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Distance education or distance learning, is a field of education that focuses on the pedagogy, technology, and instructional system designs that aim to deliver education to students who are not physically "on site" in a traditional classroom or campus. Expanding access: Distance education can reach underserved populations of students who cannot attend a school that offers the educational services they desire, perhaps because they live too far away. Cost reduction: Distance education can turn production of content into a repeatable and durable learning tool that does not require as much infrastructure. Emerging market opportunities: Distance education fuels the public's need for lifelong learning in education by providing access to learners not in the traditional k-12 age group. Adapting to new technology and environments: Educational institutions may adopt distance education as a means to adapt to the rapid changes in technology being used in education today. GBC provides service to students who wants to pursue higher education in Overseas ( UK , Ireland, Poland, Singapore, Canada, Greece, Ukraine, Australia, New Zealand ,USA & Europe). International University degrees are offered at three levels - Bachelor, Master and Doctoral.
Pa denne siden finner du lydbokversjoner av studieguiden som er en del av alle vare nettbaserte kurs.
On this site you will find audio versions of the study guide that is part of all our online courses. Matt Lloyd, founder and creator of My Online Business Empire has made a HUGE announcement at the most recent Titanium Mastermind event held in the Bahamas. In his presentation, he stressed the common rise and fall of online businesses and how there is always a new flavor of the month.
The maturity of the business has grown, and Matt is ready to make some changes that will keep MOBE around for the long-term. Matt Lloyd has changed the name of My Online Business Empire to My Online Business Education. His goal for the company is to be THE online resource for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Although the make money online niche is a billion dollar niche, he wants to transition to the multi-billion dollar niche that is small business owners and entrepreneurs. The vision of My Online Business Education is to become an education platform (aka an E-Learning platform). More and more people are starting to take responsibility for their own education, and they are seeking out other avenues of traditional university. This is apparent because more and more universities are offering online courses and online degrees.
There is massive growth happening here and My Online Business Education will be positioned as the go-to place for small business and entrepreneurship education. These products won’t just be from Matt Lloyd and MOBE, but products from other qualified professionals outside of MOBE.

This opens the door for more commissions for MOBE affiliates by selling other people’s courses.
All the commissions will be processed through the MOBE affiliate program and merchant account.
You will have the ability to list and sell your own products on the MOBE marketplace where tens of thousands of MOBE affiliates can promote it.
Just one little tip from a more experienced marketer can lead to the next breakthrough in your business. Starting next year there will be 1 live event held every 2 months at different locations near the United States and Australia.
For example, one full event will be dedicated to traffic, another for conversions, another for outsourcing, etc.
Then other events will be dedicated to investing in the stock market, taxes, and other business related topics. This transition is exciting and will add tremendous value to the small business and entrepreneurial marketplace. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. With the increase in the importance of education in the present era, people try to use all the resources available to gain as much knowledge as possible.
With webcams and headphones one can easily interact online, and therefore educating people has also become quite popular through the internet. It has been described as "a process to create and provide access to learning when the source of information and the learners are separated by time and distance, or both.In other words, distance learning is the process of creating an educational experience of equal quality for the learner to best suit their needs outside the classroom.
As most material can be packaged in an easy to deliver "just-in-time" format, the expanding payroll of educational institutions becomes unnecessary. Matt described MOBE as being a teenager entering into adulthood, and he wants to evolve MOBE for the next few decades. Internet has become a very useful medium for information and entertainment, and now there are many educational institutes and services on the internet which provide education online. This business is booming in various countries and will spread to every corner of the world within few years. This methodology of learning is mostly targeted at specific skills in certain sectors and industries and gain target certification of skills.
Distance education courses that require a physical on-site presence for any reason (including taking examinations) is considered a hybrid or blended course of study. Our process of applying to various colleges and universities on behalf of the student starts after he has signed the agreement with us.

Though there are people who are against online education because it may lead to no physical activities at all and children will put on weight.
The career that could be obtained with a higher to high school degree but not as much to a degree obtained from the college in a course of 4 years has proved positive to the young mind traditionally. This emerging technology is becoming widely used in universities and institutions around the globe. On getting the acceptance letter from the university, the student is required to generate the documents for the visa process.
This is one of the reasons why people are against this system of education through a virtual medium. These jobs have been proved as a blessing to the middle-class families, as stated by an analysis report by the Harvard Business School. With the recent trend of technological advance, distance learning is becoming more recognized for its potential in providing individualized attention and communication with students internationally. To put this matter in a better manner, these jobs are for moderately skilled individuals and these jobs have a demand even today. The most widely cited pedagogical theory of distance education is that of "transactional distance". The company has disclosed a complimentary website that characteristics video modules in about ten dexterity levels of skills that starts from the essentials like the usage of the computer mouse to a further advanced knack like to form an individual product or a group on LinkedIn.
Many companies have come up with such ideas engaging the students in an hour-long lectures to end their day with unfruitful results and thus have resorted to the concept of microlearning.The Grovo microlearning lessons are in small chunks and can be viewed any time just as a leisure work. These lectures run about 60 seconds and give a clear idea of the topic incorporated, as stated by co-founder Nick Narodny. The demand for these jobs has been increasing as compared with the non-digital works, as denoted by the two companies.But as per the results obtained from the HBS researchers the moderately skilled jobs such as the plant machinist, manufacturing workers, and quality supervisors, still are hard to fill. The individuals who wish to enhance their career opportunities at earlier stages of their foundation mostly comprise of individuals from a moderate background; expecting them to have online and system connections is impossible. There may be certain minds that have access to these facilities, but this methodology could not bring a solution to the problem faced. Microlearning have proved its capabilities in many pastures of life, the objective of the company is to provide folks with the ability to be trained in the technological achievements.

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