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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Guest Lecture taken for about 100 students of Master in Business Economics course of Delhi University. Every year, new schools and colleges are being opened in almost all cities in India, but the quality education is still a long awaited dream for millions of Indian students. In schools and colleges, lots of attention is given to theory and books and practical knowledge is completely ignored. Problems solving skills are one of the most important things that are required when students complete their studies and look for jobs to earn money and build up their career. Schools and colleges in India demand student’s performance in terms of marks and they are not well exposed to the external world.
Here's a tiny attempt to help out aspiring engineers, doctors, and Civil services students to get some info we've especially created to let them know more about competitive exams. Nearly twice the number of Native Americans live below the poverty line than other Arizonans and they graduate high school at a rate 12 percent lower than other Arizonans, so tribal and public education leaders are working together to find ways to help students succeed. The report looks at the academic performance of 67,261 Native American students in Arizona, about 6 percent of all Arizona students, and will be available online at the Inter Tribal Council of Arizona’s website at the end of July. Moore and Travis Lane, acting assistant director of the Inter Tribal Council of Arizona, led Arizona State University American Indian Studies graduate student researchers Eric Hardy, Justin Hongeva, Waquin Preston and Emery Tahy in developing the report that details academic performance, demographics, current literature on education and promising practices. National Assessment of Educational Progress reading scores for eighth grade Native American students in Arizona increased two points to 240 from 2005 to 2011, yet Arizona’s Native American students scored 12 points lower than Native American students nationally and about 25 points lower than the national average, according to the Rigor and Relevance in Indian Education report.
NAEP math scores for eighth grade Native American students in Arizona dropped three points to 253 from 2005 to 2011, 12 points lower than Native American students nationally, and 31 points lower than the national average, according to the report. An advisory committee of the Inter Tribal Council of Arizona, Helios Education Foundation, WestEd, Arizona School Boards Association and other key education leaders brought together a group of thought leaders to focus on issues and discuss how to respond at the Tribal Leaders Education Gathering at Ak-Chin Indian Community in March. One promising practice mentioned in the Rigor and Relevance in Indian Education report is how STAR School integrates Navajo language and culture into their curriculum. The community school near the southwest corner of the Navajo Nation also teaches all students the basics of speaking the Navajo language. American Sign Language is also taught to the school’s pre-school students, who “were coming into school nearly two years delayed in their academic preparation,” Sorensen said.
These values and skills help students “grow up to be contributing members of society” as employers seek workers who are respectful and have the ability to cooperate with each other, Sorensen said. Three graduates from the school been named Gates Millennium Scholars, and several students are Arizona Regents Scholars, Sorensen said. There is day-to-day coordination between the tribe’s education office and school districts to make sure students are in school and on-track. Elders remind students during tutoring sessions their individual education is important for the survival of the entire community.

In addition to wraparound services including tutoring, evening courses and free summer school available to all Phoenix Union High School District students, Native American students also have access to the district’s Native American Education Program, said Evie Cortes-Pletenik, curriculum director for language acquisition programs, student services, multicultural programs and diversity for the district.
The district has about 600 Native American students, and their graduation rate is 72 percent, said Craig Pletenik, communications manager for Phoenix Union High School District. The program’s specialist, Judy Basham, leads five Native American advisors who divide their time between two school campuses each to make sure students graduate and succeed in their college and career endeavors by regularly checking students’ academic progress, attendance, referrals, connecting students with campuses services, and providing information to students and parents.
The advisers also assist school staff with understanding cultural issues, and work with students and parents as part of Title VII Johnson O’Malley funding, Pletenik said. Baboquivari Unified School District implemented the new standards two years earlier than most Arizona schools, embedded language and culture within the curriculum, and made language and culture credits required for high school graduation. The Arizona Department of Education and tribal governments development of a Native American Language Certificate for Native American language speakers to teach their language in Arizona classrooms.
The education department of New York City is the largest school & education system in entire US. The education department of New York City covers effectually all the five boroughs of the city. Parochial Schools – A parochial school is a special kind of school that ardently provides religious education to the students along with the conventional education. The NYC department of education hierarchy is described below in brief with all the levels of education system along with brief description. Higher educational level – This level of education system of the NYC department of education hierarchy provides high-level educational certification & study to the students. Secondary educational level – This is the middle level educational system that supports the elementary education that is a must for every child to finish. Primary educational level – This is the lower most educational level in NYC department of education but equally important. When these students pass the exam, they forget all the things they have studied due of lack of practical experience.
They don’t like starting their own business because they are of the view that they can’t become a business person and face the challenges during the circulation of their business. The education system should give equal chance to all students irrespective of their cast and creed. We, as Disha Team, have solemnly tried to be at your service by providing sufficient Competitive exam-database to help you a bit more. 123 Community comes together to support education at #Now It Starts rally AZ groups inventing what STEM learning looks like Can STEM wire students for success? An average of more than 1.1 million students is taught in New York City in over 1700 separate schools. The education department of New York City is run by the Chancellor of New York City Schools.

This is the key point that differentiates the NYC department of education hierarchy from other area’s education hierarchies.
In NYC department of education hierarchy, the government supports following three Parochial Schools.
The pattern followed is with a top down approach means the highest level is positioned at the top while at the end is the lowest educational level. The courses this level supports include Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, high level diplomas, Doctorates, Ph.D.
The schools that support this educational level are normally referred to as High Schools in NYC. Since this is the level when a child starts his study and gets to learn basic of life from reading to writing to well behaving with others. The absence of Entrepreneurship abilities is halting the progress of our country in several fields.
Senate committee about ESSA Tucson Unified offers scholarships for Young Entrepreneurs Academy Arizona’s Healthy Lunchtime Challenge winner went to Washington D.C. The entire educational department of New York City is a branch of NY’s municipal government. NYC educational system is quite similar to the general educational system that most of the nations follow. A student spends most of his childhood & teenage life during completing this educational level in his life. It is highly essential to start personality development program is schools and colleges to improve the education standards.
Lots of technological and scientific improvements are taking place in India and therefore the courses are Graduate and post graduates must be updated as per the industrial and technological development. But there is one exception that makes the NYC educational system quite different as well as unique from other educational systems. So it is correct to say that this level is the foundation level of a child’s life & future.
This problem should be taken into notice as soon as possible and do some serious work to change the situation as soon as possible.

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