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The Indian educational system is very much arranged in a systemic pattern that is normally termed as hierarchy of Indian education system. This “10+2+3” educational pattern is basically educational levels defined – 10 years of primary education, then more 2 years of higher secondary education followed by 3 years of college education. There are some levels before this “10+2+3” pattern too but the core system remains this “10+2+3” educational system.
10 years of basic education – This level incorporates 10 years of basic education which is compulsory for every child to get to have the basic foundation of education for a bright future. 2 years of Higher Secondary education – These two years are of board education that can be obtained by schools or colleges supporting higher secondary education. 3 years of College Education – These 3 years are of graduate program that can be supported by any university which is authorized by Indian government.
High level Education – This level of educational system in hierarchy of Indian education system incorporates higher level of education like Master’s degree, diplomas, doctorate level education etc. Related Questions:Who is the current educational minister of India?Who is the current law minister of India?

Dr.M Mangapati Pallam Raju was the current Human Resource Development minister of india which is education ministry is coming under the Human Resource Development Ministry. In general there is no such post of Education Minister ofIndia, But education is handled by Ministry of Human Resource and Development and the Minister of Human Resource Development is Mr.
There is no Portfolio as Education Minister in India which comes under Human Resource & Development portfolio.
Hello dear , there is no specific post as Education Minister of India, the Education department comes under Ministry of Human Resources Development. The Pallam Raju image is attached below,so that our forum members and guests can get a pictorial knowledge of this person. Mallipudi Raju Pallam Mangapati is an Indian politician and the current Cabinet Minister of India for Human Resources Development. This hierarchy is partially similar to most of the country’s education system while partially is different from those.
There are further levels of education in this system that includes Master’s degree and many more.

The 10 years system is a must for every child of India and no one has the right to deprive a child of this educational right. This is the first exposure that a child has with the schooling system and is basically inculcated with very basic level education.
Is there a Minister of state for Defense in Karnataka and AP?Who is the finance minister of India?
He has done a lot for the education system improvement at all metric and senior secondary and graduate and higher levels..
He represents the Kakinada constituency of Andhra Pradesh and is a member of the Indian National Congress.

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