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If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. Ministry Of Home Affairs is more popular and best Ministry in Bangladesh.Its leads our country.
Bangladesh Meteorological Department Recently published a job circular for the post for various Department.
Three broad physiographic regions are discernible- flood plains, occupying about 80%; terraces about 8% and hills about 12% of the land area, Each of these regions exhibits its own geo-morphological characteristics, which make convenient at further sub-division into 20 generalised physiographic units.
The country criss-crossed by a network of rivers - the Padma, the Jamuna, the Teesta, the Brabmaputra, the Surma, the Meghna and the Karnaphuli and their tributaries numbering about 230 is experiencing its rivers being flattened by heavy silts deposited by these rivers during the rainy season resulting in recurrence of floods almost every year.
Bangladesh is the highest population densities in the world with about 837 inhabitants per sq. Details of some of the disasters from 1990 on wards are appended with this report as FORM-1. Emergency relief following each major disaster in the form of medicines, tents, transports and food-aid were received from the friendly countries and donor agencies. In Bangladesh sustainable development is closely linked with disaster reduction which needs effective disaster management plan. As part of disaster measures, the GoB have taken a number of important steps for management aspects of disaster situation in the country. The GoB have also constituted various Disaster Management Committees at national and field levels as part of disaster counter measures.
National Disaster Management Council (NDMC), headed by the Hon?fble Prime Minister to formulate and review the disaster management policies and issue directives to all concerns.
Cyclone Preparedness Programme Implementation Board (CPPIB), headed by the Secretary, Ministry of Disaster Management & Relief to review the preparedness activities of cyclone. Focal Point Co-ordination Group on Disaster Management (FPCG), Also headed by the Director-General of DMB to review and co-ordinate the activities of various Departments related to disaster management. Co-ordination at various levels of Government and the integration of the best available technical expertise are the essential requirements to ensure effective response to disaster risks and occurrences. Any other functions as are assigned by the Ministry of Disaster Management & Relief from time to time.
In addition to the above organizations there exist a joint venture programme, namely Cyclone Preparedness Programme (CPP) of the Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief and Bangladesh Red Crescent Society. Apart from the above Organisations, The Armed Forces, The Bangladesh Red Crescent Society, other specialised agencies and NGOs participate actively in the disaster reduction activities, rescue and recovery operation and also rehabilitation at the time of disaster. In the backdrop of past experience that disasters can not be effectively faced without strengthening of national institutional capacity and awareness build-.up at all levels of the society, the GoB with the assistance of UNDP and UNICEF has taken up a Project, named ?g Support to Comprehensive Disaster Management ?h The project is under implementation with DMB as its implementing agency. International Co-operation in improving disaster reduction activities in Bangladesh is quite significant. Bilateral assistance, particularly from Japan, in enhancing the technical capacity of the Storm Warning Centre of BMD, while assistance from the International Federation of Red Cross! In addition exchange of views for reduction of disaster affects amongst Asian countries are taken place on regular interval. Of late, there is a global realization that non-structural disaster mitigation programmes must accompany the structural measures for reducing the loss and damages of disasters. Training and Public Awareness building are the major components of non-structural disaster prevention and mitigation programmes.
The disastrous natural events like cyclones of 12 November, 1970, 29 April, 1991 and unprecedented floods of 1987, 1988 attracted the world attention to assist Bangladesh in adopting non-structural measures against disaster. The following table shows the number of training programmes conducted by DMB till December, 1998. Besides, DMB has supported holding of Disaster Management Training workshops in other institutes as well.
Besides government efforts, some NGOs are also involved in Training and Public Awareness activities relating to Disaster Management. In Bangladesh, Urban and Rural Planning Faculty and Water Resources Management Department of Civil Engineering Faculty of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology teach Disaster Management.
In collaboration with DMB, IUBAT also held TOT courses on Disaster management for PTI Instructors.
Although there is no much objective standards to measure the effectiveness of Training and Public Awareness building activities against disaster, the two instances - that while in 1991 cyclone more than 138 thousand people were killed and that the cyclone of 19th May, 1997 having the similar or even more velocity had the casualties of only about 127 persons amply speak that TPA activities have their results as about six hundred thousand people went to shelter places beforehand.
Disaster Management Bureau under the Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief will soon have a WEB page of its own.
DMB has a plan to facilitate the availability of Internet connection to other focal points. Bangladesh has a coastal belt of about 710 km long from Raimongal rivers to the west and Teknaf to the Southeast. Nevertheless, improved performance in coping with disaster under national disaster management plan is a task which is difficult without international collaboration including resource mobilisation in terms of technological and financial help.

The post disaster relief and rehabilitation operation was conducted through the most effective and co-ordinated manner.
For the first time, the American Army and the British Navy were involved in the massive rescue and relief operation. Every person wants a good job in this life.So Ministry Of Home Affairs is good job item in our country. The winter ( December - February), Summer (March-May), Monsoon ( June-September) and Autumn ( October-November). Of these natural disasters, the most important ones to mention are tropical cyclones with associated storm-surges, floods, droughts, tornadoes and river-bank erosions.
Immediately pre-monsoon, and immediately post-monsoon periods are the seasons when cyclones and depressions form in the Bay of Bengal. They pose enormous threats to the population, but at the same time, moderate floods contribute to the fertility of the land. Records show that Bangladesh had, in the recent past, drought conditions having disastrous crop failure.
A severe tornado hit Tangail district of the country on 13th May 1996 causing 540 death and injuring about 34000 people. The major help came from Japan, USAID, India, Canada, Saudi Arabia, UAE, European Union, World Bank, ADB, 1DB, ODA etc.
It has the relevance with National Disaster Management Policy and National Disaster Act, both of which are awaiting adoption by the Government.
Besides designing of a complete code-book for disaster preparedness, namely ?gStanding Orders on Disasters?h which outlines the functions of all concerned agencies to handle emergency situations efficiently, some significant institutional arrangements for disaster counter measures have already been made in Bangladesh. Preparation of contingency Disaster Management Plan by individual department is also reviewed. To meet such requirements, the GoB has designated the Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief (MDMR) with its explicit rules of business and two specialised support organisation under MDMR, namely Disaster Management Bureau (DMB) and Directorate of Relief and Rehabilitation (DRR) as the focal points. The CPP is meant for dissemination of Cyclone warning assistance to people in taking shelter, rescue of the marooned and stranded people, providing First aid to the injured people and assistance in relief and rehabilitation operation. Large amounts of international assistance have been provided to Bangladesh following each major disaster, and in particular after the floods of 1987, 1988 and 1998, and the cyclone of 1991 in response to the enormous requirements for relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction. Crescent Societies has helped to sustain the capabilities of Cyclone Preparedness Programme (CPP) in relation to the dissemination of cyclone warnings.
The objective of Public Awareness Programme is to promote an informed, alert and self-reliant community, capable of playing its full part in support of, and in co-operation with government in all relevant Disaster Management matters. Creation of Disaster Management Bureau (DMB) in 1992 under UNDP and UNICEF assistance was principally intended among other functions to build widespread public awareness against disasters through training and non-formal education.
In a recent month, Bangladesh Public Administration Training Centre (BPATC) arranged a senior-level workshop on Disaster Management with the financial support by UNICEF through DMB. To mention some are CARE International Bangladesh, BDPC, CCDB, CARITAS, PROSHIKA, OXFAM etc. The Department of Geography and Environment of Dhaka university teaches Climtology at Honours courses, Resource Management and Planning in M. Universities, North South university has a strong Environment Studies Department, and People?fs University has Agriculture and Environmental Management Department. Since Disaster Management is a National issue, Hon?fble Prime Minister of Bangladesh ordered ( Prime Ministers Office No.
This page will provide various disaster related information to all user agencies and individuals.
Almost the entire coastal belt is exposed to the potential danger of cyclone with associated storm-surges, while the country has vast flood plains where flooding during SW monsoon from June to September is an annual occurrence. This requires to take stock of the break-through in the field of technology which can be used for disaster management profitably. A senior officer of the rank and status of permanent secretary was deputed and was the Chief-Co-ordinator of the operation. Emergency relief team from other countries including Japan, France, India and China were also involved in the operation. Most of the injuries were caused by flying corrugated iron sheets of the houses of the local people and the temporary camps of the refugee from Myanmar. But the loss of life in 1997 was most minimum because the Government of Bangladesh has taken appropriate action to evacuate the people from vulnerable areas and distant places and they were taken to cyclone shelters. It is virtually the only drainage outlet for a vast river basin complex made up of the Ganges, Brahmaputra and the Meghna and their network.
Besides these disastrous weather systems, the occurrences of earthquakes at times make significant impact both on social life and topography of the country.
Extensive river floods cause great disruption and damage to infrastructure and loss of crops. Due to recurrence of such erosion displaced people are forced to come to cities for their earning.

The GoB have commissioned an ?gEmergency Operations Centre (EOC) in the Ministry of Disaster Management & Relief.
Such assistance has been provided by UN agencies, inter-government and bilateral donors, the development banks and NGOs. With the formation of Disaster Management Committees at national and field levels, there had been a crying need to train up the members of these committees in disaster related matters.
With the approval of MDMR, DMB has been arranging financial support for in-service training programmes on Disaster Management in major training institutes.
International University of Business Agriculture and Technology (IUBAT) has to its credit established South Asian Disaster Management Centre which offers Disaster Management Workshops, Training of Trainers in Disaster Management and Seminars of international and Regional Standard.
The information will include data on past disasters information on the most disaster prone areas of Bangladesh and risk factors, agencies involved in disaster management, DMB?fs role as a focal point, topics on mass awareness, particulary on warning signals and preparedness etc.
There have been remarkable advances in the areas of communications, remote sensing and computing capabilities in the field of sharing information. Senior officers of the rank of Joint Secretary and Deputy Secretary were placed temporary at the district and sub district level to conduct the operation and co-ordinate with the NGOs and other actors. They destroy crops, damage infrastructure, homes and vital installations, and cause widespread health hazards for the people. Floods indirectly contribute to the concentration of land ownership and wealth as small landowners are forced to sell their property as a result of flooding. This adds to the growth of slum areas, scarcity of land in the cities and also create various social problems. Incidentally, these committees not only consist of the officials of the government and semi-government departments but also NGO officials, public representatives, local leaders, teachers and other cross-section of people.
Some of the organizations like OXFAM prepared some beautiful film strips on Disaster Management which are published through govt.
In the Khulna University, Urban and Rural Planning Discipline keeps 150 marks in theory and 75 marks as session course tests for Disaster Management.
28-09-97) that disaster Management issue should be included in the Text Book from class V to XII. To alleviate flooding embankments have been constructed along certain river reaches as structural preparedness measures. This period accounts for 80% of the total rainfall is recorded in the coastal areas of Chittagong and northern part of Sylhet, the minimum is observed in the western and northern parts of the country.
Storm surges create both short and long-term problems because the salt water ruins the soils.
As a result, a five stories building in Chittagong sank upto first floor causing human death toll to the tune of 23 and sizeable property destruction. The Government have also made it compulsory to keep a sessions of at least 02 hours on disaster management in the training curricula of all types of Training Institutes to train the officials and non officials.
The Public Administration Department of Rajshahi University now teaches Environmental Studies of 100 marks at Honours level and has kept Environment and Disaster issues in the Development Administration subject at the Master?fs level.
Similarly to cope with cyclones for eventual evacuation about 1200 cyclone shelters have so far been constructed in the high risk areas of the coastal belt. The economy continues to remain predominately on agricultural sector depending largely on the vagaries of weather, which are not always favourable. They occur frequently and in such magnitude in Bangladesh that they have multiplied the problem of poverty and seriously challenged the efforts of the country towards self-reliance.
As comprehensive control on the natural hazards most frequent to Bangladesh is not possible, the GoB have been continuously making endeavour to make disaster counter measures under the total Disaster Management Plan as sufficient as possible to ensure sustainable development of the country as a whole.
Such efforts have proved to be effective in minimising human death toll significantly and mitigating suffering of the people.
This proves that though natural disasters cannot be prevented but their impacts can be minimised with timely action. The cyclone disasters in 1970 ( 300,000 dead) and 1991 (138,000 dead) are among the worst natural disasters in the world. These committees discuss and co-ordinate the GO-NGO programmes on disaster Management, particularly, in the field of Training and Public Awareness building.
The system of warning for cyclone , flood and drought is in continuous process of evolution bore out of experience, research and study for farther improvement. Flooding is a fact of life to the people of Bangladesh and they demonstrate great resilience and skill in coping with it. Monsoon flooding, which normally affects about one third of the country, is regarded by farmers as beneficial. They have developed agricultural practices to make use of the floodwater for rice and jute as well as for fisheries.

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