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Youngstown, Ohio, experienced a dozen earthquakes in 2011 linked to a deep well used for storage of drilling waste from Pennsylvania.
Journalist Dimiter Kenarov spent time in Youngstown, Ohio, as part of his reporting on shale gas extraction. Shale gas is an energy phenomenon not just in a broad swath of the United States but in places like eastern Europe, too. More people than ever before are confronting environmental challenges, including climate change. A year on, Dimiter Kenarov re-examines the shale gas bubble that fueled his investigation into hydraulic fracturing and sustainable energy resources, from Poland to Pennsylvania.
By the summer of 2002, Youngstown had lost more than 100,000 residents, more than half of its population just a few decades earlier. A few months later, a few days before Christmas, leaders planned a citywide meeting, co-convened by Youngstown State University President David Sweet and then Mayor George McKelvey. Youngstown aggressively promoted the event, which would take place in an auditorium across from 34-acre Wick Park, in a neighborhood that was once known for its steel barons but was becoming known for its vacancies. The city took out ads calling everyone to the meeting --- the cynics, the pessimists, the optimists -- and used frank language, booking this as the last, best chance to save Youngstown from irrelevance.
With its Youngstown 2010 plan and strong vision from city leadership, this small Ohio city, on the other hand, has had a big head start, and it's starting to work. At the time of that 2002 December meeting, Williams was the director of Youngstown's community development agency. About 43 percent of Youngstown's land is vacant; and, as of January of last year, Youngstown had 4,500 vacant structures throughout the city. The Youngstown 2010 plan came together in January 2005, a little more than two years after the vision was unveiled. Youngstown's 31 neighborhoods were grouped into 11 clusters, and meetings were held in each cluster. Beyond trying to diversify its economy, it is about Youngstown's land, namely what to do with the oversized infrastructure, 4,500 vacant structures, and 43 percent vacant land.
In Williams' first term, he demoed more abandoned houses than the previous four years combined. In addition, the administration also made a point to focus demos on the gateways to the city.
Additionally, YSU has put together a proposal to turn part of Youngstown's east side into a wetlands mitigation bank. The plans allow for about 194,000 square feet for the Meijer grocery store on Mahoning Avenue.
Raymond Carlson with RC Outsourcing in Lowellville says people who get prescription pills don’t always realize how dangerous they can be.
Cleveland Browns coach Hue Jackson said he will name his starting quarterback before the team’s first exhibition game next month. Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon displayed a willingness to change when he met with team officials after being reinstated from a suspension. Staten is a retired administrator — she was a principal at the former Hayes Junior High School. Paula Valentini, vice president of the YEA, said Kimble had plenty of choices for the commission that would have sufficed. Valentini said, since the law states one member of the commission must be a City Schools teacher, the teachers union is considering legal action to block Staten’s appointment. In October, Kimble told WKBN that she was having difficulty choosing an appointee, because the teachers that she wanted to pick did not want to participate in the commission.
Three of the five members of the Academic Distress Commission were appointed by Richard Ross, Ohio’s superintendent of public instruction. Roller issued a statement Friday saying she was an ardent supporter of public education, and she is approaching her appointment with incredible optimism. WKBN 27 First News provides commenting to allow for constructive discussion on the stories we cover.
Commenters who violate these terms, including use of vulgar language or racial slurs, will be banned. YOUNGSTOWN -- What's left of Youngstown's once redoubtable industrial corridor follows the Mahoning River through the valley that the water carved. Early in 2010, V&M Star announced it would build a $650 million rolling mill next to its existing Youngstown operation.
Today, the steel skeleton of the new plant is being erected by no fewer than 10 construction cranes. The assembly has created or sustained hundreds of construction jobs, and the mill's operation will create 350 jobs by the end of 2012, more than doubling V&M's local work force.

A V&M melt shop, where raw steel is produced by melting scrap in furnaces, could be the next big project at that site. To the east, energy companies already have drilled hundreds of wells into the Marcellus Shale. Like the rest of the Rust Belt's, Youngstown's fortunes turned in the 1970s and 1980s as steel declined domestically. Youngstown Sheet & Tube, once one of the nation's top steel producers, was dismantled in 1977, but its legacy -- and its physical presence -- still affect this city. The mill, known as the Brier Hill Works when it was owned by Youngstown Sheet & Tube, was sold to Jones and Laughlin Steel, which later begat LTV. But for all the changes in ownership, the old mill (and, soon, the new, unfinished one) puts out the same product today that it did a century ago. City leaders recognize Youngstown and the rest of the "Steel Valley" will never again be the manufacturing powerhouse it was in the mid-1900s. Nine miles north of Youngstown, in Brookfield, near the Pennsylvania border, pipe manufacturer TMK IPSCO is occupying a former Sharon Tube mill, and since spring 2010 has been manufacturing tube connections and fittings used in the oil and gas industry. The V&M project, he said, is the linchpin to those talks, a transformational investment in the Youngstown region and one that could serve the neighboring Marcellus and Utica shale fields for years to come.
Quis autem vel eum iure reprehenderit qui in ea voluptate velit esse quam nihil molestiae consequatur, vel illum qui dolorem? Emergency Medical Technology - Youngstown State University1) Certificate in Emergency Medical Technician-Basic. Paramedic Certificate « Mercy College of OhioPreparation for the State of Ohio Paramedic Certification . Ohio EMT Classes with Course DescriptionsThis Ohio school offers emergency medical technician (EMT) programs at the basic and advanced levels.
EMT Training in Cincinnati, OH with Program OverviewsThis EMT program meets requirements set by the U.S. Nicole - Youngstown, Ohio AreaThere are 25 professionals named Nicole in the Youngstown, Ohio Area, who use . Ohio EMT Training – EMT Courses in Ohio (OH)See our list of EMT training courses in Ohio (OH).
On Friday, February 22, he travels a hundred miles west to Oberlin College to discuss what he learned about the extraction of this fossil fuel and the controversies surrounding its removal. The ads reminded people that others called Youngstown "miserable" and "dying," words with which we Detroiters are quite familiar.
A single industry powered each city's rise, and each has seen that industry decline dramatically. While, for the most part, Detroit has sat idling, Youngstown has put a finger on its problems, accepted them as reality, and has started dealing with them. Most were sick of the vacancies, of the decline, tired of waiting for Youngstown to change, to do something. Youngstown hasn't loaded the chamber with silver bullets, but at least they've had clear targets. Sitting atop the powerful steel industry, Youngstown expected to hit 250,000 people, and the city built out infrastructure to accommodate that number.
A plan that rethinks a city, let alone shrinks one, is complex, multi-faceted and damn hard to pin down. Youngstown, on average, had been allotting $300,000 toward demos, dropping 150 houses a year. Grow Youngstown not only advocates for urban agriculture, it also distributes fresh, local produce to underserved neighborhoods in the city. Parts of the east side look as if roads were laid over a forest and someone forgot to build the houses. What's clear here, however, is that Detroit has a lot of catching up to do, and the current administration has yet to move much beyond talk.
We know he plans to demo 3,000 structures off the bat and a total of 10,000 structures by 2014. Under the law passed by the state legislature in Columbus, a teacher had to be one of the people on the commission. Barbara Brothers, the former dean of Youngstown State University’s College of Arts and Sciences, was selected Thursday by Youngstown Mayor John McNally.
In order to comment here, you acknowledge you have read and agreed to our Terms of Service. The plant's construction next to its existing operation is expected to more than double the mill's work force. Lording above those industrial relics -- above the still-active fabricating plants and tool-and-die shops -- is V&M Star.

It was the biggest private investment announced in all of Ohio that year, the biggest in that region since General Motors Co. A complex that size, with two fabricating plants and the melt shop, could support ancillary and spin-off businesses, city fathers hope, from truck shops to hot dog stands. To the west, major drillers such as Chesapeake Energy already have dug test wells into the deeper Utica Shale, with promising results.
Proximity to the shale fields was the next reason on the list, and might turn out to be the most important one. Some 10 cranes are now at work, and the project has created and sustained hundreds of construction jobs.
The mayor, like many in his town, comes from a mill family: His grandfather worked in a steel mill for 50 years, his dad for 33, his uncle for 20-plus, and Mr. The company operated several mills in the region, and one of them is now occupied by V&M. Then as now, the mill was a manufacturer of seamless pipes for the oil and gas industry, which was burgeoning locally at the outset of the 20th century, just as it is today, thanks to the Marcellus Shale gas reserves.
The difference now, said David Bozanich, Youngstown's finance director, is that the mill work is being done not just by brawny roughnecks but also by engineering graduates from Youngstown State University. But they hope regional gas drilling can provide solid manufacturing jobs in the interim, while the Mahoning Valley -- with its 12 and 13 percent unemployment rates -- figures out what to become next.
Last month, the same plant announced it was installing a new thread line, allowing it to put out more pipe at larger diameters, doubling the plant's capacity in response to the needs of the energy sector. It required an upfront investment -- waiving some local taxes and spending $25 million in federal stimulus funds -- to seal the deal, but in Youngstown, they think it's money well spent. Akron General Akron General Hospital offers EMT training at the Paramedic and Basic level. In the end, 1,400 people showed up, curious to hear what could be done to change their city. Years before, they had been told there could be a defense contractor coming in to save the city, then there was talk of a new factory, and some were still waiting for the steel mills to open back up. Youngstowners also approved, by 74 percent, a city charter amendment that says the city has to revisit and reassess the plan every 10 years, after the Census. The plan was revised in 1974, three years before Youngstown Sheet and Tube -- one of the largest steel mills in the world -- closed, furloughing 5,000 jobs in a weekend. The summer and fall leading up to this was spent educating and reinforcing the community with the tenants of the vision and enforcing the importance of having a solid plan.
Between 2006 and 2010, Williams has averaged a $1 million demo budget, bringing down 370 abandoned, unsafe structures. An empty lot is better than blight, but something constructive is better than an empty lot.
In a neighborhood in the south end of Youngstown called Idora, an urban 4H club was started. The city has pinned its financial hopes to the hulking mill works, which has pinned its own hopes upon the gaseous and liquid gold locked a mile underground. Locals call that day "Black Monday." Youngstown, for the next four years, would see more and more steel plants close and 40,000 manufacturing jobs disappear. The neighborhood association, in partnership with the Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corp., is working toward creating a block-long urban garden that once was covered with blight (among other things).
We know the city, through the Kresge Foundation (which declined interview requests), brought in famed urban planner Toni Griffin from Newark, NJ, to help the city either create or facilitate the plan. Yet, at the same time, both have deeply passionate people working to improve their cities at all costs.
Manicured lots with flowers, trees and rocks dot this main artery where there was once blight and abandonment. And we know, through Data Driven Detroit (which did not respond to multiple queries), the info is out there that will help with the planning. But the city still hasn't unveiled a document, any language, or honest-to-goodness direction. Specifics of the certification vary in each state, but there is a basic knowledge of medicine that is required of an EMT, as well as adherence to their .

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