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An 1877 rebellion by the Satsuma samurai, protesting the rapid westernization of Japan, was quickly crushed, and thousands of rebels were executed for their role in the uprising.
If you completed your subscription and still have not received an email, please contact us. An illustration depicts the founder of the Tokugawa shogunate, Tokugawa Ieyasu, hiding in a locus pond during a rebellion. Please complete the following to receive notification when new materials are added to the website. After the Meiji restoration, the leaders of the samurai had no clear plan on how to run Japan after they overthrew the Tokugawa Shogun.
In 1882, at age 24, Umeko returned to Japan where she worked as an English teacher for the privileged class. In 1900, Umeko founded the Women’s Institute for English Studies in Tokyo to provide equal opportunity for a liberal arts education for all women.

Tsuda College, as it is now called, was the first college in Japan to found a department of International Affairs in 1969, and now provides a quality liberal arts education. Although from lower-ranked samurai families, they had risen to military leadership roles in their respective domains, and came from a Confucian-based educational background which enforced loyalty and service to society.
Additionally most of them either had first-hand experience in traveling overseas, or second-hand experience through contacts with foreign advisors in Japan. As a result, they knew of the military authority of the western nations and of the need for Japan to join and to strengthen itself to avoid the foreign fate of its neighbors on the Asian continent. Umeko began studying at Georgetown Collegiate Institute and later studied at Archer Institute. Instead, she returned to Japan in 1892 to create better education opportunities for Japanese women. She learned Latin, French, English literature, biology, psychology, music, and visual arts among other subjects.

This administrative code was drafted by Fukuoka Takachika and Soejima Taneomi (both of whom had studied abroad and who had a liberal political perspective). There was a strange mixture of western ideas such as division of powers, and a renewal of ancient structures of administration dating back to Nara period Japan.
In the meantime, local administration consisted of territory removed from the Tokugawa, which was divided into regions and cities administered from the Department of Civil Affairs, and the 273 semi-independent domains.
Agents from the central government were sent to each of the domains to work towards administrative regularity and conformation to the directives of the central government.
Europe took 150 to change in the revolution but it only took Japan less than 40 in the Meiji Restoration.

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