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Increasing the number of teachers in South Africa and providing more scholarships for new teachers however must be accompanied by firm measures to enhance the quality of teacher education, measures that attract the best to teach, and ensures a conducive and enabling learning environment. The Minister’s announcements and commitments to education and teachers in South Africa come at a time when a new education agenda is being developed internationally for post-2015 to replace the current Millennium Development Goals. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
What are the UK‘s infrastructure needs in order to support economic growth while achieving environmental goals.
Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Education is fundamental to building healthy societies and economies, but a lack of teachers in many countries is holding back progress. The Global Goals have a specific goal aimed at ensuring every child has access to a quality education by 2030, but data from the UN shows that to achieve this we will need to recruit nearly 26m new teachers.
Currently Nigeria faces the biggest shortages – the West African nation needs an additional 380,000 teachers. The UN also outlines the countries that are closing their teaching gaps, with progress being made particularly in Africa.

Various initiatives have made this possible, including a strategic government plan in Mozambique, the Global Partnership for Education investment in Chad and a World Bank project in Guyana. Image: A teacher writes the phrase “Today it is the start of the new school year” on the blackboard of her classroom on the first day of the new school year at a primary school in Nice, September 3, 2013. The allocation of schoolbooks within the medium term framework is an important step towards quality education. At the heart of education reforms must be a commitment to quality teaching and learning to ensure inclusive growth, social cohesion and learner attainment.
This is an agenda that is shared in South Africa and that seeks to place teachers, teaching, and teacher education at the heart of a renewed focus on education quality. This infographics looks at the investment needed as well as how specific drivers such as population growth have impacted those needs. India also faces shortages in excess of 350,000, while Indonesia needs nearly 190,000 more teachers. Mozambique is due to end its teacher shortage by 2020, while also reducing the pupil-to-teacher ratio.
As such, measures to finance the training of teachers must be linked to systemic and system wide issues, one of which could be developing an effective deployment system to ensure that the most able and competent teachers are in the schools that need them most.

It is also why, as the Centre for International Teacher Education (CITE) at Mowbray Campus, we have set about doing research that addresses a series of questions about who our teachers are, where they come from, what training they receive, where they end up on graduation, what support they receive as teachers on graduation, and what impact they have on the lives of the learners they are teaching.
Chad, Guyana and Mali should close their gaps shortly after, in 2022, based on current trends.
Such an environment will require the building of trust and accountability amongst education professionals, who take pride in being members of the teaching profession and who provide a service that make them agents of positive social change and transformation.
We focus on these issues because we believe that they will lay an important foundation for critical, evidence-based dialogue about policy work that improves policy implementation in teacher education. The provision of 3.1 billion for Funza Lushaka bursaries for teachers is a further investment in the right direction as teachers are crucial to the strengthening of an education system that promotes social cohesion through and within schools across our country.

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