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Northbound drivers on Central Expressway put the Dallas High Five in their rearview mirrors during afternoon rush hour. After a decade of increases, Dallas residents’ average commute times fell 12 percent between 2000 and 2012. That decrease for drivers and public transit users only equates to 1.1 minutes being shaved off the average trip to or from work.
Morris cites advances that enable people to check traffic patterns on their smartphones before picking a route. Dallas Area Rapid Transit, meanwhile, expanded its light-rail network to suburbs including Carrollton, Garland, Irving, Plano and Richardson between 2000 and 2012.
That gave Dallas residents alternatives other than highways to get to jobs across the city and in surrounding suburbs. DART said its overall ridership rose substantially during that same time period, so the drop from Dallas residents isn’t causing a panic. They said the fact that DART can’t get everyone to every place where there are potential jobs means some lower-income workers are forced to buy cars.
Meanwhile, some ridership increases are attributed to people who live outside the DART service area as suburban residents use the system to get to work. With limited resources and land to build rail lines and little control over bringing new cities into the system, the agency is constrained in how it can react to these demographic and geographic shifts.
James Madison (left), standing next to twin brother Matthew at graduation practice, is set to graduate as valedictorian today at the Dallas high school that coincidentally bears his name. The University of North Texas-Dallas and the UNT System want to keep secret a report on faculty and staff responses to consultants' recommendations for the campus.
1 To Dallas businesses -- In light of the tragic events in Dallas and our nation, it is lovely to see some of our local businesses honoring our Dallas police in such giving ways -- the special meal offers, proceeds going to the police funds, etc.
Three Cheers is a collection of upbeat letters that inspire readers to think and act positively. The mall was evacuated in November when a popcorn popper at the AMC NorthPark 15 movie theater set off a fire alarm.Staff writers Marilyn Bishkin and Maria Halkias contributed to this report. But transportation officials still consider it a victory, especially in a region that adds 1 million people every 10 years, said Michael Morris, transportation director for the North Central Texas Council of Governments.
But the number of Dallas residents taking DART to work actually fell dramatically after 2000. That, in turn, can push them to find more affordable housing in suburbs outside the agency’s 13-member service area.

But Menique Hopkins Madison’s desire to send her sons to a school with black role models brought them from the ’burbs to South Dallas.It paid off. Your comments are subject to our Terms of Service and the privacy policy and terms of service of your social network. It is so nice to hear of children, all over the nation as well as here, expressing their respect for these honorable men and women.One thing, though.
Officials said the city, like its counterparts, is still rebounding from a recession that drove up unemployment. So, too, have initiatives aimed at training emergency workers to respond to and remove accidents faster.
Her 17-year-old twin sons, James and Matthew Madison, will graduate Monday as the valedictorian and the salutatorian of Madison High School.“My sons had never had a black male teacher,” said Hopkins Madison, a human resource manager. If you do not want to comment with a social network, please consider writing a letter to the editor.
Ideas like: Recruiting driven students straight from high school and graduating them in four years or less. It does seem odd to me that some of the area sports teams, concert promoters and arts groups who employ police officers during their events do not publicly display a thank you for the off-hours work these men and women do to keep the events safe.
The Dallas–Fort Worth–Arlington MSA is the largest metropolitan area in Texas and the fourth-largest in the United States.
But that wasn’t so four years ago when they transferred from Birdville ISD in northeast Tarrant County.
Countless free hugs, expressions of unity, traffic halts on expressways, banners hanging on overpasses. They were reluctant to attend the inner-city school, which has had an average-to-poor academic history.“It was more like a surprise decision.
Keeping costs very low.A group of faculty and staff reported back to President Price, voicing skepticism and doubt.
How lovely to see the roots of affection toward one another that elevates every heart to clearly express our state.
UNTD “should continue to emphasize educational quality rather than efficiency and profit,” they wrote. We are all deep in the hearts of Texans.Scarlett Dumas, Irving 3 To Allen ISD bus driver -- At the 46th National School Transportation Association International School Bus Driver Safety Road-e-o, Allen ISD won second place in the Transit Category.
Delene Lewis was the driver.Thirty states were represented, plus one driver from Canada, with 69 total contestants (six small-bus, 25 transit and 38 conventional).

It was a lot louder and a lot rowdier.”But their mother said she was sold on Madison when her cousin, who worked there as a teacher and coach, and then-principal Marian Willard promised to take care of the boys. She also was comforted knowing that the school didn’t have open lunch and her children wouldn’t be running around the neighborhood.Hopkins Madison was familiar with South Dallas because her parents were raised there and she has family in the area. But UNTD and the UNT System have asked the state Attorney General for permission to keep the report secret, saying it reflects “candid discussions” that might otherwise be discouraged. She believes an urban environment is good for her kids.“When you are in an urban area, you see a plethora of things,” she said. So we got a copy through other means.Another UNTD advisory group called the 21st Century Commission is supposed to release its own set of proposals in September, with UNT System regents having the final say.
He also said the teachers were more supportive.The twins commuted to school from their home in Grand Prairie.
Before they could drive themselves, their father, William Madison, would drop them off before heading to work as a senior environmental coordinator at Dallas City Hall.DifferencesJames and Matthew are fraternal twins with different looks and personalities. James is quieter and good at memorizing, while Matthew — who is 5 minutes older — is more outgoing and works harder to get good grades.Their parents have been active in their education from the beginning. When the boys were 1, Hopkins Madison worked with them on sitting still because she knew they would have to do so in preschool. There was never a video game in the home, and still isn’t.Their parents made it a point to get to know their teachers. Hopkins Madison still keeps in touch with their teacher from kindergarten.“These boys have been groomed academically since kindergarten,” she said. You have to be an advocate for your child.”Punishment was sometimes meted out in educational ways. For instance, using nasty to describe mom’s cooking might result in having to look up the word in a dictionary to determine if it was used properly.The parents remained involved in high school.
Matthew wants to major in software engineering at the University of Texas at Arlington, where he attended an engineering camp and developed good relationships.James is interested in computer programming and origami. His favorite subject is history.Proud familyJosephine Hopkins, the twin’s grandma, and their aunt Madelene Hopkins traveled from California for the graduation. But she plans to have some tissue on hand to wipe the tears she knows will fall at Monday’s graduation.“These boys have been on track to achieve,” Madelene Hopkins said.

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