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As an economics major I was being introduced to viewing the world from a macro point of view, so all of this began my passion for global business. After I graduated from university, the global economy was in a significant downturn, and filled with economic uncertainty. Given the climate of the job market, I decided to educate myself further in order to be able offer even more to an organization. I took the FITT-accredited program at Mohawk College, and was immediately surrounded by people of European, Asian and South American decent. I soon learned different ways of doing business in countries around the world from my classmates and professors. The FITT-accredited program taught me everything from international marketing to global supply chain logistics. After graduating from the program, I was ready to apply my skills to a career, and I was fortunate enough to get hired by a medium-sized, publicly traded, international company located close to home. I was able to recall and use many of the skills I had learned through my university career and particularly from my FITT-accredited training immediately after starting my career.
Incoterms, marketing strategies, terms of trade and research techniques became part of my daily routine.
As a Market Research Analyst, it’s my job to assess the company’s current and future position, as well as the feasibility of new products. A day in my office consists of phone calls and emails to Asia and Europe in the morning and conversations with staff on the U.S. Stretching from one side of the globe to the other, I can almost feel the world spinning at my desk!
Working for a global enterprise has also enabled me to travel within and outside of Canada, attending trade shows and conferences. One experience that stands out for me was exhibiting at a trade show in Salt Lake City, UT. From contract negotiations to marketing, I was responsible for the full product life-cycle of this new product. We understood where our competitors stood on pricing, and made every reasonable effort to use this to our advantage.
For those pursuing a career in global business, I’d recommend that when you’re taking the road untraveled, you ask advice from those who have walked it before you.
You’ll be amazed to see what you can learn from a simple conversation with anyone who has international experience: on a plane, at a trade show or from your colleagues.
Marco studied Economics at Brock University and has a post graduate certificate in International Business Management.
Today, there are still many people who don’t value ongoing business training and education, viewing them as a nonproductive diversion from “real” work.  Yet today, ongoing training is still respected and often encouraged throughout the corporate world. It’s been said that the fastest way to advance civilization is through education from birth to the grave.
Research has shown that by keeping current through ongoing business training will give you significant competitive advantages.
If your company has a learning culture, and is actively fostering ongoing training and employee education, it’s likely that they are open to the latest technology, methods, processes and more.
Many times, employees learn how to master new tasks by observing others and asking questions.
Productivity tends to improve when a company has an organized system for informal or apprentice-style training.  New workers learn about company processes more quickly, and they know where to go to have their questions answered. Your company may have an effective training program, but it will work best when it’s a combination of formal training with a practical application component. When you develop your own personal education strategy, you will not only improve your company’s efficiency but you will give yourself a distinct advantage in today’s changing and competitive marketplace.
The Sherwood Group, located in Santa Clarita, California, just outside Los Angeles, has over 30 years of experience working with the graphic design, website design, and marketing communication challenges presented by clients, small and large.
Branding & IdentityYour logo gives an important first impression, but it shouldn’t stop there. Graphic DesignOur creative solutions have doubled and tripled the business volume of many of our long-term graphic and web design clients. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. PrepMe founder Avichal Garg made a strong statement in his blog post last year that resonated with the ed-tech community. In K-12 and university classrooms alike, there are forward-thinking instructors who would do anything to improve the education their students receive.
In addition to shrinking budgets and limited resources, publicly-funded institutions have incredibly rigid budgets and complex processes for allocating those budgets. This seems so hopeless that many startups have decided to completely ignore the existing system and start from scratch. There is another way for ed-tech companies to succeed, though, which I’ll call the “Trojan Horse” strategy, or “Disrupting from Within”. More recently, we’ve seen student’s own devices viewed as a potential learning tool rather than a distraction in class. I think with the job market the way it is looking at education as an expense instead of an investment isn’t a good strategy.

ICONDA contains citations to journal articles, books, research reports, business reports, bibliographies, theses and conference proceedings. Business Source Premier contains indexing and abstracts for more than 3,800 business-related periodicals with coverage back as far as to the first issue for some journals (e.g. EMIS, the company’s flagship product, delivers news, company and financial data direct from more than 80 emerging markets in Asia, Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Emerald Management Xtra combines the resources of the Emerald Fulltext database and Emerald Management Review database, offering fulltext access to more than 150 Emerald journals and abstracts and reviews from Computer Abstracts International Database, Computer & Communications Security Abstracts, International Civil Engineering Abstracts, Emerald Management Reviews.
Factiva provides the full text from nearly 8,000 sources from newswires, newspapers, magazines, trade journals in 22 languages.
LexisNexis Academic provides access to nearly 6,000 titles in news, business and legal information, many of them in full-text. MyiLibrary is an electronic platform that offers library users access to some of the most topical and current e-books available today. WorldSciNet provides online access to a total of 68 journals in full text in downloadable PDF files published by World Scientific in subject areas such as: nanotechnology, biomedical science and computational science. Grand Draw & Goodie Bags!To get a goodie bag and a chance in our Grand Draw, complete a series of e-resource tasks at the vendor's booths and then redeem your goodie bag and lucky draw ticket! The talented NUS singer-songwriter, Deon, will also get your feet tapping to his catchy melodies.
Everyone who signs up gets full access to our entire library, including our curated collections. Our Standard license allows you to use images for anything, except large print runs over 500,000+ or for merchandising. Once you have downloaded your image, you have life-long rights to use it under the terms of the license purchased. You’d better make sure you know how to accept it. In China, there are also certain colours that are not to be given as a gift. As someone who lacked physical experience in the global workforce, the program’s global business education equipped me with the tools I needed in order to succeed. Pricing strategies for internal use and for customers can become confusing when dealing with different currencies, weight factors and freight costs, but developing this skill to think globally is something I use as an advantage to help others.
A large portion of my job involves understanding the trends and movements of our global competitors. I was required to run the booth by myself and interact with every visitor as both of our sales reps’ flights were delayed until the next day due to inclement weather. Within the last few months I fully integrated and launched a new product offering to our customers in Ontario.
This required several face-to-face meetings with the supplier, going out to the market and finding interest, and determining what positive impact this would have on the company’s bottom line.
We successfully sold and met the quantity expectations of the supplier within a three month span, and we continue to sell this product with great success. This is especially true when we consider the fact that there’s no such thing as a job for life.
If your company doesn’t offer ongoing training opportunities, it’s up to you to develop your own strategy.
For most companies, employee training and educational development is little more a single event every now and again, like bringing in a consultant for the day.
If this component is missing, it’s up to you to take the initiative and get the training that will be most helpful in developing your career.
If this component is missing from your company, look for opportunities among your seasoned colleagues.
They’re also more easily able to establish themselves successfully in their positions by mastering the new skills they pick up. For example, a sales person can learn about a company’s products and sales pitch, but when he or she is also able to witness an master salesperson in action, skill and productivity can increase dramatically. Clients range from entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies, through every business sector, from across the street to around the world. We’ll can help you think through your objectives and propose ideas for the best solution for your needs and budget.
VCs and entrepreneurs salivate at the prospects for disruption as they look at the archaic products and old-school business models in an industry that has barely changed in the last 50 years.
He states that the average middle-class American thinks of education as an expense and not an investment because lack of a quality education has no immediate negative impact on a person’s life. In fact, the average teacher spends about $400 per year out-of-pocket on teaching supplies, for which they are never reimbursed (keep in mind, the average salary for a teacher is $45,000).
While this may be tempting (and is certainly easier than trying to find a business model that works with or cuts through the bureaucratic red tape), there are far too many established players with significant vested interests in the existing system for education as we know it to realistically crumble even within this generation.
Essentially, this means taking advantage of the existing education infrastructure and teaching pedagogy, while introducing a disruptive idea into the mix. While they’re a non-profit, they’ve taken a very cunning approach to their growth strategy. Another company that could have positioned itself as an adversary to traditional learning institutions. At Top Hat Monocle, we’ve been building an interactive classroom response system that utilizes students’ own technology to make in-class instruction more effective.
Subject coverage includes building and construction, civil engineering, architecture and town planning.
It gives emerging market specialists worldwide one-stop Internet access to mission-critical information straight from the local markets and from over 20,000 publications.

Coverage includes business, computer science, society, public policy, engineering, education. It includes company financial information, industry and market news, Straits Times, Business Times and other international newspapers, wire services, magazines and trade journals, U.S. Users can access a wide range of research, reference and reading materials online from any location. The database offers full text for most of the dissertations added since 1997 and strong retrospective full text coverage for older graduate works. Recently, the scope was broadened to include materials science, medical science, life sciences, banking and finance, and business management. If at any time you're unsatisfied with your experience with us, you can cancel your subscription. The book discussed globalization and how the world can now be viewed as an equal playing-field in terms of commerce. This was a great learning experience because it forced me to chat with and get to know our potential customers in that market.
Gone are the days when one leaves school, enters the workplace and stays with the same company until retirement.
When considering employment, look for companies with a successful training strategy that addresses critical areas in the business where you can gain your greatest competitive advantages.
It’s usually because the newbie isn’t tied down by outdated work procedures, and encourages employees to be open to learning personal development. Why then haven’t we seen any breakout education successes at the same level of consumer media, enterprise software, or even personal fitness? Income (supplemented by loans) is often enough for a high school graduate to afford basic amenities like a house, food, and car in middle America.
Shrinking budgets, growing class size and institutions focused on rankings and profit require instructors to discover new tools and pedagogies in spite of their environments rather than with the support of them.
Consumerization of education falls down if it requires teachers to spend their own cash, or spend their limited time lobbying their administration for a grant.
The reality is that these long sales cycles kill startups before they can get any traction. The end-game is still an eventual complete disruption, but you protect yourself from the binary outcome (i.e.
They could have simply said, “It’s pointless to go to school when you can learn everything you need to from the best teachers in the world for free.” Instead, they embraced the role of the teacher and classmates in self-paced learning and have “flipped the classrooms” of the most forward-thinking instructors.
Instead, they’ve partnered with leading institutions to help them promote the quality of their teaching more broadly, adding a ton of value to their platform in the process. By leveraging the age-old student-pay distribution model that textbook publishers have used for years, we’ve been able to get to market, learn and iterate quickly without requiring universities to invest in any additional IT infrastructure. This database provides full text for more than 3,000 periodicals, including nearly 1,000 full text peer-reviewed journals. Whether they are looking for current news, hard-to-get company and industry information, financial markets data or macroeconomic analysis, EMIS offers the definitive solution for convenient access of emerging markets business intelligence.
Newspapers covered include Asian Wall Street Journal, Bangkok Post, Business Times (Singapore), The Financial Times, Lianhe Zaobao (Singapore), Times (London), New York Times, Straits Times (Singapore). The coverage is multidisciplinary and researchers are bound to find relevant titles from our huge collection.
Also, many European and Asian suppliers and customers prefer establishing personal relationships before committing to long-term business. Given today’s economic environment, short term contracts and constantly changing technology, ongoing business training has become a key strategy for those who want to stay employed and avoid the potential for layoff. It’s the voracious desire to learn and grow that propels the newbie and their employees ahead of the competition.
It’s not until layoffs are made, loans need to be paid off, a family member gets sick, or retirement comes around and the 401k is empty that the consequences are felt. Private schools and institutions often have a bit more leeway, but you severely limit your market size if those are your primary customers. While it’s still early days, we’ve seen some very encouraging results and I’m excited about the potential this technology has to change the system from within. The subject areas covered are business, marketing, management, MIS, POM, accounting, finance, econometrics, economics and international business. It’s multidisciplinary coverage makes it a resource that staff and students must look at. In contrast, North Americans can establish relationships and do business without even meeting in person! Most folks are happy to help out an enthusiastic learner, and you can be sure your supervisor will notice your efforts. Or, in the best case scenario, everything is fine, but the next generation bears the brunt of it by lacking the resources and support needed to land a job in an increasingly competitive labor market. The database also includes other sources such as full text country economic reports (including the EIU), some full text reference books & scholarly monographs, industry reports, and company profiles.
Together with my colleagues from the product and sales team, I found the new and desirable product we’d been searching for for quite some time.

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