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Help students to understand why a physical exam is an important part of every vet visit Show students how to perform a physical exam.
Point out that normal values (temperature, respiratory rate, and heart rate) are for different animal species. At the end you might mention other examination procedures that need to be done periodically, such as fecal and blood exams for parasites. Ears - evaluate amount and type of wax, look for ticks, mites, or foreign objects, look at the ear drum and make sure it is intact. Mouth - check for tartar on the teeth, check capillary refill time (tell the students what this tells you about the animal), check the tongue, and look at the back of the throat for anything that might be stuck.
Glands -feel for enlargement of lymph nodes and such (explain what would cause enlargement). Neck - palpate trachea, feel for any lumps or bumps, and palpate the suprascapular lymph nodes.

Lungs-listen to all lung fields (listening for crackles, wheezes, or increased bronchovesicular sounds). Follow-on lessons left for the teacher to present deal with topics that relate to a physical examination: signalment, body sounds, and body temperature.
The downloaded file folder from our Web site may have brochures that you or the school can print out for students to take home to parents to commemorate your visit and explain a little of what you did. Make certain the school will allow you to bring a dog, one that is muzzled and good around children. A good teaching tactic after you have demonstrated how to do a physical exam is to ask one student at a time to come up and demonstrate an aspect of the instruction that you have just given. Mention that one of the follow-up lessons involves body sounds and has an activity involving design of stethoscopes.
Include discussion of what you plan to bring and talk about in addition to the material in the veterinarian’s PowerPoint presentation.

These students have short attention spans and have not had years of conditioning to traditional lecture.
Another lessons deals with temperature and warm-bloodedness, and another with the history of a given animal patient. At appropriate points in the slide show, interrupt to talk about related experiences in your practice, such as stories about cases you have seen and treated. Talk about what you know that illustrates how animal research is used in both veterinary and human medicine.

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