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For nine out of ten CEOs, the essential skills and capabilities are ‘work ethic,’ ‘teamwork,’ ‘decision making,’ ‘critical thinking,’ and ‘computer literacy.’ That’s according to a survey of 134 CEOs done by The Business Council and the Conference Board, whose ranks include most of America’s corporations. Merrow urges school to shift the way that they think about the purpose of their work from answers “A”, which he sees as relics of an industrial model of labor in the United States, to answers “B”, which will provide more businesses with the highly qualified candidates that they are looking for. Beyond what businesses demand, Merrow argues that schools used to be needed largely because they had the human knowledge resources and information knowledge resources that could not be obtained elsewhere. Schools also used to be important physical space for Americans of different backgrounds to get to know each other. In conclusion, Merrow is somewhat hopeful that the Common Core is a step in the right direction, but feels that, “We are a long way from the tipping point.” While he acknowledges that many schools are already preparing students to become citizens of the 21st century, he still hopes for more changes that allow students to do more production that shows evidence of knowledge gained because this is what they will have to do in the working world of today.
21st Century Learning at Tech Valley High SchoolFreshmen at Tech Valley High School construct solar ovens each spring to solve a mathematical and engineering problem posed by teacher Leah Penniman: What is the best shape for a parabolic trough solar cooker to be used in rural Haiti?The work featured in the videos below is all part of project-based learning at Tech Valley High School that combines several subjects (in this case, math, world knowledge and engineering) to teach students a real-life lesson.

But how can reading strategies be temporarily effective when explicitly teaching these strategies can help struggling readers to realize where they might be struggling in the reading process?  If you had unlimited amounts of time and resources, some students would still not understand the text because of the method by which they are reading (ex. But critically, strategies are useless when students lack the background knowledge and vocabulary needed to make meaning.
I completely agree with your point about the value of teaching reading strategies to struggling readers. Nowadays, the days of the Internet, Merrow urges schools to teach students to be analytical processors of information, the information that they already have access to by themselves but may not know how to process.
Core knowledge is enhanced with 21st C skills while 21st C skills are more effective with core knowledge.
In fact, of the nine most valued skills, only two–‘basic reading and math’ and ‘writing and communications’–are school subjects.

I think all along we know that discussion groups, practice by doing, and teaching other is more beneficial, but we tend to focus on lecturing. I think teachers spend more time lecturing because, it is easier when actually it is the hardest thing for the students when it comes to learning.
I find the larger portions of the pyramid can be related to inquiry activities by using the upper levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation (Coffman, 2009, p.

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