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This entry was posted in Nurses and tagged Careers, Education, Registered Nurse Jobs, Registered Nurses, RN, RNs on January 8, 2014 by admin. The education provided at Shawnee State University is enhanced with the support and generosity of private donors like you. Shawnee State University prohibits discrimination against any individual because of race, color, genetic information, religion, age, disability, national origin, ancestry, sex, pregnancy, sexual orientation, veteran status or military status. Hollis Forster, RNC-NP received her RN in 1980 and her nurse practitioner license in 1982 from the University of California at Los Angeles. From 2003-2005, she served as the Executive Director of the National Cervical Cancer Coalition, drawing on her knowledge of cervical cancer from her twenty years as a provider of cervical cancer services.
In 2006, Holly joined Affiliates Risk Management Services, a risk management organization that serves a national health care association.
Anyone who’s completed nursing school can tell you where they floundered in their education.
Any experience you can gain in the field, such as through volunteer work, family or friends in the profession, etc., will help avoid major career disappointments.
If floor nursing isn’t for you, or if you have your heart set on administration work or other avenues of nursing that demand a master’s degree, then apply to a program that will get you there directly.
If or when you change schools during your educational path, there will be classes that the new school won’t accept.
Should one decide to pursue a career in nursing what is the job description of a South Carolina public health nurse?
According to credible sources like the American Public Health Association, a Public Health Nurse serves a community’s needs in the medical field, in the areas of healthcare education, administration of primary care. One key element that a potential nurse should consider is that they will work almost entirely with the general public.
According to National Health Policy Forum data (2003), most community clinics in South Carolina are comprised primarily of patients who are single mothers, indigent persons, and the elderly. According to Kaiser Health News (2013), there are more than 1200 community health clinics that deliver health care to more than 20 million people in America. This number (26% of two million already employed nurses) equals a total demand of 700,000 new jobs in the field of nursing by 2020. Outlook and Challenges for Public Health Nurses in VermontVermont Public Health Nurse practice a holistic and humanistic discipline that draws its knowledge, theory, and research base from behavioral, natural, and nursing sciences.
The responsibilities of nurses employed in public health care can vary tremendously, depending on the location of the employer. The Missouri public health nurse interacts with the community to provide education and health care to high-risk families and individuals. Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames.

She’s worked in intensive care units and ambulatory care centers, delivering hands-on women’s health care services to countless women. This experience enriched her knowledge of the administrative needs of health care services. Forster has also served on the board of medical management for the Family Planning Funding organization in California and has been a visiting faculty member for the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals, delivering medical education to reproductive health care professionals across the U.S. When I finished nursing school, there was a couple in my class who graduated with wonderful grades, passed the RN exam, and within weeks opened a plant nursery in their community. Online courses and other flexible alternatives are making it easier to complete a nursing associate’s degree and certification programs. Work experience that you might get credit for in one school may not be accepted by another.
In addition, they conduct management of the overall medical treatment prescribed by physicians to large populations, rather than one patient at a time as in a hospital environment, for example. If one is considering a potential career in this field, the prospects are quite good as the data plainly shows.
Continue Reading »Missouri: Outlook and Challenges for Public Health NursesWhat does a Public Health Nurse do?
During many of these years, she also worked as the risk and quality manager of ten women’s health centers, assuring compliance with local and federal law and managing the details of protocol development and implementation. She also continues her hands-on work to stay connected with the most important part of this job- the patient.
This makes it possible to complete one rung of the educational ladder, then work while earning another degree to the next rung.
And most schools (even if you’re two classes from your degree) will insist that you take a minimum amount of credits from them before you graduate with a degree in their name. Public Health Nurses will work in these diverse, often overcrowded and challenging environments.
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Continue Reading »Massachusetts: Outlook and Challenges for Public Health NursesWhat Does a Public Health Nurse Do? Continue Reading »Oklahoma: Outlook and Challenges for Public Health NursesWhat Does an Oklahoma Public Health Nurse Do? Afterwards, the student can review the exercise on video while being debriefed by nursing faculty. The field of nursing is already understaffed and shows a potential growth rate of 26% by the year 2020.
Some manikins can talk, cough, vomit, bleed, cry, convulse, wheeze, go into cardiac arrest or even give simulated birth.

Such advanced technology is improving the quality and safety of patient care by allowing nurses to practice their skills and use critical thinking in a realistic but calm, non-intimidating environment before facing real-life experiences as a professional nurse. The IOM recommended greater focus on leadership, health policy, system improvement, research, evidence-based practice, decision-making, teamwork and care coordination.
America’s new healthcare model, as outlined in the 2010 Affordable Care Act, is intended to be patient-centered, which requires greater collaboration across the spectrum of healthcare professionals.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that by 2020, nursing will have the fastest job growth of any profession. The IOM report recommends development of more nurse residency programs to help transition nurses into the workforce or new clinical areas.Methodist Hospital of Southern California has already established a residency program for new graduates.
Chapman, RN, PHN, department administrator of staff education and development at Kaiser Permanente Orange County Medical Center.High-Fidelity TrainingTechnology, one of the most significant areas of change in nursing education, has certainly made its mark, from teaching and learning methodologies to electronic health records. At Loma Linda University School of Nursing, for example, simulation is used for teaching both nursing and interpersonal skills. The school has a high-tech lab that allows nursing students to work together with students from other disciplines, such as medicine, to create dynamic teamwork challenges.
Mary’s College is integrating simulation into all levels of theory and clinical courses. One example is one of the most noteworthy developments in nursing education: the addition of genetics and genomic content to nursing curricula.
The number of nurses with bachelor’s degrees is expected to hit 80 percent by 2020!One of the most popular graduate degrees is the doctor of nursing practice (DNP). The American Association of Colleges of Nursing’s 2004 position statement recommended the DNP degree for all advanced practice nurses, including nurse practitioners, nurse midwives, clinical nurse specialists and nurse anesthetists. This trend has prompted many schools to extend their graduate programs to the doctoral level. Do You Know What You Do Not Know?Last but not least, the IOM Future of Nursing report recommends that all nurses continue to learn.
Educators train staff using a wide variety of methods, from in-services to formal classes, and often use online and simulation technology.
Kaiser Permanente’s nurse educators also take pains to stay up to date on nursing practice.
There have been spectacular advances in technology and research, huge changes to the healthcare system and a major shift in patient demographics.
Today’s student nurses benefit from more technology and evidence-based practice, higher-level competencies and an ever-changing curriculum.

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