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This page contains lesson plans, activities, printables, and more for character building, social skills, and teaching values. Because these traits are abstract concepts that are difficult for children to apply in practical situations, I developed a list of specific guiding principles to show students exactly what behaviors are expected for each character trait. Free class sets of magazines, stickers, posters and more by PETA about respect for animals–I’veA used these for years to spark discussion! The purpose of these guiding principles is for students toA learn and practice appropriate behavior to help the classroom run smoothly, and also for them to understand proper etiquette and social skills needed to get along with peers and eventually excel in a work environment and society as a whole. One year, I targeted the characterA traits once a weekA during something I called our Life Skills time. Of course, the goal is for students to carry over what they have learned about all of the traits to every aspect of their lives all year long.A  Character development should be supported on a daily, ongoing basis through teachable moments and hopefully throughA a fewA short, meaningful classroom routines. The slideshow below features some excellent books to support character education in schools.
Angela is a National Board Certified Teacher with 11 years of classroom experience and 7 years experience as an instructional coach. I was looking at this website last week for assignments in my college courses and it was very helpful, however today the background is all blue when before it was white and now I cannot read alot of it, the different sections do not show up anymore, not sure if this was changed or if its just my computer? Learn how to build self-esteem and develop positive behavior and good character in students.

We each chose a student who exemplified that month’s character trait, the PTA took their picture, and their name was announced on morning announcements. He writes, “I have thoroughly researched 366 (one for a leap year) quotes to be used in class. As founder of Due Season Press and Educational Services, she has created printable curriculum resources, 4 books, 3 online courses, the Truth for Teachers podcast, and The 40 Hour Teacher Workweek Club. I feel like the first 5 years of my career in a title one school was more character Ed than required curriculum. Building that strong foundation equips students with the necessary tools to not copy othera€™s behavior, but think and react maturely based on their own knowledge and experience.” Love that! I AM VERY MUCH IMPRESSED FROM UR WORK .CAN U SUGGEST ME ANY TOPIC FOR DISPLAY BOARD FOR 6TH CLASS.
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I'm Angela Watson, a National Board Certified Teacher based in Brooklyn, NY, with 11 years of classroom experience and 7 years experience as an instructional coach. You’ll also discover activities for teaching respect, teaching responsibility, and bully lesson plans. These principles are not presented as rules for students to memorize; rather, they are tied into the countya€™s character education program with an overview at the beginning of the school year and more in-depth activities occurring during the corresponding month of the character education program and as the need arises in classroom situations.

I had my kids vote on who in the class they thought best represented the trait, selecting a new child each month. They address nearly every topic imaginable, from responsibility to being kind to standing up to bullies. I created this site in 2003 because I love sharing practical classroom ideas and helping teachers build a positive mindset so they can truly enjoy their work. I really like that method because the kids have to give specific reasons for their nominations and it causes them to think critically about what it means to have good character. Ia€™ve also included a few teacher resource books that I think have great information and ideas. Along with the citation (modified Chicago – I am a history teacher!), I have also included a URL where I found the quote and you should be able to find it there too.
Building that strong foundation equips students with the necessary tools to not copy other’s behavior, but think and react maturely based on their own knowledge and experience.
They are geared more for 6-12 than K-5, but many of them can be used for younger groups.A I have loaded all of these to Google Docs and can be downloaded from there.

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