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Radiology technicians or technologists (RTs), also called radiographers, play an important role as part of the radiology extender community. Click here to see radiology schools in your area, as well as online programs available through distance education.
Though not an accrediting institution, students’ continued good standing within the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists is also usually expected of serious job applicants. SpecializationSpecialty training programs are typically open to Certified Radiologic Technologists or those with equivalent medical experience. State LicensingLicensing and continuing education are subject to additional regulation in many states.
CertificatesAlthough mastery of the profession requires years of experience, basic competence can be achieved after a relatively short training program. Increasing numbers of radiography students are seeking additional training in targeted specialties, many of them focusing on particular imaging modalities like ultrasound or MRI. Click here to see radiologic technology schools in your area, as well as online programs available through distance education. Yes there are¬†weird¬†people in the world and on the web but for every one of them there are a hundred awesome people who could enrich your life or help you in one way or another if you connect with them. Don’t miss out on connecting with the awesome people in the world because of the weird ones.
I recommend you open yourself to the possibility creating of new connections online because you can make great new friends and build a much stronger business network.
Hi, I'm Garin Kilpatrick: A father, web developer, blogger and bodybuilder currently living just north of Toronto in Canada. With limited or no work experience, it’s a challenge to make an immediate impression on employers and get invited to that all important first interview.
Remember that your resume will be first thing a potential employer will see of you, it’s similar to shaking the hand of your interviewer and looking them in the eye. This is a resource page for young people who are looking for assistance with putting together an entry level resume. There are over 50 professionally written entry level resume templates on this page, each one has been written for a specific junior or entry level position.
Optimize your resume for online applications by using job related and industry specific keywords. A functional and skills based layout is the most suitable format for an entry level resume. When putting one together start of by looking at the job you are applying for, make a list of its key requirements and then begin matching your relevant skills to it. Many candidates lose their readers at the beginning with a poorly written opening statement.
Below are short sentence examples of how to describe yourself your abilities and your career aims. Research the company by looking for any product launches, press releases or statements on their website. Emphasize skills and accomplishments in order of importance, rather than in order of occurrence. Spin any mundane tasks you performed at school, college or university into work related skills. Focus on describing achievements, rather than just listing duties you may have carried out.
Allows you to quickly highlight to a prospective employer the skills you want them to see and that they are looking for.
Its layout allows you to easily and clearly match your skills and abilities to any vacancy you are applying for.

Research prospective employers, find out something positive and interesting about them and then mention that in your resume. Research the job role, make a list of the exact duties you will be required to perform and then mention those in your resume. These are hard hitting verbs that can be used to describe the effort you used to complete tasks. With fewer jobs and more graduates, getting as much real life work experience can make all the difference. These are positions for people with little or no relevant work experience in the job role or field that they are applying for.
Gives school leavers, student or graduates the chance to gain actual work experience and thereby enhance their future employability and career prospects. Send me email announcements, notices, special offers and other information that may be of interest to me from Canadian Immigrant. RTs are professionals that undergo extensive training at accredited schools in order to master advanced technologies and learn to safely and accurately create medical images on behalf of radiologists. Becoming a multi-modal radiology technologist with several secondary certifications or licenses is increasingly common in this competitive, and in some areas, saturated job market.
The Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, or JCAHO, may also be consulted for hiring purposes. The associate degree in radiography typically takes two years of full-time attendance, although some colleges offer a three-year course to accommodate working students who can attend evening classes. For current students, certificate programs must be explicitly accredited by JRCERT and offer a curriculum that prepares students for the national ARRT licensure exam.
These modalities may have their own certification requirements in addition to the basic R.T. For example, ultrasound technicians may seek training as a Registered Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer (RDCS), Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer (RDMS), Registered Physician in Vascular Interpretation (RPVI) or Registered Vascular Technologist (RVT).
This is particularly true for young people who have just left school, college or are university graduates. They have been written from the perspective of an applicant who has little or no work relevant experience. It’s also important to note that recruiters will know that you are new to the jobs market and have no work experience.
As it is essentially a skills based document it should focus on your abilities, transferable skills and future potential. Decide what your strongest selling points are, whether it is your education, IT skills, or certain experience.
It’s therefore vital that you quickly win them over and retain their attention with a strong, well written introductory paragraph.
Find out something interesting or positive about them and then consider using that as a reason for wanting to join them.
Making it easier for a Hiring Manager to scan and find key information about you, something they in turn will greatly appreciate. Only allow for two pages if you truly have enough work experience, publication credits or degrees to warrant it.
If you resume is stored on a computer database, then a recruiter will search that database using screening software to look for certain keywords. There is a danger that if you overuse the same words it can make your resume look repetitive and tacky.
They not only give more power to your resume, but also help to highlight your strengths, abilities and accomplishments. One great way for school or college leavers to build up their work experience is to get a job as a volunteer with local charities or voluntary organisations.

Skilled judgment and ethical competence are crucial in this field whether the licensure candidate is a fully registered radiologic technologist or a relatively limited x-ray machine operator.
JRCERT, or the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology, is the principal accrediting institution for radiologist technicians.
National certification can make it easier to practice across some but not all states without having to retake exams. Licensing at the state level, if required, usually demands a degree from an accredited training program and passing scores on the state’s certification examination. However on a positive note its worth remembering that everyone has to start at the beginning.
They will have factored this into any equation, which in turn means that your lack of work experience is something you do not have to explain.
It will have a functional layout, and unlike the more common chronological formats it de-emphasizes the timeline of any career.
You have to induce a hiring manager to read the rest of your resume and the best way to do this is to professionally explain that you have the skills they are looking for, are accustomed to a professional environment and that you've been actively exploring your career options. Use these examples as guides, and if you are going to use them then don’t forget to edit and re-write them to suit your own personal circumstances. You need to be able to start sentences so that they not only make you look fresh and interesting, but also show  you as a positive person who knows how to present themselves in a professional way. If you have left university then you can consider undertaking a graduate placement or internship.
It is not possible to apply for the national ARRT license without this specific accrediting organization. Like other professions, radiology technicians must maintain good standing with their respective registries and earn continuing education credits every few years to keep these credentials. This experience is key to building a comprehensive skill set as a technologist and obtaining ARRT credentials. The practicum, also known as a preceptorship, is like a doctoral residency but shorter and less intensive. In combination with a college degree, these certificates can greatly increase the employability of technicians.
Others focus on specific skill sets like Basic Life Support (BLS), taught by the American Heart Association.
Workers with 5-10 years experience don’t suddenly appear out of thin air, they all needed an entry-level job to launch their careers. They are arranged around transferable skill sets and are generally suitable for people with little or no work experience, who are applying for junior or entry level roles. A personal statement should be written based on your particular background, accomplishments and career objectives. A radiology technician school must renew its accreditation every three to five years, so be sure accreditation information is up to date.
The most commonly state-monitored areas include radiography, radiation therapy, x-ray licenses and nuclear medicine technology. Many programs require students to independently set up a volunteer internship, preferably in a real-world radiology department. Candidates for ARRT licensure will need to document this practical exposure in the form of a portfolio, as well as secure an endorsement from their supervising radiologist. Be sure to check with the appropriate state regulatory agency to learn about current state-specific benchmarks.

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