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New Excellent Jobs UET University of Engineering and Technology Lahore Jobs for Trainees (Monthly Stipend Rs. GEMS Education is a pioneering education company with an international network of award winning K-12 schools. While there is little uniformity in technology, there are some trends worth noting that have spurred tangent innovation, including speed (a shift from dial-up top broad band), size (from huge computers to small handheld devices), and connectivity (through always-on apps and social media). In fact, we have some to expect nearly instant obsolescence—smartphone contracts that last a mere 24 months seem like ages. What happens to technology in the next 15 years may not simply impact learning in a typical cause-effect relationship. Smarter MOOCs slowly correct the crude whenever, wherever models of the past, beginning to improve the credibility of eLearning.
Improved blended learning models provide schools struggling to justify themselves in light of modern access to information with new options—and a new purpose. Adaptive computer-based testing slowly begins to replace one-size-fits-all assessment of academic proficiency.
Game-Based Learning continues to be sparsely adopted, primarily used in project-based learning units and occurring on mobile devices with limited interactive inputs and screenspace that compromise game-based learning’s potential. Improved tools for measuring text complexity emerge, available through the camera feature of a mobile device, among other possibilities. Open Source learning models will grow faster than those closed, serving as a hotbed for innovation in learning. Purely academic standards, such as the Common Core movement in the United States, will begin to decline. Visual data will replace numerical data as schools struggle to communicate learning results to disenfranchised family and community members.
Seamless peer-to-peer and school-to-school collaboration begins to appear in some districts.
Schools function as think-tanks to address local and global challenges such as clean water, broadband access, human trafficking, and religious intolerance. Diverse learning forms begin to supplement school—both inside , including entrepreneurial learning, invisible learning, question-based learning, and open source learning. Self-Directed Learning studios and other alternative methods of formal education for families.

Dialogic learning through digital media will have learners responding to peers, mentors, families, and experts in a socially-embraced collaborative pattern. Learning simulations begin to replace teachers in some eLearning-based learning environments.
Truly mobile learning will support not just moving from one side of the classroom to another, but from a learning studio to a community, whether physically or through a Google+ or Skype-like technology. Personalized learning algorithms will be the de facto standard in schools that continue the traditional academic learning approach. The daily transition from eLearning and face-to-face learning will more elegant, but still a challenge for many districts and states, especially those with considerable economic deficits. Biometrics—the feedback of biological responses including sweat gland stimulation, heart rate, eye position, and other data–will provide real-time learning feedback not just for educators, but for-profit organizations for the purpose of analytics, market research, and ultimately consumerism.
Schools as we know them will now be outnumbered, no longer just supplemented by eLearning, blended learning, and self-directed learning platforms, but incredible learning simulations and full-on virtual worlds. Remaining schools that refuse to adapt to new technology and cultural trends will cause splintering in some communities as the significant cost of technology integration increases socio-economic gaps.
Seamless Heads-Up Displays will equip learners with information, feedback of performance, and social data in real-time. New certificates of achievement and performance that are social, portfolio-based, and self-selected will begin to replace institutional certificates, including college degrees.
Eye SpyCheck out some of Morris’s favourite articles taken from the general, tech, foresight, nerd and geek media by scrolling down the left hand side of this page, or to find stories on your specific topic, use either the Search Bar or News Categories sections below. New Oriental Education & Technology Group Inc will cut more than 1,000 jobs and shut down at least 15 schools. New Oriental Education & Technology Group Inc will cut more than 1,000 jobs and shut down at least 15 schools, a company executive said on Wednesday.
The New York-listed Chinese company attributed the loss in the second quarter, which ended in November, to increased investment to open new schools.
New Oriental will cut more than 1,000 jobs and shut down at least 15 schools, a company executive said on Wednesday. Over the past 55 years GEMS has grown from one school to being a truly global company with one incredible mission - to make a quality education available to every student.
Whether this is a matter of trend or function is a matter of perspective, but it’s true that technology is changing—and not just as a matter of power, but tone.

While learning by no means requires technology, to design learning without technology is an exercise in spite—proving a point at the cost of potential. In that 15 years, it has gone from a way to search the mess of web pages with your Netscape browser, to a ubiquitous digital brand that powers Android smartphones, hosts not just videos but full-on learning channels, stores all of your personal communication in the cloud, has leap-frogged Skype with Google+ Hangouts, and autocompletes your searches for you in an eerie kind of hive-mind. Rather, it might be the case that one absorbs the other, where information access, socializing ideas, and creative collaboration may be organic and completely invisible. This is the start of new government programs that start farming out literacy and educational programs to start-ups, entrepreneurs, app developers, and other private sector innovators.
As educators seek curriculum based not on content, but on the ability to interact, self-direct, and learn, institutionally-centered artifacts of old-age academia will lose credibility.
This will start simply, with better aggregation of student metrics, more efficient data sharing, and more visual assessment results. Among other changes, this will create minor “migratory ripples” as families move in response to educational disparity. Dear jobs seeker DAE Education bring you lot of Sunday newspaper jobs here are many jobs for fresh and experience jobs. The average severance cost will be $6,000 to $10,000 per person," said Louis Hsieh, the CFO of New Oriental Education, in a conference call. Our 20,000 education professionals unlock the potential of over 250,000 students across 14 countries each and every da GEMS Education is a pioneering education company with an international network of award winning K-12 schools.
Oh, and Google Street View, virtual museum tours, and the most powerful way to find information known to man. Here you can find many other jobs like latest engineering job, latest Nts jobs, latest Government jobs, and latest fresh Dae jobs. Our 20,000 education professionals unlock the potential of over 250,000 students across 14 countries each and every day, preparing children of all ages for real world success.

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