bus. We also have an adapter that comes with that so you can plug it into a regular outlet in your home, which is sufficient to charge the batteries, run the air conditioner, and heat your hot water supply. If you are able to plug your bus into a 30 amp breaker, that is always better and thus allows you to pull a greater amount of power when necessary.We talk about the air conditioner a fair amount. You are able to use the air conditioner that comes stock with the van that the bus is built on while you are traveling, but you cannot use the RV style air conditioner that is mounted on the roof.
The reason for that is that it will drain your batteries in about an hour if you were to do so.

This is important to mention, because as you will see later in the video, when you try to run a 3000 Ice Shaver off of a 2000 watt generator, it will not even spin.While continuing that thought, we carry our discussion into the Power required by our Ice Shavers. It is important to take note that you will want to run as short of an extension cord as possible. You will lose available power, the longer that cord is.If you have to run a long cord, you will need to bump the gauge of your cord up (which means a smaller number on the rating). But if I am required to run a 100 foot extension cord in order to get power to my stand, then I will want to go with a 10 gauge cord. Notice that moving from a 14 to a 10 was an increase in the thickness of the extension cord.We show you examples in the video of how a thinner cord will deliver less volts over a long distance.
This will make your shaver run poorly and also has the potential to hurt your shaver over time.I have personally received a few phone calls where people will ask me why their ice shaver is not shaving.
Either your blade has dulled, which you should notice over time, or your shaver does not have enough power. If it is hesitating or struggling to spin, that is a perfect indicator that it is not receiving the power that it needs.We then move our discussion into the stands. We call it a building because it is enclosed, air conditioned, you can leave it onsite (ie.
When you are in a stationary location, you will want to do everything you can to get 220 power run to your stand.
If you cannot do that or they cannot supply that kind of power, then you will want to run two 110 power sources from two different breakers. This way you are able to run your shaver from one of those sources, and the rest of your building will run on the other.Please note that if you are running a 220 power source to your building, you are still running 110 within the building.
So all of your equipment like water pumps, water heaters, lights, air conditioning, and your ice shaver are all 110.
I want to clarify this because we will have people think they need to purchase a 220 Watt Ice Shaver to accommodate that power supply. The only reason we offer the shaver in 220 option is for those who live in other countries where their power supply is always 220.We refer to a forum entry on our website that talks about power requirements for a building. These are commonly used for Christmas lights so every night they turn themselves off whether you remember them or not.
This is a great device to use on your ice merchandizer (ice box you get from the ice company). Because that box is cold and all of your ice is frozen, it will keep itself cold during your working hours without requiring power. You then have it automatically turn on again at night and it freezes hard for the next day.This works best when you have a lot of ice in the box. If you have very little ice, then there is not much to keep the box cold and it will loose its cold more quickly.We also discuss a hybrid option, which is to run a 12 volt ice shaver from batteries and the rest of your stand off of a 20 amp breaker provided by the location or event. This can be a great option because the batteries for the ice shaver can be charging all night, but when it is business time, none of the powerful surge required by your shaved ice machine will affect your power at all.
The downfall with this option as Gordon addresses, is that it is more costly to setup like this initially. You are better off to put your money into a generator unless you know you are doing events where they prevent the use of generators.

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