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We are thrilled to share this unmissable PD opportunity presented by Mount Waverley Secondary College on Wednesday 31st August! The Resolution Action Pitch presentations (or RAPs) were the drumbeat of Congress 2016 - our chance to share student-led solutions that go beyond talk into real action. Three days, 180 delegates, 15 Executive members, 33 volunteers and staff, 10 RAPs, 300 people at Open Morning - Congress 2016 was an powerful explosion of student voice. At 16, we are getting our first jobs, paying taxes, getting L plates, able to access government benefits, have sex and become organ doners. We've heard the voices of Victorian students and we're taking the hot topics to Congress 2016! If you missed out on tickets, don't worry - there are two awesome opportunities to be involved with your name written all over them.
Because nearly everyone is on social media, having a social media profile for your SRC team is very useful.
Demi Tangri is a VCE student who's asking the question: how do we avoid burnout and keep our social life intact? Resisting the temptation to talk too much can be half the battle when is comes to teamwork. The conversation about Australia's burgeoning obesity epidemic is one that never really goes away. In December 2015, The Bright Futures: Megatrends impacting the mental wellbeing of young Victorians over the coming 20 years report was launched. We're calling for mandatory student involvement in decision making processes by partaking in key policy meetings including, but not limited to, school council meetings. Earlier this year, our VicSRC Executives Spencer, Sam and Danai presented at the Adobe Youth Voices conference in Melbourne.
Student voice is not only about giving students the opportunity to express their ideas and opinions, but also giving them the ability to influence change and actively contribute to their own learning. An incredible night for student voice as we celebrate the students, teachers and schools making big change in the world we live in.
From 59 nominations across 34 schools, to 15 finalists from across the state, down to five winners overall. Three days, two nights, 170 students, 38 volunteers, five staff, incredible depth of discussion and powerful pledges to action: we are so excited to share the all the action from Congress 2015 and the VicSRC year for 2014-2015! The Victorian Student Representative Council (VicSRC) congratulates the Victorian Government for its commitment to student voice in decision making with the release of the Education State reforms this week. To coincide with EnviroWeek (30 Aug - 5 Sep 2015), we're excited to share our updated resource to help students take action in their schools. At Congress 2015, delegates worked together with schools in their region to challenge each other, work together and make pledges for action back at school and in their communities. Pull out the popcorn and dim the lights - it's time to watch our winning entries for the 2014 VicSRC Recognition Awards. The feedback on Congress 2015 has poured in via the evaluation survey in the last few weeks. Teach the Teacher has been on the road throughout term 2 and has so far covered a whopping 1585km.
VicSRC is determined to make the experience of Congress as good as it can possibly be for delegates, Exc, volunteers and teachers. At Congress 2015, delegates discussed, debated and decided on the Belief Statements that form VicSRC's advocacy platform for 2015-2016 through the 10th annual Congress parliamentary-style debate.
Three days, two nights, 170 students, 35 volunteers, 5 staff, incredible depth of discussion and a healthy dose of Harry Potter-theming: Congress 2015 was epic. Rose Han (Year 12 Prefect) and Chester Ngan (Year 11 Student Leader) from Mount Waverley Secondary College share their Teach the Teacher experience so far.
From March-May this year, VicSRC consulted with almost 1,000 students at 12 Regional Conferences across Victoria to determine the Top 10 issues that matter to students in 2015. VicSRC exists to empower all student voices to be valued in every aspect of education - which is why we are offering up to 5 scholarships for students who might otherwise not have their voices heard.
All Victorian students can put their hands up now for the VicSRC Executive for 2015-2016; one year that will change your life! VicSRC is looking for a fantastic young photographer (or photographers!) to capture the energy and action of Congress 2015. Early Bird registration is now open for Congress 2015 until Friday 22nd May. Make sure you register early to avoid missing out! Sammy, Trin and Margo share their reflections on a productive, fun and energising three days. On Wednesday 18th February, we had the absolute pleasure of spending time with the student leadership team at Heatherwood School in Donvale. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples are dying 10-17 years younger than other Australians.

Registration is now open for Term 1 and Term 2 VicSRC Regional Conferences in 12 locations across metro and regional Victoria! The VicSRC Student Executive continues to lead the organisation forward and direct the work of the organisation. On Wednesday 22nd November, VicSRC Student Executive Tess Shacklock, along with the staff team, attended the 2014 VCE Leadership Awards at Parliament House. We are thrilled to share that Margaret Tran, 16, has won the Newsboys Foundation Youth Leadership Award and $5,000 prize money to continue her community work. As the dust settles from the 2014 Victorian Election and the newly-elected Labor Party swings into action, all eyes are on the many election promises made for education. Congress 2014 was packed with energetic debate, hotly contested proposals and the drive and determination of 175 secondary students from all across Victoria. Pull out the pocorn and dim the lights - it's time to watch our winning entries for the 2014 VicSRC Recognition Awards!
15 finalists, 14 schools, 1 Minister for Education, over 100 friends, family and supporters and a room full to the brim with inspiring, driven individuals. Two of the leading Victorian peaks for young people, The Youth Affairs Council and the body representing secondary schools students, The VicSRC, have condemned recent comments made in the media by Kevin Donnelly, the Prime Minister’s key advisor on curriculum reform. Ensuring Congress represents a range of views from diverse young people from around Victoria.
The top three issues identified by students in the Bendigo region are Homophobia, acceptance, and mental health. 98 Students and teachers from across Victoria will be selected as members of a Victorian contingent, for a five day tour to Turkey to attend the Gallipoli 2015 ANZAC Day Dawn Service on 25 April 2015. Exciting, enjoyable and enlightening are merely a few words to describe the VicSRC camp at Bayplay lodge.
We are students at Frankston High School and also members of the VicSRC Executive, in order to profile our school we interviewed our SRC Teacher Advisor Miss Toovey to get a better understanding of her role and her thoughts on Student voice.
The VicSRC Exec has been doing their own research into student’s views and approaches to homework by conducting an online survey and talking to peers. On the warm, sunny days of the 22nd and 23rd of January, at the Bastow Institute in North Melbourne, the VicSRC Executive team joined together with supporters and former Executive members to re-create the VicSRC strategic plan. Students want access to a secure student portal where all lessons, key teachings and discussions are filmed or recorded. This became a short reality for Sammy, Jordyn and I when we attended the Integrated Approaches to Assessment Consultation held by the Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood (DEECD).
The VicSRC is happy to announce an exciting opportunity for your school to get involved in an innovative program to bring together students and teachers to talk about learning and teaching in the classroom! From 1 January 2015, the government will provide extra financial support directly to Victoria’s neediest schools instead of providing the Education Maintenance Allowance directly to parents.
The money will be allocated to eligible schools through schools’ core operational funding mechanism, with the neediest schools receiving the most funding. This change to how the money is distributed was required by the funding agreement with Commonwealth government to make sure Victorian schools receive increased funding that will benefit all students and, in particular, those from schools with concentrated disadvantage. If your family has previously relied on the EMA payment to help with school expenses, you should plan accordingly to ensure these expenses are budgeted for in 2015. Families who are experiencing financial hardship are invited to make an appointment with the Principal to discuss management of school expenses. His new allowance scheme amounts to a mere third of the funding which was available to students previously with EMA.
This is coupled with a complete lack of clarity on how this 'targeted' financial support for students will be delivered, making it likely that many of the small number of students who are entitled to it, will not receive it.
In fact, this was the education minister's attempt to mollify some of the massive, growing opposition towards the government's spending cuts.
This was a retreat by the government - brought on by the huge student movement at the end of last year, as well as by the massive 26 March trade union demonstration. The Tories and the Liberals are beginning to feel the heat, and on EMA, they are already on the back foot. If councils across the country began implementing 'needs budgets' (which included the continued funding of an EMA scheme) and mobilised students, trade unionists and the local communities in support, then the government could be forced to find the money. These small victories are an indication of what could be to come as the anti-cuts movement gains momentum.
The fight for education and a decent future isn't over, with a mass movement with a fighting strategy, we can defeat the Con- Dems!
Recommendations of the Seventh Central Pay Commission.Recommendations of the Seventh Central Pay Commission.
Casual labourers with temporary status — clarification regarding contribution of GPF and Pension under the Old Pension Scheme. Print two copies of the online Application Form having the system generated Application Number.

Paste recent passport size colour photograph at the space provided and self attest the same. In case CGPA, candidate is required to attach certificate issued by the University for Conversion of CGPA in to percentage. Demi Tangri, a self-confessed Snapchat streaker, explores what happens when we look up once in a while and talk with our faces, rather than our phones. 10 year old Ahelee reached out to VicSRC about her dreams and we're shouting her wise words from the rooftops. Two members of the VicSRC Executive were recently invited to travel to Sydney to take part in the Schools Roundtable of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, and to talk about child-safe and student-centred approaches that empower students in this vital but difficult area. We see plenty of great articles with tips and advice at this time of year, but often student voices are hard to hear in the din. We want to contribute and make a difference to the world, we want take action about the issues that we are incredibly passionate about, and we rise together to take an active approach to shaping the future of our generation.
In preparation, please mark the following key dates in your diary and stay tuned in early 2016 for all the details on how to book, register or apply.
17 year old Chester Ngan has first-hand experience of turning little ideas into something big at Mount Waverley Secondary College. At the VicSRC Recognition Awards on 29 October, 17 year old Matty Sievers made the keynote address. Early Bird registration opens on Friday 1st May, and all registrations close on Friday 19th June. Registrations for the Grampians, Metro East, Primary Schools, Bendigo and Hamilton are closing this Friday, so make sure you register to avoid missing out. Our Events & Communications Officer, Fiona, got some first-hand insight into how their SRC works, the projects underway and the issues that really matter to Heatherwood Students. In preparation, please mark the following key dates in your diary and stay tuned in early 2015 for all the details on how to book, register or apply. Student representatives voted and passed seven resolutions to drive VicSRC advocacy in 2014-2015.
Experienced all the action from Congress 2014 and find out all about the resolutions passed by 175 students from across Victoria. It was an unforgettable experience filled with lots of joy and, more importantly, it was the perfect opportunity to voice our opinions openly. In this guest blog post he talks about the importance of the Education Maintenance Allowance in helping all Victorian students be able to participate in all the opportunities school has to offer. We started the camp off with a pile of work and preparation for upcoming events including planning for conferences and of course, CONGRESS! But it is also important because it means EMA will be in existence for another year - we have more time to fight to save it!
If a student is to be an effective representative, then training is essential or else we risk setting them up to fail.
17 year old Chester Ngan from Mount Waverley Secondary College shares four tools that make a big difference. The Bendigo Senior Secondary College is in his first term on the Exec, and he’s determined to make the most of it. This month  we hear from VicSRC Exec member Shania Hallyburton who is taking action for women in need.
This week, Demi Tangri (16) gives us the inside look at Mac.Rob, and how the Creating Conversations initiative is paving the way for great student-teacher relationships.
The team participated in monthly meetings, training days and two camps throughout the year.
The purpose was to bring to his attention the resolutions passed by students at Congress this year. Meanwhile, Southwark council in south London has pledged to initiate a scheme to continue to provide an EMA-type grant if the government scheme is abolished.
This includes Basic Pay, DA, Grade Pay, Military Service Pay, House Rent Allowances, Transport Allowance, Ration Allowance and kit Maintenance Allowance.
17 year old Demi Tangri from Mac.Rob shares top five teamwork tips for students, by students. Following the release of the 9th Annual Congress Report 2014, we're breaking down the resolutions into bitesize snapshots for the year ahead.

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