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Although school staff reported a willingness to intervene in bullying situations, less than 40 percent of staff reported being directly involved in formal bullying prevention activities. So, why do politicians, regulators and corporations pretend we have a NATIONAL MOUNTAIN regarding education?
I hope to address some of the above points later, but more importantly, I hope to encourage individuals to look beyond the government school model as a solution to individual education needs, or the education of the children or children in your community. Before we can delve into this topic of education being local, and even personal, we must understand the purposes of education. Perhaps education’s most visible purpose to the outside world is to provide knowledge that is converted into skills not previously possessed by the individual. Another purpose of education, not often seen, encompasses the idea of fulfillment of an individual. As I said before, there are a lot of purposes to education, but the ideas of character building, fulfillment and skills development are pretty foundational, and these basics allow us to clearly see why education is a personal or local molehill and NOT a national mountain. In order to better understand why education is NOT a National Mountain, but is a local molehill, we must understand who is being educated and how they are educated. Education occurs when an individual obtains information and the information is stored in the mind or body, and used as the person needs to use it, or as the person chooses to use it.
Perhaps the single greatest infection in the minds of people causing educational disabilities is the mind-set that ALL children learn in a classroom with someone standing in front of them speaking about some subject. Teachers who create environments for self-directed education or encourage questions outside of the tightly enforced curriculum are often the ones students remember.
About Latest Posts Francisco RodriguezFrancisco Rodriguez is the Outreach Director for the Florida Tenth Amendment Center.
The PSAC is proud to offer its members a union education program that ranks among the best and most comprehensive within the Canadian labour movement. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Labor force status of 2014 high school graduates and 2013-2014 high school dropouts.
Virginia has adopted the definition established by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES).
Sources and Updates Calendar for a detailed list of the data resources used for indicator measures on Virginia Performs. Personal education has happened since the beginning of time without the need for a national government to direct it.

Education can have a number of purposes and we could spend hours discussing them, but I do want to highlight the main ones. I’ll be very personal, I am a passionate student of biology…from the visible world of flora and fauna in a nature to the interworking of the human microbiome (fancy word for bacteria that humans have all over their bodies).
Individuals obtain information through a variety of ways determined by the individual: personal make-up. It’s basically an ability, or in computer terms, computational power in a particular area. This mindset is most promoted via the federal government’s education system on a national scale. Our various courses provide members with learning opportunities to develop knowledge, skills, and personal confidence.
Bureau of Labor Statistics, in October 2014 the national unemployment rate for those without a high school diploma was nearly nine percentage points higher than for those who had graduated from high school. But a host of other socio-economic factors also play a significant role, including parental education levels, race, cultural expectations and behaviors, and the availability and consistency of adult and community support. I will simply mention that federal funding and directing or engaging in education in any way is unconstitutional. Government schools basically don’t teach character traits because they are NOT allowed to. I don’t feel any fulfillment or enjoyment from drawing a picture, and honestly no one else would enjoy my picture either. What some would have you believe is that a classroom is being educated, or it is a generation being educated. Howard Gardner, an educational researcher, gives a series of intelligences that drive a person’s ability to learn something from a variety of innate capabilities. Personally, I have some bodily kinesthetic intelligence combined with naturalistic (I really enjoy understanding things via nature).
Union education encourages participation and promotes mutual respect and understanding between members and the union leadership. Only the Southside region saw a slight increase (0.1%) in its high school dropout rate for the 2014-15 school year.
I am going to proceed with the understanding that most who read this blog will understand the limitations the US Constitution places on the federal government.

I have had family experiences  with difficult educational circumstances, including learning disabilities and physical limitations that could have been detrimental long-term. Now, of course, most of this character training should happen at home, but a school should encourage these traits not undermine the teaching of them as government schools do. Most people miss this fulfillment purpose of education and focus on the obtaining of skills purpose above, because skills are easy to measure and fulfillment is more difficult even if you are close to the student, and absolutely impossible from far away. We have nearly 1 million people in the US who work in lawn maintenance, a category of employment based on a set of skills. The way I learn best is when I get to participate with the things I am trying to learn using my stronger computational skills in the areas I just mentioned. What our family discovered, and others who have gone before us found this as well, is that DC is incapable of meeting real personal and family needs.
How many of these 1 million lawn maintenance workers find fulfillment in the skill they have obtained through education? I know this because they assume that education can be done from a centrally planned location for an entire nation.
These skills are often used to meet personal needs, as in the case of the baby, or the needs of others, like the teen driving a friend to the airport. No one is counting that as far as I know, but you can be sure that each one of these workers knows if they feel fulfilled or not in that job…but I digress. Therefore any educational system that attempts a one size fits all model is dangerous to those who do not learn in the way the model requires teachers to teach. Some skills even just meet personal wants, like the satisfaction of capturing beauty in a picture.
But it’s important to ask a few more questions regarding education so that we can see that education is individual and often, self-directed.

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