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1) Democracy and justice a€“ the roles that can be taken in the political and justice systems including law, fairness authority and accountability. 2) Rights and responsibilities a€“ exploring the different kinds of rights including political, human, social, civil and moral.
Terzian traces the changing civic justifications for science clubs, fairs, and talent searches for American youth from World War One to the Cold War. This could involve anything from joining a local volunteer group, through to contacting a politician to express their concerns about a topic important to them. Citizenship Worksheets, Activities and Exercises Our citizenship lesson plans cover topics including critical consumers, diversity, democracy, rights and responsibilities, the media, human rights, volunteering, active citizenship, local action and politics.

There are also some useful assembly ideas and a citizenship assessment tool, all designed so that they can be used across a range of learning styles and abilities. Cross Curricular - PSHE Citizenship education is complemented by the framework for personal, social and health education (PSHE) at key stages 3 and 4. Click a€?Go to this sectiona€™ to see more lessons KS3-4 - Global Citizenship - 6 lessons A series of 6 lesson plans on the subject of global citizenship including worksheets and activities. Go to this section » KS3 - Diversity - 4 lessons A module of lessons on the topic of diversity. Go to this section » KS3 - Democracy - 4 lessons 4 lessons on the topic of democracy - the history of democracy, alternatives to democracy, and how they can take part.

Go to this section » KS3 - Rights and Responsibilities - 4 lessons Four lessons covering human rights and responsibilities of citizens. Lesson plans and worksheets for KS3 and KS4 Go to this section » KS4 - Volunteering - 4 lessons This volunteering module offers four lesson plans which are ideal for key stage 4 citizenship lessons. The dictionary definition of citizenship is a€?the state of living in a particular area or town and behaving in a way that other people who live there expect of youa€™.

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