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Attention teachers, faculty and parents: If you are looking for some amazing conferences to attend this school year, look no further.
This conference is designed to be beneficial for any and everyone who hold a position in any early childhood professions.
This Conference is targeted at any K-6 ELL and classroom teachers, reading specialists, literacy coordinators, and coaches; principals, administrators, University Faculty, school librarians, and many more. National Training Institute, Effective Practices for Addressing Challenging Behavior, April 21-24, St. Everyone, which holds any position involving the education or care of children with special needs, is invited to take part in this beneficial and insightful conference. People from all the sectors of early childhood are welcomed to register for this conference.
This is the largest national level event that is dedicated solely to the community of Head Start and Early Start. If you have a career in teaching, school administration and any other education profession, you are in luck because there is the perfect conference for you to attend.
This is the first time that this conference will be held in the summer, it is usually hosted in the spring. As the title clearly labels, this conference is exclusively intended for Elementary school principals and their teams that work together towards the success of students.
There are six very important keynote speakers that are prepped and ready to unleash upon you, their vast knowledge on improving the growth and educational development of young children.
With 50 different area of focus to browse through, you are bound to find something helpful that you can apply to how you interact with students or how you approach different situations.
The 17th Annual Southern Virginia University Education Conference, with presenters including Elder Marlin K. Other presenters will include Todd Brotherson, assistant professor of business at Southern Virginia; Dr.
In addition to the entertainment provided, many conference attendees take advantage of highlights in the area including scenic views at the Blue Ridge Parkway, historic sites in nearby Lexington, Va., and Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello—located one hour away from the university’s campus. The OEHA Planning Committee would like to thank all who helped make the recent Annual Educational Conference a success!  The planning committee will soon be busy laying the groundwork for yet another great conference to be held in April 2017.  Come back to this page for more information as the next Annual Educational Conference approaches. This year’s Education Conference is taking place on 21st February. The draft programme is available on this page and you can register your place now.
Find a doctor at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center or Johns Hopkins Community Physicians.
I am thrilled to be returning, this time to report to my readers on innovation in design, to interview industry leaders and most importantly to discover and recommend new and award-winning teas.
It may seem an unlikely venue, but  the Las Vegas Convention Center serves very well as the gathering place for the world of tea. If you are attending for the first time I would recommend reserving time for the exhibition floor because that is where some of the most engaging interactions take place.
The Core Conference and Executive Technical Series at WTE give tea businesses a chance to upgrade their knowledge. Trends to watch – “As tea is becoming ever more popular with a younger demographic, hip tea ware is a natural extension,” says Jage. Keynote address by Chuck Underwood, author of The Generational Imperative – Understanding Generational Differences in the Workplace, Marketplace and Living Room.
Arette Foods Organic Tea Seed Oils, made from blending the seed oils of the Camellia Oleifera plant and its cousin, Camellia Sinensis.
Northwest Glass Design's Side Pour glass tea maker looks like a cross between a gaiwan and a kyusu.
Libre Tea's new travel mug has a built in infuser, glass interior and poly outer wall with mug style handle.
I’m sure you can sense the anticipation I feel as I prepare to attend the 2011 World Tea Expo. The Rishi Tea demonstration in your photos is actually a Sencha-do demonstration – a Japanese tea ceremony, as opposed to the Chinese, Gong Fu Cha. Linda Gaylard is author of The Tea Book, by DK Publishing (a division of Penguin Random House).
It also features leaders that mentor, support, and prepare early childhood professionals, administrators, teachers, and even researchers.
You will have an option of 155 different sessions to choose from that all focus on a central goal of supporting the quality of literacy instruction for both interventions, and in the classroom. The theme of this year’s conference is putting quality practices in place such as, providing support to people, policies, and programs. It helps them to improve the growth, learning, and achieving of their maximum educational potential. If you want to hone your teaching and administrating skills, it will be wise to stick around and enjoy the great information that you are going to receive.
This conference is orchestrated to accommodate the newest and most efficient strategies for education.
The whole point and goal is to get all of the principals to come together and bounce ideas off of each other.

These six speakers consist of Sister Tesa Fitzgerald, Dan Zanes, Temple Grandin, Diane Craft, Maggies Doyne, and last but not least, Nicholas Kristof. This conference has the goal of empowering and improving the practices of people that are in the fields of child development and early childhood education.
Both the business conference and the education conference are going to going on at the same exact time on the same day. One of the main speakers talks about the importance of cognitive neuroscience and why it is so important to understand and use in your practice and daily life. Jensen, a member of the First Quorum of the Seventy of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and Julie B. Beck, this year’s presenters include Lee Donaldson, manager of proselyting services in the Church’s Missionary Department, who previously served as president of the California San Diego Mission and global director of Leadership Development for the Church. If you do not have a mySVU login because you are not a Southern Virginia student, please consult the Non-Southern Virginia Student Travel Policies. At best the conference will give you the chance to learn and think about different education issues, share your experiences, participate in debates, learn skills necessary to change the university around you, and directly influence the future direction of your education at UCL. I was completing my studies at Toronto’s George Brown College Tea Sommelier program and a relative newbie to the commercial universe of tea.
The floor buzzes with exchanges between retailers and producers, wholesalers, teaware, brands and tea-related products.  Representatives from tea growing regions such as Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Japan, China, Kenya, Korea, Hawaii among others are keen to offer tastings and samples of their finest harvests. Tea professionals have an opportunity to increase their knowledge of tea and update their marketing skills through the  60 conference sessions that take place before and during the Expo.
Vendors, importers and representatives from most of the 36 tea-growing regions of the world were happy to share with me their knowledge of terroir, plant hybrid characteristics and customs of their province or district.
Kim Jage, executive vice president of World Tea Expo has thought through these trends and has this to say about the new focus for the 2011 Expo.“It’s exciting to watch tea thrive and evolve beyond traditional tea models,”  The fastest growing demographic of attendees at World Tea Expo is between the ages of 18 to 28, and they are men, according to data from the company’s 2008, 2009 and 2010 events. From reading intervention, pre-school classrooms and even new and innovative technology ideas, check out these 15 can’t miss conferences. By attending this conference, you will gain new skills that will improve your practice, and broaden your approach to learning for adults.
While attending this conference you will learn about new strategies and skills for interacting and engaging with children who have special needs.
The whole idea is for everyone within the field of early childhood to come together and share, learn, and solve various problems regarding the inclusion of young children.
This conference is geared towards teachers, parents, and anyone else that educates and cares for young children with special needs. There are over 200 different sessions that given the attendee professional development on the topic of the particular session. Along with the many speakers giving you a ton of excellent information, there is going to be a free concert by Peter Yarrow. You will be given the tools and skills that will help you to better understand the ever-changing roles in helping to provide a brand new face for learning. They can share their experiences and problem with the intent to help other principals in the United States. It is hope that people will get inspired and take on some of the ideas and thought that have been spoken and conveyed during the conference. Once you pay the registration fee for one of the conferences, you automatically have access to both of the conferences. There is a goal of implementing and inspiring new teaching skills and other practice approaches and applications. Beck, former general president of the Relief Society of the Church, will be held Friday and Saturday, June 7-8, on the university’s campus in Buena Vista, Va. Donaldson also has 26 years of experience as a teacher and administrator in the Church Educational System. Hanson, a retired management communications professor at Brigham Young University; Glade M.
After you login to mySVU with your student ID number and password, you will be taken to the appropriate sign up form. It was exciting and exhilarating to be near the greatest “tea minds” in the world!
New Business Boot Camp is held 2 days before the main Expo, providing tea business hopefuls with start up information specific to the tea industry. His shop's Keemun Kong Fu won first prize and will be featured in the NATC Winners Tasting Circle.
She graduated from a comprehensive program of study developed by George Brown College, with certification by The Tea Association of Canada. When you leave, you will have taken with you, a new set of skills, inspiration, and insight.
You will take away a better approach to intervention in the classroom on topics such as; Writing, reading, ELL, coaching, oral language, and many more topics. They will provide you with effective interventions that will work for both at home and in school to improve acceptance of difference and also to boost the social outcomes among your special needs children.
Anyone, that has anything to do in this field, is welcome to join the insightful words of the keynote speakers.

There is a total of three different tracks that gear the focus towards the sizes of the district.
One of the things that NAEYC is trying to get acknowledged is the idea of the Grandes Comienzos, which is a focus on early childhood education and child development in Latin American countries and the United States. All of the speakers are going to be promoting the development of global competence both inside and outside of the classroom environment.
Knight, founder, chairman, and CEO of the Apple REIT companies and chair of the Southern Virginia board of trustees; and Paul K. I had a chance to hear and ask questions of author and educator Jane Pettigrew, tea guru James Norwood Pratt and tea industry professionals. In 2005 the name was changed to World Tea Expo, more accurately reflecting the role the trade show was playing in the development of the tea industry. I’m really interested to hear what Chuck Underwood has to say about this evolution in the tea marketplace. In addition to all of the knowledge and information that you will very much likely take away, you will also get a prime chance to network among the many early childhood leaders. It focuses on children within this age group that are at risk for or have, any disability or developmental delay. Professionals such as teachers, psychologists, parents nurses, Special Education teachers, Social Workers, Speech and occupational therapists, pediatricians, and even students are all welcome to come and soak up the vast amount of useful and vital information that will be given.
There is a small district track, a larger district track, and international sized districts track. The whole theme is that you have to be in a position that requires you to make some impact on student success in your school district. There are also some half day and full day workshops that are being held before the start if the conference. This is great for administrators who need business skills to go along with their background in education. People, that are tied to the education field, should check out the highlights and program for this conference and hopefully decide to attend it.
Sybrowsky, president of Southern Virginia and former member of the Second Quorum of the Seventy of the Church.
The Expo has been such a success that the floor space, exhibitors, and attendance of tea professionals has quadrupled since those early days, responding to tea’s growing popularity.
It is comprised of seminars (lectures), focused tea tastings and hands-on skill building workshops. Are you planning to attend this year?  Is there anyone out there who has attended every year since the Expo began?
From the conference, you are supposed to absorb new practices and enhancement that you can put forth to enhance the development of young children. You also have the option to attend the one day of Pre- conference workshops that will be held.
For topics, there is an emphasis on certain areas of focus such as; Ubiquity and access, Vision and Leadership, Pioneering innovation. You will be provided with the resources for developing professionally and implementing new practices that are beneficial to both students and teachers. If you fall into any of the jobs mentioned above, then this is a conference you should attend. Matthew Rasmussen also will give presentations on topics associated with the conference’s theme. The $8 billion tea industry is expected to grow to nearly $15 billion in the USA in 2012, much of that driven by increased awareness and demand for premium loose leaf teas.
The sibling panel focuses on implementing new ways to improve the quality of Inclusive resilience. It also gives support to all of the families of children with disabilities, by promoting good policies and the very best practices. People, which will surely get the most out of the conference, will be faculty members and people in administrative positions. The emphasis at WTE is on tea produced from the Camellia Sinensis plant, but the Expo does include exhibitors showcasing herbal tisanes, Yerba Mate, Rooibos, etc.
It provided me with some very practical information and when I returned home I discovered that WTE had emailed me a power point file of course notes. Some of the relevant topics that will be brought up include to jobs of; ESL, early education, technology, special education, and many more. The Executive Technical Series is a two-day program designed for those in the industry who use tea in a wide range of applications. Seminars cover such topics as the effects of sensory perception, catechin variability and the latest science on tea & health.

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