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We have over ten extraordinary marine science programs, each one challenging, hands-on and rewarding in itsown unique way. Broadreach offers 70+ global education and skill-building summer adventures in 40+ countries for middle school, high school and college students.
Our 12 Day adventures hone in on the essence of Broadreach a€“ hands-on skill building, real-world cultural experiences, meaningful service opportunities and endless fun. Designed specially with our experienced Broadreachers in mind, these programs challenge our alumni in new ways and take their global learning to the next level.
Explore your passions alongside like-minded teens in some of the worlda€™s most incredible places on our Full Length Programs. Join a small group of teens your age and set off to places like Costa Rica, Peru, the Caribbean or even Fiji.
Broadreach programs take place in every corner of the world and teach you unique skills like scuba diving, wilderness medicine, Spanish conversation and even underwater photography. Whatever path you pursue, the ability to speak another language will only expand your futureopportunities. In wildlife refuges, field stations, animal hospitals or out in the rainforest, learn alongside experts in settings no classroom can match. Our global, multisport learning and adventure programs will thrill and challenge you in unexpected ways. Nothing can prepare you for the freedom and wide-open adventure of sailing in places most sailors only dream about.
All over the world, individuals and organizations are working on incredible projects and initiatives that are saving lives, improving schools, and keeping habitats and ecosystems healthy and protected. Develop the skills, experience and know-how to help turn your passion for diving into a future career.
DiscoveryThese trips offer a broad mix of activities across a variety of educational focus areas and are a great jumping off point for your Broadreach journey. Hop aboard a floating classroom for an intense marine biology expedition led by expert scientists. The Houston Chronicle is the premier local news provider for the country's 4th largest city.
Currently the nation's sixth-largest newspaper, the Houston Chronicle is a multimedia company publishing print and online products in English and Spanish that reach millions of people each month. Established in 1985, the Department of Marine Engineering is a leader in marine engineering education in Taiwan.
Our faculty consists of 5 professors, 7associate professors and 3 lecturers with strong backgrounds in the research and development of marine engineering and technology and related areas.
Research Focus on our department has developed a wide range of research in different fields. Help care and rehabilitate injured marine animals and get involved in research and education projects.
The first, published today by scientists from the Marine Planning and Environmental Advice Programme at MSS presents new maps of sensitive areas for fisheries.
The maps were produced using a modelling approach “Species Distribution Modelling” which uses information about the habitat and records of young fish from survey data to show areas of Scottish seas where young fish have been aggregating.
The report provides an update and builds on previous “Nursery Area” maps that have been used for more than a decade, to ensure that appropriate protection is afforded these areas from disturbance. Posted on December 19, 2014 with tags europe, info, issues, Licensing, marine, needed, New, News by topic, planning, Science, Scotland.
SMRU Marine – collaborating with a team of researchers at the University of St Andrews, led by Prof.
Laws allowing the creation of nature reserves at sea and coastal access paths are expected to be passed later. Oceans, seas, estuaries and lakes are major providers of ecosystem goods and services such as food, tourism and coastal protection.
Here you can find the general programme outline for Aquaculture and Marine Resource Management and more detailed information about courses, theses and internships. Read more about how the Master Aquaculture and Marine Resource Management is related to other programmes and what makes the Master Aquaculture and Marine Resource Management unique. Read more about your career perspective and opportunities after finishing the programme Aquaculture and Marine Resource Management.
Visiting Wageningen University is the best way to meet students and experience student life. Include the BSc minor Marine Living Resources in you Bachelor programme for an optimal preperation of the Master Aquaculture and Marine Resource Management. Our marine science adventures are about active, experiential learning alongside marine scientists and researchers working in the field. Thata€™s a lot of different types of programs, and it can be overwhelming to try to figure out exactly where to begin. With three levels to choose from: Discovery, Explorer, and Expedition, join us as you make life-long friends and accomplish more than you thought possible. Our middle school adventures will give you a chance to step out into the world and try your hand at new experiences. Broadreachers venture to every corner of the planet to sail and scuba dive, study sharks, master languages, preserve fragile ecosystems and help local communities thrive.
The warm water, gentle trade winds and lush islands of the Caribbean are where our first adventures took place over 23 years ago.

At Broadreach, we believe the best way to learn a language is to incorporate vocabulary and conversation practice into real-world experiences that align with your passions and challenge your comfort zone. Explore relevant topics in conservation and animal science, and then watch them come to life during hands-on activities and research. Trek through lush jungles in Costa Rica and rappel down massive waterfalls en route to a Class IV rafting expedition.
In our digital era, technology has opened new and interesting ways of capturing imagery and expressing our individual points of view. An accredited PADI Five Star Dive Center, we offer the most varied and in-depth dive training in the world. While the desire to effect change in needy communities is admirable, the challenges and roadblocks that often arise - including infrastructure, weather, detractors, politics and money - arena€™t always so easy to overcome.
Climb aboard and prepare for an extraordinary live-aboard scuba and sail adventure through the best of the Caribbean. Whether ita€™s your first time abroad, your first time underwater or your first taste of a new passion, youa€™ll experience the best of Broadreach in a way thata€™s easy and fun.ExplorerThese adventures build on what youa€™ve mastered on our Discovery level programs.
Above and below water, discover the wide diversity of life in the Caribbean's vast turquoise ecosystem. This Department was separated from the Department of Marine Engineering in the College of Maritime Science to accept students who graduated from either junior colleges or vocational high schools. Part-time lecturers are invited as needed to offer their academic and industrial expertise. Most of our projects are funde1d by NSC (National Science Council), COA (Council of Agriculture), EPA (Environment Protection Administration), MOTC (Ministry of Transportation and Communication), CSBC (China Shipbuilding Corporation) and other private and public corporations.
These show areas of sea used by key commercial fish species during vulnerable stages of their life cycle, in this case, aggregations of fish in their first year of life (known as 0-group fish). The outputs will be used to inform planning and licensing of marine developments and be made available for oil spill response.
The House of Lords is due to vote on a bill permitting marine conservation zones to be developed around England and Wales. In many cases, exploitation levels have bypassed the carrying capacity of these ecosystems leading to devastating effects on biodiversity and ecosystem functioning.
Students share their experiences with you about Aquaculture and Marine Resource Management and student life in Wageningen. There are several activities your can attend: you can visit an open day or be a student for a day.
Where else can you spend a few weeks kayaking with breaching whales, tagging nesting sea turtles on a moonlit beach or scuba diving in waters that become your classroom? To make your search easier and more focused, wea€™ve hand-selected a few programs that are ideal for those new to Broadreach.
Push off on a Caribbean livea€“aboard voyage to explore the islands and learn new skills like scuba and sailing while earning multiple certifications to mark your achievements.
If youa€™re studying shark behavior and habitat conservation in Fiji, for example, we see real academic value in putting on scuba gear and getting in the water with these incredible creatures.
To this day, no other destination better embodies our core principles of hands-on discovery, adventure, skill building and working as a team to achieve an unparalleled experience.
In places like Peru, Spain, the French West Indies, Costa Rica and Nicaragua, improve your fluency while doing extraordinary things like volunteering on projects that improve and sustain local communities, assisting real patients in medical clinics and connecting deeply with people and customs from around the world. Youa€™ll be given unprecedented access to learn from some of the top veterinarians, conservationists and biologists in their respective fields, and practice putting new skills to use in real situations.
Snorkel with whale sharks and the occasional manta ray, and camp out under the stars on Fraser Island in Australia. The opportunity to create something powerful, beautiful and memorable is no longer confined to just the fine arts but is accessible to almost anyone with a smartphone and internet connection. Our advanced scuba programs are designed for experienced divers ready for a higher level of thrill and challenge. Our International Development programs will show you how a passion to do good is turned into strategic and effective solutions to real-world problems.
Or if youa€™re new to Broadreach, but already have relevant experience, these programs will challenge you with more advanced activities, more remote locations and a greater emphasis on the program focus.
A BS in marine engineering is provided and a MS program in marine engineering will accept enrollment in the year 2001. Melissa Moore from the Marine Conservation Society explains the significance of the changes. To preserve marine biodiversity and its ecosystem functions innovative and sustainable solutions are necessary. Above and below the water, examine diverse marine ecosystems and come closer to understanding the vastness and mysteries of the ocean and its creatures. They require no specific experience of any kind, just genuine curiosity and a willingness to allow your horizon to be blown wide open. Everywhere we go we look for ways to complement academic theory with hands-on experience alongside professionals in the field. Whatever program you choose, you'll be inspired by great adventures and challenged with learning experiences unlike anything youa€™ve done before. Imagine sun shining on your face, laughter mixed with music and your sails pulled tight to the wind. When you return home from your Broadreach summer, youa€™ll be more confident in your language abilities and more inspired to pursue your dreams on a global scale.

Kayak through mangroves, hike to a cloud forest and surf the famous breaks of Panamaa€™s Santa Catalina. Broadreach embraces this changing dynamic and enables students to explore their creative voices across traditional and digital mediums in some of the worlda€™s most spectacular destinations. Led by expert instructors, you and a tight-knit group will rapidly advance your skills while diving remote parts of the planet few people ever get to see. Work at an organic coffee farm cooperative in Guatemala on a trip that explores the inner working of nonprofits. A 2-year program for students graduated from junior colleges and a 4-year program for students graduated from vocational high schools both lead to the BS degree.
Therefore, young professionals are needed with a integrative approach of marine ecosystem management.
From sharks in Fiji to marine mammals in British Columbia to rare corals in the Caribbean, our expert-led programs will deepen your passion for exploration and strengthen your commitment to conservation. You can bet on lots of fun and adventure, but ita€™s the valuable skills and knowledge you bring home that will have a lasting impact.Each of the programs here perfectly embodies our unique approach to learning through hands-on experiences out in the real world.
Youa€™ll return home with an impressive list of achievements and certifications, not to mention newfound friendships and incredible stories to tell.We offer over 70 unique programs that vary by interest, length, cost, destination and skill level.
Discover the magic of the underwater world as you glide past vibrant coral gardens and mysterious wrecks. Broadreach medicine programs combine training in community, emergency and wilderness medicine with a focus on first responder skills, plus global and public health research. In small groups led by expert naturalists and outdoor guides, youa€™ll explore the natural world in a way thata€™s unlike your typical wilderness trip or summer camp. Whether painting in Portugal, composing and editing digital photographs in Iceland, filming and producing videos in Scandinavia or weaving multimedia stories together in Cuba, our programs promote artistry, develop technical skills and inspire a lifelong passion to continue creating. In iconic dive sites throughout the YucatA?n Peninsula, Bali, Fiji and the Caribbean, plunge below to explore vibrant reefs, mysterious wrecks and underwater caverns inhabited by a stunning array of marine life. In Brazil, live among the Jauperi tribe and see how they practice sustainable agriculture in the Amazon rainforest.
The curriculum is designed to help students to develop professional-level skills in design, manufacturing, inspection, management, operation and maintenance of marine power and auxiliary systems.
Every Broadreach student will earn a combination of community service hours and internationally recognized certifications as proof of their achievements.
Shadow in-country journalists in Thailand and Laos, learning what foreign investigative reporting is all about. For some, Broadreach is about pursuing a passion or advancing their skills in a particular area. Explore lush volcanic craters and feel the thrill of releasing a hawksbill turtle back into the ocean. In India, examine the impact of public health within different communities while shadowing doctors in local clinics and pharmacies. Plus, on any of our adventure programs, youa€™ll travel places most teens your age have never dreamed of and learn invaluable skills for a lifetime of adventure.
Earn multiple advanced PADI certifications such as Master Diver, Rescue Diver and Emergency First Responder, as well as unique specialties like Night Diver, Deep Diver and Underwater Naturalist. Or in Cambodia, meet people and communities who have successfully used microloans to lift themselves out of poverty.
No matter which program you decide is right for you, in the end youa€™ll leave with great memories, lifelong friends and endless inspiration to draw upon as you continue exploring the world. Or take a kayak adventure through the straits of British Columbia and study whales in their natural environment. Live aboard a yacht and learn how to crew the vessel with 10-12 new friends youa€™ll keep for a lifetime. The skills you build will stay with you throughout your future academic pursuits and beyond.
With this kind of experience under your weight belt, youa€™ll move from dive enthusiast to dive expert.
This course will open your eyes to the joys as well as the realities of community service, and inspire you to find new ways to make a positive impact in the world. No experience is required to embark on a journey marked by incredible achievements and filled with lasting memories. Earn your Wilderness First Responder (WFR) certification in Belize, practice mock rescue simulations and learn how to stabilize an injured patient, check vital signs, perform CPR and assist in an evacuation. Martin, to some of the best dive sites across the Caribbean, we'll help you take the next big leap in your dive career.
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In these fascinating corners of the world, you may just find your future calling in medicine.
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