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During this period, babies become less interested in mouthing books and more interested in the story.
If you are starting your baby on solids, and you are considering buying a few kitchen tools to make things easier, I would suggest you take a look at my list of things you probably will need and those you can likely skip right over – in this post. Before I get into each puree, however, I’d like to just talk a bit about Bella and her development with eating solids over the last month. I have a hard time with messes, but I think I was hoping that Bella would be a great little eater just like her sister. It took less than 8 minutes total to prepare the avocado puree (it took a maximum of 2 minutes each day to prepare it). I didn’t measure out the avocado puree, because it was prepared right before she ate it each day. I used a very simple recipe on Homemade Baby Food Recipes (another favorite resource of mine) to make Roasted Parsnip Puree.
The plums I got were pretty tart, and I could tell the very first day that Bella thought so, too! To make the plum puree, I used a very simple plum puree recipe on Homemade Baby Food Recipes. If you have any questions about my feeding schedule, leave a comment below or email me at humbleinaheartbeat (at) gmail (dot) com. Am I able to make these same recipes (banana, avocado, parsnip, sweet potato) but just freeze them? I know you can freeze avocado, but you will want to mix it with some lemon or lime juice as you mash it. You can promote your baby’s interest in books by looking at books with him and talking about the pictures, especially those that interest your baby. Although you can read the story, most babies will be more interested in looking at the pictures and turning the pages than in hearing you read a story.
At this age, many babies will enjoy looking at a specific book that has been read over and over, whether it be Pretty Brown Face or Pat the Bunny.
As promised, I will take you through how the first month went with Bella, and then I will give you a preview of what I am planning for month 2.
If you click on one of these links and you make a purchase, I will receive a small commission from your purchase. As you can see on days 14-17 I didn’t feed her anything (besides breastmilk, of course). Don’t waste your money on something that won’t serve more than one purpose in your kitchen! I will list each puree and a) the time I spent preparing it, b) the quantity it produced, c) how Bella reacted to it, and d) the recipe or how I prepared it.

She thought the spoon was a toy, she was tired before the feedings on a few of the days (which I didn’t realize until I started giving her the puree), and she barely ate anything because her darn tongue was always in the way! One of the days she was pretty tired, so she ended up eating less and spitting out some puree. I put it into a bowl and mashed it with a fork and then added a small amount of water (you can also use breastmilk or formula) to achieve a thin consistency. She got really messy the first few days, so we stripped her down to her diaper and put a bib on just to minimize the amount of cleanup.
I was able to fill four of my baby bullet jars with 1.5 ounces each and then 4 slots in the ice cube tray with 1 ounce each. So it was strange to me when, the first day that I fed Bella sweet potato puree, she started to gag on it after she had eaten about half. This is how I feed my babies, and I am providing this information for those interested in doing something similar. By the time you start feeding little man, I’ll have more updates and even more ideas! I really should do a post about that woman!) and one of the things he adored was banana pure with some added baby cookies finely grated. She will feel comforted by the rhythmic sounds of rhymes and songs and feel a close connection to you as you sing and talk to her.
Because babies explore by touching, grabbing, and shaking, buy sturdy books that lend themselves to such use. Making a habit of reading together is one of the best ways to encourage a lifelong love of reading.
We were on a trip during this time, and I didn’t really plan well enough to feed her any purees.
They are two different people, and I have to approach everything knowing that Bella will do things differently than Sofia did. My guess is that maybe she was a bit full from breastfeeding, so I think it’s best to wait to feed her until a little more than an hour after I finish breastfeeding her. Her papi (my husband) was feeding her that day, and she wouldn’t open her mouth and was leaning back. Since I began introducing soft foods to Dylan, he’s been eating one avocado per sitting! Let’s see, at $1 an avocado (normal price around here), he is probably eating up $365 a year!! You can give your baby lemon or lime when he is about 8 months old, but be cautious if he tends to have bad diaper rashes.
By the time she is 4 months old, your baby will show an interest in books and start to explore them by chewing or throwing them.

If you are raising your baby to become bilingual, this is a good time to introduce objects to your baby and tell her the words for them in both languages. Because babies are natural explorers, they love books like Pat the Bunny, which they can touch and sniff while listening to the story.
I know I could’ve easily mashed up a banana every day and fed her that, but we were super busy and it was one of the last things on my mind.
I’ve learned that I should make the purees either in the early morning or late at night when they are both completely out of it.
One of the other days, she was really tired when I was feeding her so she didn’t eat much.
Since each of my little baby bullet jars holds 3 tablespoons, I filled four jars with 3 tablespoons each and then I put the rest in an ice cube tray to freeze for later. Once she started crying, I told him we better just lay her down for a nap since she is usually sleepy when she acts like that. The book has all the details to get you started feeding your baby solids from your own kitchen.
I had been planning on making my own baby purees for my girls, but I just haven’t gotten around to it. At this age, your baby needs sturdy vinyl or cloth books that can survive chewing and are not easily torn.
At the age of 6 months, board books are ideal because your baby is able to get his small fingers between the thick pages and experiment with turning them. Reading a little bit on a regular basis is more important than reading for extended periods of time. The other two days she couldn’t get enough of the sweet potatoes and even cried when there was none left! She wouldn’t sleep after 15 minutes, so I picked her up and tried feeding her myself and she was happy to eat. Sorry, but a child who doesn’t eat junk food and sit around like a couch potato all day should not be told they are overweight!
I watched movie after movie after movie at 3 and 4 years old, and now I could care less about watching the tube!

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