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This in the UK education hierarchy is an institution where kids get their first stage of obligatory education – the elementary education. Infant School – This is a term that is used chiefly in UK education system where the kids between the age group of four to seven years rely. Junior School – This is a type of school which supplies education to children between the age group of 7 to 11. Doctorate – This is quite high level education typically taken in approximate three or more years. Thirdly.-To give them a lesson in their duties and privileges, for they have many, and know none. The Industrial Revolution, or roughly the period of time from 1750-1830, wrought myriad and lasting chances to the infrastructure of both British and American society. A young Friedrich Engels wrote The Condition of the Working Class in England in 1844 in response to the filth and poverty he witnessed and lived in. This panel discussion from BBC sheds light on the social, economic, and political consequences of this epoch on England, while comparing & contrasting the short and long-term effects of early Industry on American society via cultural diffusion. After more than a century of rapid technological change, and the massive growth of its urban centres, Britain was changed forever.
Jestico + Whiles, with contractors Willmott Dixon, have secured planning consent for a new £23m building for Passmores School and Technology College in Harlow, Essex. The school, for Essex County Council, will accommodate 1200 students, in six learning areas.
The context of Harlow, and of landscape-driven town planning, has also strongly informed the design concept, and the scheme has been well-received by the Essex Design Review Panel. Jestico + Whiles, with contractors Willmott Dixon, have won a competition to design a new £23m building for Passmores School and Technology College in Harlow, Essex.
Passmores has been recognised by Ofsted as Outstanding, by the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust as one of the top 100 performing specialist schools, and is in the top 1% of all schools nationally for value added. Design work for the new building is already underway, and the new Passmores School and Technology College is due to open on its new site in September 2011. This education system is governed by the UK’s official ‘Department of Education’ with a support from ‘Department for Business, Innovation & Skills’.
According to the UK government a full time education is a must for all kids ranging between the age group from 5 to 17 years. A child normally starts this education with the age of four or five and stay there till eleven or twelve. Whether John Pounds, the humble cobbler of Portsmouth, was the originator of the system in England, or whether, under a sense of individual responsibility, it sprung up in various districts at the same time, cannot easily be determined. A crowd of persons, of all ages and of both sexes, were standing round a quaint-looking building, with two tiers of windows and an elongated lantern light. It is 55 feet long by 35 wide, and, by means of the women's gallery, at the north end, can accommodate nearly 500 persons.
It was formerly used as a smithy, but is now fitted up with baths aud lavatories, and is calculated to accommodate above 100 persons. A rigid inquiry into the history of the females who attended the ragged church, proved the correctness of the saying of the poet, that "truth is stranger than fiction." The causes of their destitution were varied. It was well lighted and ventilated; and the recent lime-washing diffused a healthy savour throughout the premises. Lifestyles changed as workers moved from agricultural settlements to factory towns: health, housing and labour relations were all affected.
The two-storey radial design, conceived in response to the ethos of the school, has a gathering place at its heart.

This is the first project produced with Essex County Council funding that has been awarded in this way since the launch of the programme in Summer 2008. The bid, through the Smarte East contractor’s framework, included a design competition. The project, which is preceding the wider Essex BSF programme, is to be part of the Essex Design Initiative’s Exemplar project. The hierarchy is described below in w ell customized manner in a pattern of down to top form means here we are starting with the base level education form and proceeding further while ending with the highest level of the education system. Suffice it to say that, as the very best meaus of meeting the claims of the destitute and depraved classes, they have so multiplied that, not to refer to the provinces, there are now about 160 Ragged Schools in the Modern Babylon, wherein, by day and by night, 20,000 scholars are taught how to make the best of both worlds.
Adequate provision was made to send a current of fresh air through the room, whenever required ; and, well cleansed and lighted, it formed a perfect contrast to those miserable dens from which so many of the attendants had strayed. Teachers, too, were often thrown down—accidentally, of course ; and not unfreqnently they were relieved of their purses by these modern conjurors. It was first opened in May, 1851, principally at the cost of an "elect lady." When opened, many lads were admitted who had not slept in a bed for several months—one, indeed, had found his nightly shelter, during the inclement winter, in the large garden roller of Regent's Park. For example, eight had become poor through the death of, and three more through desertion by, their husbands. No light illumines the "darkness that may be felt." As the very air breathes of pestilence, the unhappy inmates awake from a restless sleep, either physically exhausted or fever-stricken. Seeing the success of the male dormitory, the propriety of forming a female one, to supplement the other, was at once perceived. From the extreme, and if possible prudish, cleanliness of the dormitory, it was clearly not a spot wherein a spider could safely spin his web.
What is most pleasing, as showing that the friendless and hall-starved children are permanently reclaimed, we were informed that, of the 402 scholars who last March received the prizes of that admirable institution," the Ragged -School Union," for retaining their situations for twelve months and upwards, no less than seventy-six belonged to this school.
By the 1880s he had built up a substantial business as one of the world's largest publishers of topographic views, producing thousands of stereocards, cartes de visite and albumen prints. The EDI is an initiative in partnership with the East of England Development Agency (EEDA) and Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE). UK education hierarchy starts from the nursery education and goes up to the higher level education the tertiary education. Highly suitable staff is appointed for this class who are effectually able to supervise & encourage educational play along with childcare.
Yet, though much has been done, more remains to be effected, before the social and spiritual needs of the parishes of London will be fully reached.
The majority were shoeless, and their raiment so threadbare and ventilated by holes, that even that notorious mart of faded apparel, Rag Fair, would have scorned to purchase their whole stock of clothing. After a hymn had been well sung, in which all joined, a chapter from the oldest and best of books was read, which was followed by a brief but fervent prayer. As many parents also had trained their offspring as thieves, that they might spend in gin what had been earned by crime, they regarded the moral and religious culture of their children as the loss of a part of their regular income. Regulations for the preservation of order were suspended in the large school-room; and, as no one is admitted without prior inquiry, all possible means are employed to restrict it to homeless but deserving wanderers. Two girls had been forsaken by their mothers; and three had been turned out of doors by parents, who showed less affection for their offspring than the beasts that perish.
Straw, rotten from age, and reeking with filth, too often forms their only bed; damp exhalations float all around, and clothe the very walls with strange fungi. A stable having been obtained, it was fitted up for the accommodation of fifty females, at the cost of about ?200, the larger part of which was contributed by the same Christian lady who had defrayed the expense of the male dormitory. One sketch of a former scholar may be fitly given, especially as it may be regarded as a representative biography of many other inmates.

Those who have not the opportunity of visiting Field Lane Ragged Schools may have (post free) a lengthened and very interesting report of their various details, by forwarding six postage stamps to Mr.
Passmores School has been recognised by Ofsted as Outstanding, by the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust as one of the top 100 performing specialist schools, and is in the top 1% of all schools nationally for value added. During the devotional exercises, the congregation was subdued into a stillness like that of the desert. Hence, they attempted to eject these intruders by breaking the windows, or by throwing oyster-shells and stale vegetables at the teachers. The berth provided would not offer many temptations to a sybarite, seeing that it is simply a wooden compartment—of a length suitable to boys or men—which, for the sake of the daily cleansing, slopes down to the stone footways. This is basic introduction to schooling system and child learns the daily schooling habit at this level. If ever picture of concentrated misery was visible in the streets of tins mighty city, it was presented in this strange group. Classes were then formed, which were divided from each other by moveable partitions, about three feet high.
But as the work did not spring from that sickly sentimentality which, contented with crying over wrong, never attempts to remedy it, the teachers did not slacken in their labours, until love had conquered where the strong arm of the law had failed. After washing, they received a small loaf of bread, which many devoured ravenously, as it was the first meal they had tasted that day.
As we left this Refuge, amid a squall of rain and wind, we felt grateful to think that these poor daughters of woe, who otherwise must have roamed the streets the live-long night, were sheltered from the storm. Even, if regarded only in a social point of view, this and all kindred institutious deserve the warm support of the public.
Hence, could the "stones cry out of the wall, and the beam of the timber answer it," almost every rookery would bear witness to the fearful iniquity of its occupants. Pen could never fully describe it; and from its mingled grutesqueness and settled gloom, none but a Cruikshank or a Rembrandt could have depicted it. Composed, as these classes were, of some of the most unruly and debased of London—several, indeed, were pointed out who had been in prison nine or ten times—all were attentive, and not a few drank in the gospel lesson, as if the very soul were famishing. In family worship, conducted with the brevity which befits the class, they were commended to the care of Him who is the guardian of the poor as well as of the rich, and slept more soundly than if they reclined on beds of down. It is affirmed on good authority that, before his career is stopped, every criminal costs the nation at least ?300. Since this dormitory was opened, above 10,000 men and boys have availed themselves of the shelter provided; of whom 1326 are known to have obtained permanent employment.
Now it would seem that 342 adults, of the very same class, and destined to disseminate the same moral malaria, were reclaimed by this one school, at an expense of little more than ?1 per head.
During the past year alone, no less than 3959 persons were admitted into the dormitory, of whom 342 either obtained work, or were restored to relatives who had mourned over them as lost or dead prodigals. What is still worse—as exhibiting the saddest of spectacles, women in utter debasement—too many pass the night in foul jesting and filthier song. Viewed, then, economically—and when did John Bull, in testing a theory, ever forget his banker's account ?—the curative process is better than the old plan of social excision.
The history of the Field Lane School, as do the records of every other ragged school, fully shows that, what legal force can never effect is not beyond the power of love. Thus is it shown, by illustrations not to be misinterpreted, that the Christianity which saves, also civilizes; and that before men can properly perforin their duty to society, they must learn their duty to their Maker.

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